***** Meyer Amphitheater –Sunday* June 17, 2012* 4pm-7pm *****

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***** Meyer Amphitheater–Sunday* June 17, 2012* 4pm-7pm *****

Now, not trying to turn Jeff Eats into an “oldies” Rock N Roll-newsletter or nothing…but, when I see something really good, it’s my sacred duty as a child of the 50’s to tell you guys about it.

On Sunday–June 17, 2012 from 4pm-7pm the Meyer Amphitheater in West Palm Beach ( is presenting what looks to be a fabulous free “outdoor concert” headlining three of South Florida’s top 60’s cover bands:


Trust me on this one, “IF” you are a fan of 1960’s Rock N Roll you will absolutely-positively love this concert. I have seen all three groups and each one of them puts on a tremendous show.

Check the websites listed above for event details/audio/video.

8 Comments to “***** Meyer Amphitheater –Sunday* June 17, 2012* 4pm-7pm *****”

  1. Ed L. says...

    Ive seen the three groups.
    You are 100% correct they are all terrific.
    Across The Universe is a great Beatles’ cover group. The Fabulons and Orange Sunshine in addition to The Beatles got the rest of the 60’s groups covered.
    This really is a terrific lineup.

  2. Rob R. says...

    This looks like it will be a great show.

  3. LLCOOL says...

    Definitely going to pull out some beach chairs and go see this one.

  4. Bob ORR says...

    Saw the Fabulons in Hollywood on the beach.
    Saw Orange Sunshine in N. Miami park.
    Saw Across The Universe at Slainte’s in Boynton.
    All of the bands were very good.
    Others that are really good in our area,
    Whitetsone, Blues Brothers Soul Band, Anthology, The Motown Philly Express, Pocket Change, Ryan & The Rockers.
    The Meyer Show should be really terrific.

  5. Johnny S. says...

    Jeff, great lineup.
    When you get a chance checkout Mr. Nice Guy. One of the best classic rock bands I’ve seen.

  6. EDDY says...

    the bands look really good.
    tks for the tip going to check the show out.

  7. London Bridge says...

    Jeff, Ive seen the Fabulons a number of time. They are terrific.
    Ive also seen Across The Universe. They are a terrific Beatles’ cover band.
    Havent seen Orange Sunshine.
    Going to this show.

  8. Steve Kamins says...

    great show. all of the bands were very good.
    i really liked Orange Sunshine the best but dont get me wrong the other two were also very good.

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