***** The New Planets *****

Posted on July 1st, 2012 · Music/Events/Other


***** The New Planets *****

Yesterday afternoon Jeff Eats was one of the judges at the Seminole Hard Rock Rock ‘n’ Roll Beer-B-Que…from 2:30pm-5pm yours truly and 4 other judges tasted all kinds of bbq chicken, ribs, brisket, pork dishes—I’ll tell you guys about the results in a future “story.”

Anyway…the event was absolutely terrific…not certain as to the exact number, but I wouldn’t be surprised, to learn that 3,000 or may-be even more-were out there “partying” with all of the bbq, beer, soft drink beverages, desserts that you could stuff your face with. There was also a huge stage, featuring live djs and bands.

Now to the point…

One of the bands that I caught, was The New Planets…a Cooper City quartet, that in addition to “originals” plays everything from The Beatles to The Doors–to Journey –Cold Play- to today’s groups/artists. Good? Nope, OUTSTANDING!…One of the best cover bands I’ve ever seen. Great singers, great musicians, great stage personalities. These 4 guys are the real deal.

Check for video/audio/playlist/schedule.

The New Planets play all over South Florida…you can catch them at casinos, clubs, restaurants and other “free” venues.

Trust me on this one, The New Planets are a very very special band…don’t miss them!

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  1. AR says...

    my gf and i had a blast. it was hot as hel out there but the food, the beer, the music made it all worthwhile. you are right the new planets are a great band. great show they put on.

  2. scott. says...

    Hey Jeff,
    I hope you enjoyed yourself yesterday afternoon. I just read your post on the new planets, but I’ve never heard of them before. I was on there website, and didnt even know there music. Im a big Beatles fan, and Jopurney, oh well what can you do. Im glad you liked the band…


  3. BIGMANROSS says...

    Jeff, Great meeting you at BBQ.
    Boy was it hot out there.
    But everyone seemed to be having a great time.
    Ive never eaten so much bbq at once.
    Like you I thought that the The New Planets were really cool and could really play. They really electrified the crowd.

  4. Great time. The New Planets rock!!!!! Great band.

  5. robertw says...

    Jeff I just went to their website and heard a few clips. They sound pretty good!

  6. ttt565 says...

    saw them saturday.
    they were great.
    great bbq party.

  7. dd-ranch says...

    By the New Planets…. Good version of “Break on Through” by the Doors


  8. Jimmy F. says...

    Have seen the band several times at HR.
    These boys can really play.
    Catch them you won’t be disappointed.

  9. REDFOS12009 says...

    nice chatting with you at hr bbq last saturday. it really was quite the event.
    just for the record i loved bokamper’s bbq that was at the bbq.
    the new planets are really great. had seen them several times before at murphy’s in seminole paradise.

  10. TODSTER says...

    These guys are very good.
    Going to catch them at The Backyard in Boynton this Sunday.

  11. Linda Weiss says...

    Good find.
    Great band.

  12. mmmm says...

    saw them at murphy’s at hr. really good band/

  13. Melinda D says...

    This is a real kick ass band. I loved them.

    • MYF says...

      Couldnt agree more. Saw them at HR and they are a killer group.

  14. TG says...

    Saw NP last night. Loved them.

  15. kj says...

    this band really rocks. catch them if you can

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