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Got a real good one for you guys…”BOCA BURGER BATTLE, A GRILLING AFFAIR!” -Saturday, July 14th-7PM-10PM at Sanborn Square Park, Boca Raton.

From what I’m hearing, this “thing” is gonna be something else!

All kinds of food, beer, booze, burger contest, celebrity judges, bands, live entertainment, retail shopping bazaar…

Pre-sale tickets $50, at the door $75. The price of admission includes all food and beverage tastings.

The 2012 “Burger Contestants'” preliminary list includes- in no particular order…Super Dave’s Diner (Boca Raton), Biergarten (Boca Raton), Gimme A Burger (Deerfield Beach), Big Joe’s Burger & Wings (Boca Raton), Red’s Backwoods BBQ (Boca Raton), Boardwalk Fresh Burgers & Fries (Boca Raton), Brickyard Micro Brewery (Boca Raton), Saquella Caffe (Boca Raton), The English Tap & Beer Garden (Boca Raton), Dubliner Irish Pub (Boca Raton).

For whatever it’s worth, amazingly- Jeff Eats has “writeups” on all of the current contestants–except The English Tap & Beer Garden.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, check for information/tickets.

I’ll keep you guys updated as new contestants and details are announced.

****June 23, 2012 UPDATE

By the way, since Jeff Eats’ “initial” writeup, Morton’s, Brewzzi’s, Smashburger and Rebel (same guys that own Charm City), Wave 2700 have been added to the contestants’ list.

159 Comments to “***** BOCA BURGER BATTLE, A GRILLING AFFAIR! *****”

  1. WICKASHAM says...

    You, I and any sensible person knows that the principals of Boca Burger Battle should send you two press passes for this Boca Raton park date.
    I fully appreciate that the invention of the internet has made anyone who wants to be a critic or an expert into one.
    All anyone has to do is check your site and they will see that it has been around since 2006 and has hundreds and hundreds of reviews.
    All anyone has to do is check your site and they will see hundreds and hundreds of comments.
    All anyone has to do is check your site and they will find countless posts from restaurants and merchants requesting you to try their restaurants and products.

    Why the people behind Boca Burger Battle don’t see the obvious is beyond me.

    • DiSALVO says...

      the boca burger battle boys definitely short a few french fries of a happy meal.

      they way i see it,

      jeff and his wife would have gone.
      next day jeff would have written a nice column about how nice the event was and would have written up all of the vendors who were there.
      the vendors are looking for pr and jeff would have been able to give them some.
      the way i see it, the vendors would be better off not doing this Boca Battle and instead invite Jeff by to try their food at their stores.
      it would be cheaper for them and they would get pr.
      the battle gives them no real pr.
      people at these battles dont recall who was who there.
      Boca Burger Battle BOYS big mistake.

  2. Carl Pressman says...

    Going to lmfao when it rains that night and these jerks get wiped out.

  3. Mike T. (Miami Beach) says...

    I think that this will be a very nice and well attended event.
    On the Jeff thing, he should have been invited.

  4. Topcat says...

    Jeff, saw the article and picture about your being a judge at hr BBQ last saturday.
    These guys here should not only have you as a pr guest but also as a judge.

  5. IOU says...

    Jeff Eats
    No way that you shouldn’t be there.

  6. KM says...

    The park is too small.
    Been to many of the contestants.
    HiWay is very good.

  7. TheMan says...

    Having you there can only help this contest.
    Why you werent invited makes little if no sense.

  8. Iplop says...

    Anyone ever meet Russell who turned Jeff down?
    I have.
    The guy is very self important.

  9. Ed J. says...

    Just looked at list of contestants. Should be some pretty good eats out there this coming Saturday. I bought 2 tkts on discount site.

  10. Lois Kramer says...

    Jeff Eats, really cool meeting you at HR. Boca Burger Battle looks to be really shaping up into a nice event.

  11. Bobby Hart says...

    What I want to know is why you a food blogger with an enormous following is summarily dismissed by the event’s sponsors for a couple of press passes which cost the sponsors absolutely nothing?

  12. JeffEats says...

    Bobby Hart:

    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    Let’s just call this one a mystery and leave it at that.

    Thanks for reading…

    • Andrea M. says...

