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Posted on June 27th, 2012 · American Fast Food Music/Events/Other



Yesterday, National Geographic issued its “America’s 10 Best Burgers” list:

10. Shake Shack (New York, Florida, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C.)
9. 21 Club (NY)
8. Rare (NY)
7. Burgermeister (California)
6. Gott’s Roadside (California)
5. Burger Bar (California)
4. Lotaburger (New Mexico)
3. Big Nick’s Burgers & Pizza (New York)
2. In-N-Out-Burger (California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Utah)
1. The Apple Pan (California)

Now play along…When you “think” National Geographic are burgers the first thing that pops into your mind?—

I didn’t think so!

7 Comments to “***** EVERYONE’S AN EXPERT *****”

  1. Johnny C. says...

    Jeff, Definitely one of your best columns.
    I’m still laughing.
    Love the Blog

    Johnny C.

  2. HG says...

    What no rhinoceros’ burgers.
    Good one Jeff.

  3. POPW says...

    Tons of great hamburger joints in USA.
    My favorite is JACKSON HOLE which has 8 stores in the NYC area. Of the 8 I love the original location on East 64th Street in Manhattan.

  4. DDD10018 says...

    Very funny Jeff!
    Love the site.

  5. donnyringoo says...

    national geographic.
    last time i read that mag i was 11 years old and that was 1964

  6. Billy C. says...

    Apple Pan makes a fabulous burger.
    Shake Shack is ok, but no way is in top 10 of anything, same for In N Out.

    So, that’s what I say.

  7. Mitch says...

    Was in Bay Area last week and happened to try Burger Bar in Union Square . It was terrific in terms of food quality, presentation, service , and great view..also very reasonable pricing for prime location

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