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***** Seminole Hard Rock Rock ‘n’ Roll Beer -B-Que *****

Posted on May 31st, 2012 · American BBQ Fast Food Hollywood Music/Events/Other

***** Seminole Hard Rock ‘n’ Roll Beer-B-Que *****

Don’t have all of the details yet…from what I “gather” there is going to be a huge outdoor BBQ-BEER-MUSIC event at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida on Saturday, June 30th from 4pm-8pm.

Take a look at the “press release” I just received. Let me do some further checking and I’ll update you guys with details.

This one looks like it–could really be fun!!

Eat BBQ, listen to R&R, drink beer! (

The second annual Seminole Hard Rock Rock ‘n’ Roll Beer-B-Que, presented by New Times, gets grilling on Saturday, June 30 and if you like to have your meat smoked you’re not going to want to miss out on this event.

From 4 – 8 p.m., over 40 of south Florida’s best barbeque restaurants will compete by showcasing their grilling skills. Best of all, you get to try as many as you can — and vote for your favorite.

But meat is just one part of this trifecta of flavor because there’s no such thing as a Beer-B-Que without beer! Feel free to sample beer from a variety of popular brands, as well as craft beers from micro-breweries. Beerfest 2012 winners Misfit Home Brewers will be among the top brewers pouring their wares at the Beer-B-Que.

While all this is going on, get your groove on and rock out to live music from several local bands.

Tickets for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Beer-B-Que are on sale now and only $35 in advance ($45 at the door). A limited number of prepaid VIP tickets will be available for $70, offering one-hour early admission, seating in the air-conditioned VIP tent, access to an open bar with wine provided by Rex Goliath, special entertainment, and more.

June 22, 2012 UPDATE

The word of mouth about this event is really spreading. Based on what I’m hearing here in “food blogland” is that a crowd of between 2,500 -4,000 is expected. Don’t have exact ticket numbers, but a very reliable source told me that online sales have been excellent and assuming good-weather, “day of” ticket sales will be extremely strong.

If you check the event’s website you will find an updated list of “contenders.”

The way I see it, you really can’t go wrong spending $35-$45 for all the bbq you can eat–all the beer you can drink–all the Rock N Roll music you can hear. Just last night, Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats and Son Jeff Eats ate at a sports bar. The bill $86 for 2 salads, 1 cheeseburger, 1 bbq steak sandwich, 1 chicken pot pie, 1 Coke and 3 beers. Get the picture? The only “negative” thing I see here, is the possibility of lousy weather. If the weather breaks the right way, this event is going to be an absolute homerun. By the way, I also heard that a “ton” of those $70 VIP tickets were sold. Not a bad deal, extra hour of partying–air-conditioned tent, open bar.

Oh! One other thing…Jeff Eats will be one of the judges.

****Here’s a “gift” from Jeff Eats—if you want to buy your tickets online–enter 10OFFGA in the Promtions Code box and you’ll get 10 bucks off that $35 ticket. For right now, that code will work until June 25, 2012.

Hope you guys can make it. AND if you aren’t a disgruntled restaurant owner, make it your business to say hello to me.

20 Comments to “***** Seminole Hard Rock Rock ‘n’ Roll Beer -B-Que *****”

  1. Ronnie I says...

    jeff, sounds like an awesome event. i wonder who the 40 or so restaurants and bands are. friends of mine mentioned this to me a few days ago and we are planning on being there. from what we heard they are planning on having between 2500-4000 people. should be one great party.

  2. JeffEats says...

    Ronnie I:

    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    I have some calls in to “learn” who the contestants are and who the bands are. When I get that info I’ll update you guys.

    For right now, Dog House, Mugs Sports Grill, Smokey Bones, Organic Brewery, El Jefe Luchador, Cowboys Saloon, JG McGuinness, Center Folds Cabaret, Whiskey Tango, Bokamper’s are restaurants listed.

    Definitely looks like this “one” could really be fun.

    Thanks for reading…

  3. SSS845 says...

    Going to be an awesome time.
    Couldnt find a list of bbq restaurants, band etc.
    But with beer, bbq, bands, sun how could it not be great?
    Jeff, will you be there?

  4. Jan G. says...

    Hadn’t heard of this one.
    Sounds like it will be an amazing time.
    For 35 bucks all the bbq and beer you want plus music, sounds like something people will flock to.

  5. TN589Pompano says...

    This BBQ bash is the second annual one, I went to it last year and loved it. Based on last year I’m thinking it will be even bigger and better than last year’s because just by word of mouth they have a huge following.
    Try and make it, it really was a blast.

  6. EM says...

    Definitely going to get to this one.

  7. Clondike says...

    Jeff, went to the BBQ site. If I read this correctly Jeff Eats is scheduled to be one the food judges. I’m I right on this?

  8. JeffEats says...


    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    You aren’t seeing things…Jeff Eats will be one the event’s judges.

    For the record, yesterday afternoon one of the event’s sponsors contacted me and invited me to join the panel.

    Thanks for reading…

  9. Eric Grossman says...

    From: Eric Grossman
    Subject: BBQ

    Message Body:
    I recently found some really good BBQ. I met Dave in Deerfield at a BBQ cook off. I thought his food was great. His place is called Super Dave’s Diner. The diner is in Boca on Dixie hwy. I can’t wait to read what you think. The ribs are really great and tell John that Eric sent you

    • Gabby E. says...

      Going to try this one. Thanks for the tip. Looking forward to Jeff on this one as well.

  10. BOB ORR says...

    All the bbq and beer you could ever want for 35 bucks!!! Who wouldn’t go?
    See you guys there.

  11. Donleavy says...

    I’m hearing that there could be over 3000 people. If that’s the case, how can a small independent BBQ restaurant afford to be there? That’s a ton of BBQ to make and it’s quite costly. I would think that only big operators will have booths. By the way that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun.

  12. Jake C. says...

    Jeff, I’m going.
    Looking forward to an awesome time and finally getting to meet you.
    See You There!

    Jake C.

    • JeffEats says...

      Jake C,:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      I agree with you 100% it looks like this will be awesome.

      Also looking forward to meeting you, assuming you’re not a disgruntled “joint” owner or an axe murder.

      Thanks for reading…

  13. SmithBrothers says...

    This BBQ is going to be great.

  14. Smithman says...

    This bbq is going to be a fun time.
    Loads of food, beer, music.
    Just hope the weather cooperates.

  15. Leon Kurt says...

    jeff, i’m going.
    looking forward to meeting you.

  16. xds says...

    if the weather is good i’ll be there. going to be a great time.

  17. KCE says...

    Was there. It was terrific.
    Great food and music.
    It was hot but still loads of fun.

  18. POPPY JOHNSON says...

    I was there. It was a blast. Only problem is was beastly hot. For next year they should start it at 6pm so its a lot cooler.
    Really a blast though.

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