      Have to agree with you, a real mystery as to why Jeff Eats doesn’t warrant a pass.
      You could only have help sell the event.
      The sponsors have to be real amateurs.

  13. ROZIE ROSE says...

    I get food from Super Dave’s a lot. The most delicious ribs and wings going. I see he is going to be there. For Super Dave’s food alone, you should go, that’s how good it is.

  14. rstanfield says...

    Going to be a great summer event for Boca!

    • Steve R. says...

      definitely going to be a lot of fun.
      my wife and i are going.
      we are very familar with a number of the vendors and the food should be terrific. we also have seen the band that’s scheduled to play and they are really good. if the weather cooperates it’s going to be a terrific night out.
      my wife and i heard about the Boca Battle through JeffEats. we check his blog every morning to see what he’s up to. unlike a lot of other blogs he often has a cool spin to his reviews. for example look at his tsnaumi one from yesterday where instead of focusing in on sub sandwiches he talks about the owner’s father having been the original owner of what became Jersey Mike’s. JeffEats is a like a breath of fresh air in the food blog arena.
      my wife and i are going to be there on saturday night.
      we can’t make heads or tails of why JeffEats won’t be there using press passes.

  15. Ed A says...

    I read Jeff eats all the time.
    Hope these boca burger guys fail really that simple

    • rstanfield says...


  16. I applaud those that are putting together the Burger Battle in Boca Raton this month.

    There is TONS of buzz about it even down here in South Beach and Coconut Grove.

    In this turbulent economy and bi-polar weather, it is inspiring to see creative and enthusiastic entrepreneurs creating jobs, showcasing local restaurants, bringing the South Florida community together and putting Boca Raton on the map.

    I write TONS of reviews for an array of restaurants in South Florida and around the country (mostly pro bono). I write them to stay creative and support local business.

    One shouldn’t assume that he/she is going to get a free/comped meal or ticket. It is very unclassy.

    Imagine if every political blogger assumed they were going to receive a free ticket into the Republican or Democratic National Convention.

    • John F. says...

      your thinking is so wrong.
      its blogs like jeff eats, yours, burgers by the beach, burger beast that help promote events like burger battle. if you bloggers didnt spread the word these events wouldnt have to much pr.
      i think that if you follow jeff eats he rarely if ever goes to events on the arm.
      in this particular case the sponsors should have honored jeff’s request for a pr pass.
      jeff lives in the boca area and he probably planned a followup article about the event.
      now the sponsors have lost jeff’s possible pr.
      you really arent too street wise, one hand washes the other.

      • KLOWNBOY says...

        I’m with you.
        Jeff’s request was a no brainer and should have been allowed.
        Personally I think that the people running this battle are jerks for not honoring Jeff’s request.
        Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will rain like crazy on Sat. night.
        Jeff you are right, clowns like South Beach Foodie are so wrong.

        • rstanfield says...


          It brings me much saddness that you would wish bad on a production for people trying to do good. What a clown! Jeff is not Press. He is a Blogger. They have tremendous Media Partners if you visit the website. Portions of proceeds benefit 2 local Boca Non Profits. Jeff needs to just buy a ticket and call it a day already!

          • KLOWNBOY says...


            You seem to read Jeff Eats pretty regularly.

            Give me one good reason why Jeff Eats shouldn’t be given a free pr pass for this event?

            Does it cost the sponsors one red cent?

            Could Jeff Eats being there help vendors there?

            Could Jeff Eats being there help the 2 non profits you mentioned?

            There is absolutely no downside to having Jeff Eats there. Only upside at no cost.

          • PR MAN says...

            You obviously don’t know how the world works.

            There is an old saying, What comes around goes around.

            No matter how you try and spin it, Jeff Eats should have been issued credentials for this BATTLE.

            I am a partner in a large PR firm in Miami. When we have a project one of our major goals is to generate as much PR for a client as possible. Any bit of good PR and we go for it.

            From what I can see, Jeff Eats did a story on this BATTLE. He later requested PR passes.

            Now if you are so smart, How is Jeff Eats going to do a followup piece on this BATTLE if he doesn’t attend? The answer is real simple, he can’t and he won’t.

