***** Little Isidore & The Mighty Inquisitors *****

Posted on July 6th, 2012 · Music/Events/Other


***** Little Isidore & The Mighty Inquisitors *****

You guys- should know by now, that Jeff Eats is a huge fan of doo-wop and 1950s-1960s rock n’ roll.

Over the years, when I’ve spotted a great doo-wop/50s-60s band/act down here in South Florida…I’ve conveyed the “finding” to you.

For right now, this “column” has absolutely nothing to do with a doo-wop/50s-60s band/act working in South Florida…that said, just may-be “we’ll” get lucky and some smart South Florida booking agent will discover New York based- Little Isidore & The Mighty Inquisitors…one of the coolest, hippest, campiest–oldies groups that Jeff Eats has ever seen—and hook them up with some clubs, country clubs, bars, restaurants and theatres down here.

Rather than-trying to explain what this group is all about (assuming this type of music is your deal)—check for audio/video/info. Also check- You Tube–for some terrific video on the group.

Trust me on this one, Jeff Eats has literally seen 100s of doo-wop/60s cover/tribute bands…Little Isidore plays in a whole-other-league. When you check the video/audio on these “guys”—I think you’ll get where I’m coming from.

Like I said before, Little Isidore & The Mighty Inquisitors currently isn’t a South Florida act. Just maybe, WE can get that changed.

8 Comments to “***** Little Isidore & The Mighty Inquisitors *****”

  1. Great find.
    Very rare group.
    Something special going on there.
    I suspect that other than for Little isidore the group has some moving parts.
    Angel adds something.
    So does Johnny Gale.
    In any event bet the group that goes out will be dynamite.

  2. Louis K says...

    Like you I love this kind of music.
    Until I read your article I’d never heard of Little Isidore.
    As you suggested I checked the site and YOU TUBE.
    Absolutely a cool act.
    Campy is an understatement.
    Loved their For All Eternity cover.
    You are 100% right this act would huge on the condo/club circuit down here.
    Louis K.

  3. Scott says...

    Thanks for sharing with me . What a great sound they have, but need to bless south Florida with there amazing sound..

  4. HerbK says...

    If you love doo-wop you have to check out The Emburys It doesn’t get much better, Great harmonies and a great lead singer

    • Doowopmike says...

      They are good but there are tons that are better.

  5. Linda Weiss says...

    Jeff,far from being a great band . Like the campy angle.

  6. TAX says...

    Looked at old and new footage. Group is good but Lil Isadore has packed on the pounds.

  7. paul lauzon says...

    hey somebody please can you get me a copy of jelly belly by little isidore I would like to get him on the air on my show please wcuw fm 91.3 juke box show on Monday mornings 9am edt please get me some stuff to get on the air even mp3’s would be great//thanks paul lauzon

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