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Tsunami Subs & Wraps (Boynton Beach)


***** Tsunami Subs & Wraps, 309 East Woolbright Road, Boynton Beach, Florida 33435, (561) 739-8525.

Before I get going here…some “searching” came-up with info-that, one of Tsunami’s owners-Frank Merlo- is the son of Vic Merlo who back in the early 1970s along with his brother Frank owned a sub-joint named Mike’s Submarines–which they sold to a guy named Peter Cancro who then in return “grew” the business into the Jersey Mike’s Sub chain.. Now, I know that if I was Vic or brother Frank Merlo…it would have crossed my mind at least 50 times a day for the last 40 some odd years “Why didn’t we just sell that kid-Cancro a piece of the store, instead of the whole thing?” Betcha its also entered son Frank’s mind more than just a couple of times, “If only my father and uncle had just sold 50%, I’d…” Anyway…that’s what’s called a “woulda, coulda shoulda” story and like the Merlos we all got-them.

Last week- I gave Tsunami Subs & Wraps a shot… and I gotta tell you, this joint makes some really-good subs. For the record, I “did” chicken salad–meatball parm–philly cheesesteak subs…soft crusted bread, no skimping on the fillings, three sizes for cold/two sizes for hot.

As you’d expect, Tsunami has the full boat of hot and cold subs…it also has a handful of wraps and salads. You can check menu/prices at

I know that you guys would love for Jeff Eats to play the old subs-hierarchy game here…As Bush-41 use to say…”Not gonna do it”—or maybe it was Dana Carvey doing Bush 41…anyway, suffice it to say, I definitely would eat at Tsunami Subs again…like I said a few seconds ago, the joint makes really-good subs.

That’s the story here.

The joint is open 7 days a week.

7 Comments to “Tsunami Subs & Wraps (Boynton Beach)”

  1. sort like the mcdonald bros selling to ray kroc

  2. ROG says...

    if vic and frank owned it, how come it was called mike’s?

  3. JeffEats says...


    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    Not 100% sure here, but Mike’s first opened in 1956. My money says that the original owner’s name was Mike and he later sold the joint to Vic and Frank who kept the Mike’s name. Or, maybe Mike sold it to someone else who then sold it to Vic and Frank.

    In any event, Vic and Frank weren’t the first owners of Mike’s. Therefore, the original MiKe and all previous owners, if there were any before Vic and Frank also got woulda coulda and shoulda stories.

    Thanks for reading…

    • Jeff, the original review and your followup answer to ROG are the reasons why this blogsite is so cool.

  4. AB says...

    Hey Jeff, got a good Woulda Coulda Shoulda story for you.

    Because I’m like most people scared of my shadow, I passed up being one of the original investors in Starbucks when it was planning to open its first store.

    How you like that one?

    • scott says...


  5. jamie says...

    I have eaten at all the sub shops and tsunami is the freshest cleanest and friendliest of them all by miles . The owner frank merlot treats everyone like gold. Dont waste any more time or money go to tsunami

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