            When you think of it, the sponsors of the BATTLE had all to win and nothing to lose. Giving out PR credentials means nothing and in this case would have cost the sponsors nothing.

            Finally, over the past 6 years we have invited Jeff Eats to a number of events. Amazingly not even once did he attend. Unlike most of the press and bloggers this guy can’t be bought. Haven’t you noticed unlike every other blogger Jeff Eats has NO ADS on its site.

  17. ChecktheRecord says...


  18. rstanfield says...

    Actually, I hear it all over mutliple radio stations, I have received several eblasts from lists that I am on from there true media partners, I saw a VMS Board on 95 and Palmetto Park Rd today and it is all over Facebook. This is nothing more than a free meal ticket scenario. If Mr. Eats truly wants to support a Boca Community event, he will buy a ticket and do a write up regardless.

    • Adam K. says...

      You sound like an idiot.
      If you have read Jeff Eats for any length of time, you will find that no ads run. You will also find countless posts from restaurants that have invited Jeff Eats to come to for a try and he hasn’t. I seriously doubt that Jeff Eats needs a free meal from these guys.
      I suspect that you are one of the sponsors.
      Betcha it’s going to rain.

    • POPEYE ROLLINS says...

      I really am amazed that you can’t see nor appreciate that Jeff Eats’ blog plays at a whole different level than most of the other food blogs out there.

      All you got to do is READ what this guy writes and you see that the site isn’t exactly all about food.

      For example take a look at his story on Table 42 and its failure to appreciate Federal Disability laws.

      For example, take a look at his various stories on how the burger and yogurt fast food industries are set to implode.

      For example, take a look at his Good Humor/Bungelow Bar story where he discusses the 1950s.

      Jeff Eats needs a free ticket like I’m the man in the moon.

      You do know that at one time Jeff Eats was the general partner of a Hardees’ franchise that had close to 30 stores. If I’m right on that, we are talking close to a $40,000,000 business.

      A free meal? I don’t think so.

      • Ollie North says...

        I say that we all chip in and buy Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats two tickets on Groupon for 50 bucks.
        Jeff Eats could then go to the Boca Burger Battle this coming Saturday night and on Sunday morning publish a story about how crappy and lame this joke of a thing really was.
        What say you folks?

        • Sean Mahoney says...

          Ollie, I’m with you. Let’s get Jeff two tkts.
          I’d love for him to ream these guys behind with a crap writeup.
          Better yet maybe we get lucky here and it gets rained out and we get our money back from groupon.
          The guys running this dumb thing are clueless and classless.

          • rstanfield says...

            Still find it very sad and dissapointing that people wish bad and hardship on people trying to do a good thing in the community. As I referenced before, those that have been so harsh with their responses on this are probably ones who have never even hosted a dinner party at their house, let alone a festival for more than 1000 people. There is a lot of strategic planning and work involved in producing events. I would never wish bad for anyones event and I think that makes you appear classless Mr. Mahoney.

    • Ed Straus says...


      You can’t be serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ted Lewis says...

      You are full of sheet. You are involved with the event. You are a freaking loser. Stop playing like you just happened by. What a clown.

      • Ted Lewis says...

        Hosted a dinner party, rstanfield your slip is showing.
        You guys should have just given Jeff an invite but for one reason you guys got threw hissy fit.

  19. LAL960 says...

    I’m laughing my eyes out here.

    I own a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.

    For a year or so I emailed Jeff Eats inviting him to try my place out. Of course everything was to be complimentary. Never received a response.

    Out of nowhere, several months ago, Jeff Eats ran a review on my place.

    When he was in my restaurant he never introduced himself to me and never said a word to anyone.

    Since his writeup appeared at least 20 people have told me that they saw it.

    By the way it was a very good review.

    Jeff Eats has an enormous readership.

  20. Ronni Alberts says...

    A few more days and the Battle will be on and then it will be over.
    I’m passing on this one.
    Going to NY Comedy Club in Deerfield to see comic Steve Marshall. Free tickets and all you have to do is buy two items which can be eeither food or drink. Much better time for less money.
    The Battle sounds interesting but there are so many of these type events that you can catch one almost every other week.

