***** Super Dave’s Diner *****

Posted on June 7th, 2012 · American BBQ Boca Raton

***** Super Dave’s Diner *****

Over the past week or so, I’ve gotten a number of very positive e-mails about a BBQ-joint named Super Dave’s Diner, 2166 North Dixie Highway, Boca Raton, Florida 33431- (561) 544-0940…

I got plans to check this joint out in the very near future.

If half the stuff in those e-mails is true, Super Dave’s Diner has terrific food.

If you get there before I do, let me know what you think.

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  1. Eric Grossman says...

    From: Eric Grossman
    Subject: BBQ

    Message Body:
    I recently found some really good BBQ. I met Dave in Deerfield at a BBQ cook off. I thought his food was great. His place is called Super Dave’s Diner. The diner is in Boca on Dixie hwy. I can’t wait to read what you think. The ribs are really great and tell John that Eric sent you

  2. frank w says...

    Super Daves is a genuine “Soul Food” restaurant great for takeout You can eat in but better to take out. Super nice family runs it. They close early on Wednesday for “Bible study”Excellent meat loaf,pulled pork, chicken,etc The sides are all great. Did not care for only two things, the soup ehich was really not a soup but a moist mass of many vegitables and the ribs which were unpleasantly humungous and not very tender.I had takeout twice before leaving for our summer at the Jersey shore and except for the afore mentioned, everything was terrific. Nothing like it anywhere around to my knowledge.

    • Iloveribs says...

      I thought that the ribs were sensational .

  3. EFFEY says...

    Took out wings which were lightly battered covered in Super Dave’s sauce and fried chicken with green beans and mac & cheese and the food was really delicious.

  4. Jon g says...

    Jeff, I’ve told you about this place before….for the best BBQ in south Florida you have to go to Blue Willie’s BBQ right across the street from the Broward county court house. On se 1st ave it’s a permanent food truck. I’ve never steered you wrong go here. Believe me it’s the BEST!!!

  5. RSD says...

    Really enjoyed Super Dave’s Diner. You can eat there but it’s a very small restaurant.
    The BBQ ribs are terrific. Same goes for the meatloaf.
    Jeff, this is definitely one of your best finds.

  6. freakerdude says...


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