  21. Food Guy says...

    Sounds like a fun event. Know most contestants ,never heard of HiWay Burger, whats their deal? Also Jeff you should have been given tickets. I enjoy reading all this,quite entertaining.

    • JeffEats says...

      Food Guy:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      If you check, you will find that Jeff Eats has a HiWay Burger review. Delicious stuff!

      Thanks for reading…

    • Lou Ringer says...

      Food Guy,
      I agree with you Jeff Eats should have been given tickets.

      On HiWay Burger, small little hole in the wall in Delray Beach. Really good burger and fries.

  22. Lou Ringer says...

    Long time reader.
    The cost of having Jeff Eats there is NIL!
    Jeff Eats is a widely read blog.
    Many restaurants actually post his reviews on their websites.
    Why the folks holding this event wouldn’t want a PR engine there is beyond comprehension.
    You know that Jeff Eats won’t be reviewing the contestants anytime soon.
    The folks behind this event obviously don’t really care about the contestants
    They are out for the ticket money.
    Stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rstanfield says...

      LOL @ Lou!

      • Lou Ringer says...

        I think that the sponsors are CLASSLESS!.
        Jeff Eats did a nice unsolicited story about the Boca Burger Batlle.
        From his posts, Jeff Eats indicated that he then also spoke to one of the people running the Battle and gave him names and addresses of potential contestants for the Battle.
        AND what did Jeff Eats get in return? A kick in the teeth.
        Jeff Eats also indicated that the person that he spoke with never called him or emailed Jeff Eats again about this matter.
        That my firend is CLASSLESS!!!

        • rstanfield says...

          @ Lou
          Are you positive you have the whole truthful story there bud?

          • Lou Ringer says...

            RS, I read all of the posts here, that’s the story.
            The folks behind this event are wrong.

          • Ollie North says...

            rstanfield, give me one good reason why jeff shouldnt ave been invited?

          • Walkman3207 says...

            some one here figured out that your one of the jackass sponsors.
            come on tell us the truth?

          • KLOWNBOY says...

            rstanfield, since you work for them do tell us what the truthful story Is.

        • HBT says...

          Jeff does an article.
          Jeff calls and gives sponsors names/addresses/phone numbers of potential contestants.
          Jeff never hears another word from sponsors about pr passes.
          It seems to me that sponsors are bullsheet guys.

  23. JeffEats says...

    To All:

    I’ve read all of your comments.

    I really enjoy the discussion.

    No question in my mind, that Jeff Eats should have been issued press passes for this event. Obviously the sponsors, see it differently.

    Trust me on this one, I’ll live.

    Just so you know, from what I’m hearing and reading…Boca Burger Battle should be a whole lot of fun.

    Thanks for reading…

  24. Thomas Fuller says...

    Either, Father Time or Rain is going to end this Boca Burger Batlle once and for all
    It would really serve the sponsors right if it rained like crazy on Saturday 1 hour before the event started so the whole thing got wiped out.
    I know one of the guys and he is a jerk.
    Starting to do my rain dance.

  25. Thomas Fuller says...

    Hey Russell,
    Just an idea, next year for Burger Battle #2 hold it in Wilton Manors.

  26. Blogman says...

    Seriously, it is a no brainer that bloggers like Jeff Eats should be invited to things like this one. Just look two of the judges are bloggers so how do they rate and Jeff Eats doesn’t? Makes no sense.

    • You are so right.
      The fellows running this event aren’t playing with a full deck of cards.

  27. Ted Lewis says...

    Hey everybody,
    This guy r stanfield is one of the fruits behind this event. Amazing how the bastard played like he was just a reader.
    What bs artists these clowns are.
    Hope it rains.

  28. You Da Man says...

    I don’t care what anyone says, a lot of people going to Boca Burger Battle A Grilling Affair! are going to have a gay old time.

    Jeff, I ‘ll bet you a buck that the reviews on this event are two snaps a twist and a kiss!

    Jeff, You got a great site going.

  29. KLOWNBOY says...

    Jeff Eats:


    The content of the site blows away all of the other foodie blogs. They are talking about ketchup on a burger or the size of a napkin while Jeff Eats is discussing service dogs and the longevity of cupcake/burger/yogurt stores.
    Many of your columns like this one get the juices flowing and have people thinking about all kinds of different things.

    The issue at hand, should you have been given pr passes. That’s a simple one, of course. There was no downside to the sponsors and no cost. Why they didn’t handle this differently is sublect to conjecture.

    What I find interesting is this poster r stanfield. I did a bit of searching and he works for the sponsors. What concerns me is he played other posters and never let on that his company was involved.

    I enjoy a good laugh and I see the various references to r standfield and others shall we say sexual orientation. Personally, I found some of the other comments creative but stretching the point a bit.

    The throwing a dinner party line by r standfield was a great tipoff. I can’t recall the last time I or any of my buddies THREW a dinner party.

    Well the conversation about Boca Battle all ends tomorrow at 10pm. It was fun reading all the comments.

    • KLOWNBOY says...

      Some of them do tend to throw hissy fits. They are also very dramatic. Two stinking press passes. What fools.

    • Lakeland NY says...

      Don’t downplay that the folks calling the shots here have a huge network of friends and compadres. These folks are experts at networking. I wouldnt be surprised that they have a huge turn out. You may find a crowd of mostly non Boca people.
      The no Jeff credentials doesnt register.

  30. JeffEats says...


    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    I appreciate the kind words.

    As I’m sure you know, anyone can “describe” what a particular slice of pizza or hamburger tasted like. From the beginning, Jeff Eats set out to be different from all other food blogs. There is no real rating system. A restaurant either gets 5 stars or no stars. Really easy, 5 stars Jeff Eats would go back, no stars Jeff Eats wouldn’t go back. Jeff Eats’ columns try to entertain, are grammatically incorrect and do their best to get readers thinking about various stuff. Jeff Eats isn’t trying to cure cancer or change the world, just trying to make what should be a boring old food review something fresh and enjoyable to read.

    Just so you know, Jeff Eats could really care less about being at the Boca Burger Battle. Having been born in 1949, I’ve been to my fair share of “events” and Boca Burger Battle on paper doesn’t sound like any new ground is going to be broken there…try the food, drink the drinks, listen to the band. Like I said, nothing earth shattering here. What does concern me, although “concern” may too strong of a word, is that the sponsors may actually think they are curing cancer or really do have an earth shattering event. Trust me, they aren’t and don’t!

    Just so you know, in order for a comment to be published it has to be approved by me. Unless something is totally off the wall and offensive beyond belief it gets posted. Jeff Eats has read every comment and the ones that touch on sexual orientation just made me smile.

    Anyway, for those who go to Boca Burger Battle, I hope you guys have a great time.

    I’m sure that if I had been there, the next day’s review would have rated the event …2 snaps, a twist and a kiss.

    Thanks for reading…

  31. Telly S. says...

    T minus 30 hours and counting.
    If it doesn’t rain it’s gonna be a gay old time.

  32. Izzy Cohen says...

    Jeff, not going to sterotype these guys too much, but they throw an attitude at the drop of a hat. No reason in the world for your blog not to be at this one.
    I’m not wishing them bad, but a good old fashioned south Florida summer rainstorm around 6:30pm tomorrow night would teach them a huge lesson that their sheet stinks just like evryone else’s.

  33. Ron Halpern says...

    Let me throw my 2 cents into this thing. The people running this Boca Burger should have issued press credentials to Jeff Eats.
    I read the comments of this fellow r stanfield who is definitely connected to the event. When you read his comments you can see that he is a real affected character. Look I looked him up so I know he is gay, but his writing style makes him sound strange and really out of it. On top of it, the guy is a freaking liar because nowhere does he identify that he is part of the event itself.
    I suspect that others in this organization are just like him, real bs artists.
    Why they elected not to give pr credentials we’ll never know. The sad part is mr. r sandfield could tell us why but he just jerked everyone here off. When you come to think about it, (and I got to say it) he has probably jerked off a ton of people in his day.
    Jeff Eats is one of the best food blogs going.
    Glad to see another controversy that’s what makes his blog so much fun to follow.

  34. AR says...

    jeff, cant believe that these people didnt extend you the courtesy of pr passes. very strange people to say the least.

  35. Keith F. says...

    This Burger Battle is being run by a bunch of rank amateurs.
    How do I know, purely by accident I actually watched them setting up last night in the park and they are rank beginners.
    Unless I’m sorely mistaken this fellow r stanfield who has been writing like crazy was running around the park around 8pm last night spraying bug spray on trees. He was joined by a group of guys and gals who were debating where certain lights should and shouldnt be hung. They were actually debating what to do. These arent professionals. A pro company would have a pro company hired to set everything up not a bunch of people trying to figure out what to do.
    Just so you know how I know, I was parked right in front of the park and asked one of the people who kept calling to ROBERT and they told me his last name was Stanfield. If this is so, this guy was bs all along about just being a poster here.
    This Battle on paper sounds awesome. Based on what I saw and the way you were treated I bet it doesnt run as smoothly as they hope it will.
    I have no dog in this fight but think that Jeff Eats was treated pretty shabbily here.
    I’m in the RAIN camp to teach them a good lesson.
    We’ll see.

    • NEVER AGAIN!!! says...

      My restaurant was one of the contestants.
      Let me just say, NEVER AGAIN!
      The event sponsors had promised contestants 6ft grills to make our burgers on. When we got there, we were given 24 inch grills. Can’t make too many burgers at one time on that small of a grill.
      We wont go into the rest of the confusion in running the event, but we just wasted our time being there.
      NEVER AGAIN!!!

  36. HA says...

    Jeff, we met yesterday at the Yard House in Mizner Park. I didn’t know that the chain just the other day had been sold to Darden Restaurants which is a public company. Hopefully they don’t ruin this great upscale sports bar concept.
    I also enjoyed your take on other aspects of the south Florida as well as national food industry.
    I just wanted to give you my take on this Boca Burger Battle which we briefly discussed.
    First, no ifs or buts, a blog like Jeff Eats should have been credentialed. From what I can tell, it would cost the event sponsors absolutely nothing to have you there.
    Last night I did some thinking about this Boca Buger Battle and some quick Internet searching.
    Not that it means anything, but the guys running the event are huge in the local gay community. The Russell you spoke to and who just blew you off and Robert Stanfield have numerous entries declaring their sexual preference. I really couldn’t care less about that but when was the last time that you or any of our buddies posted Internet info attesting to your heterosexual status? Bet you not once.
    I think, actually I know because you appear to be a clever guy to me, that there is a group of folks in that particular community who have a tendency to catch an attitude about certain things often when the attitude is dead wrong. In our brief conversation I got the impression that you can’t be fooled by bullsheet and call things as they are. I suspect Russell can’t handle a take charge kind of a guy and chose to just ignore you than deal with you.

    In any event, nice meeting you. Thanks or the great conversation. Ou have my number nd vice versa, so let’s get together in the very ner future for lunch

  37. Rod A. says...

    Jeff, the rain dance worked it poured for about 5 minutes but didn’t stop the event. about 1300 there. nice event. rebel house won for best burger.

  38. Ralph 3298 says...

    Jeff, a real good time. Sorry you missed it. The guys were schmucks not giving you credentials.

  39. REX says...

    The quick rain that came didn’t help matters but all in all it was fun time. I think there were about 800 or so there. The food was good as was the music.
    In closing you should have been there. Why the guys running the thing didnt have you makes no sense.
    Catch you at the next one.


    • Ledman says...

      The guys running this event were jerks with a capital J for not having Jeff there.
      I went and had a good time.
      I bought a groupon discount so I didnt pay too much.
      Maybe next year they will be smarter and have Jeff Eats.

  40. Tommy Gunn says...

    Betcha these guys don’t eat a Chik fil A

  41. Donald Worling says...

    From: Donald Worling

    Message Body:
    Hey JEFF!

    I have searched hi and lo for the results, but come up with nothing….
    Where could I please find the results?
    All The Best from your No. #1 CDN Fan…Go Tigers!!!
    Thanks in advance,


    This mail is sent via contact form on Jeff Eats

  42. JeffEats says...

    Donald Worling:

    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    I have absolutely no idea as to what the “results” were.

    Sorry, but Jeff Eats didn’t attend the event.

    Thanks for reading…

  43. Ken G says...

    Battle 3 was a complete and utter disaster.Very few people. Beer ran out as did much of the food.
    Won’t be a number 4.

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