***** Time For New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg To Retire *****

Posted on May 31st, 2012 · Music/Events/Other


***** Time For New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg To Retire *****

Do a quick Google-Search… you’ll find a ton of stories about Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s latest “idea” to pass a NYC law that prohibits the sale of sugary soft drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces. For the sake of fairness- there are “various” exceptions built into the proposed law which is intended to help fight obesity.

Is Bloomberg nuts or what?

I don’t know about you, but Jeff Eats is perfectly capable of deciding for himself how much Coca Cola or Pepsi or Sunkist Orange Soda I can “handle” at any given time.

Talk about the Government “getting” into your daily life. The next thing you know this guy Bloomberg will be looking to limit NYC residents to only 6 Lay’s Potato Chips a day and require them to take 10-minute showers/4-times a day.

No question in my mind…time for Bloomberg to call it a day–and retire to one of those 11 homes that he owns.


March 11, 2013 UPDATE

Since Jeff Eats first “tackled” this one, New York City passed a law regulating bottle size. The law was set to go into effect tomorrow morning. This morning a New York State Supreme Court Judge declared the law illegal and stopped the implementation.

Like I said on 5/31/12 Time For New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg To Retire.

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  1. Ron W says...

    Jeff. Saw that story on CNN this morning. Was thinking the same thing. The guy is off his rocker. You do know that if it wasn’t for Rudy backing him right after 9 11 the clown would never have gotten elected in the first place.
    This soda thing is so absurd that it really is scarey.
    Definitely time for the guy to go he has worn out his welcome in NYC.
    Guys like Bloomberg don’t think that the common guy can think for himself. If I want to drink Coke till I weigh 900 lbs that’s my business and not his.

    • steven says...

      who is off there rocker, all those people who eat to die faster and crowd our hospitals

      • Steven
        I’m 83 years old.
        For as long as I can remember I’ve eaten like a frigging pig. I love hot dogs, French fries , potato pancakes, BBQ pork ribs, fatty corned beef. I drink Coke like a fish and any type of booze that happens to be around.
        I am 5 11 weigh 147 and still have a full head of hair. I’ve out lived 2 wives who ate nothing but salads and fish dishes. Other than having a touch of arthritis I have been in thank god perfect health.
        I’ve also seen guys like Hitler Stalin and Hussein come and go. The last thing we need is some faggot mayor telling people how mush soda they can and can’t drink.
        Bloomberg is a flaming asshole.

        • steven says...

          your one of the lucky one with good genes, but the majority of americans are not so lucky. just like smoking , i have friend that still smoke and there arguement is well my uncle lived to 92 and never got sick from smoking.people dont think or are just in denial. I think bloomberg got it wrong we should make burger king, kentucky fried chicken and all the other fast food joints show how there foods are killing us.just like we did for smokers. we all pay one way or another for our outragious medical costs. because we cannot take the time to see what we are doing to ourselfs and our children.

  2. steven says...

    the usa is extremely overweight, diabetes is the end result,plus hard attacks,and many more illnesses ,knee repalcments you can go on an on. will americans eat healthy. this is not going to happen , with all the advertizing for mcdonalds,burger king etc..our kids and adults are brain washed into bad eating habits. we should restrict salt intake,sugar,fats,and other food additives thatr will make us sick. so if you think people know what to do ,why are they killing themselfs and keeping the medical business growing.

    • DonnyKnows says...

      Steve you can’t be serious. If the govt can tell you how much soda you can drink in anyone serving then it isn’t a far stretch for them telling you that you can’t eat tuna fish on breador can’t play baseball if you are Chinese or you can’t ride a bike if you are 8o years or older. Get it? If you don’t go live in Cuba they’ll tell you when what and where you can do everything.

    • Steven
      You miss what’s going on here.
      Bloomberg is arbitrarily picking out things.
      For now it’s the size of a soda.
      Just imagine that one day he decides that too many cows are being slaughtered for leather shoes. So he says that shoes up to size 9 are okay but too much leather is being used for sizes over 9 so you can’t make them. Sounds silly doesn’t it? But so does limiting cup size to 16 ounces.
      Bloomberg thinks that government should regulate people. That’s not what our constitution says.
      In addition, what makes you think that sugar sodas are harmful?
      Over the past few months I’ve read where some studies say coffee is good for you and others that say it isn’t good for you. Same for red wine.
      Science is imperfect.
      Years ago they talked up bran muffins and now I read bran muffins may not be good for you.
      Bloomberg should just mind his own business.
      How about I think that little short guys like Bloomberg have to wear lifts in their shoes so they don’t look so faggy?
      Betcha he won’t look to get that law passed.
      Bloomberg needs to leave office and allow sensible people take a shot at running NYC.

  3. XMan says...

    Bloomberg is nuts. Just that simple!

  4. Wonderman says...

    FOX, CNN. CnBC, ABC, NBC, CBS all making fun of Bloomberg.
    I understand that Bloomberg has been wearing the same 2 pair of shoes for 10 years. This guy ain’t playing with a full deck. No wonder he’s worth ten trillion dollars.

  5. What a dumb idea.
    Government has no right to tell you what and how much of a certain food you should consume. Mayor Bloomberg is an idiot.

  6. KLP12321 says...

    Bloomberg is a freaking moron.
    I’ll drink what I want in the amount I want when I want and he can kiss my ass if he doesn’t like it.

  7. Evan Bader says...

    From: Evan Bader
    Subject: Bloomberg

    Message Body:
    C’mon Jeff: I’ve been a faithful reader of your blog for quite some time now. One place you shouldn’t go is politics. What Bloomberg is saying is that if I have to pay for your medical bills when you get sick from your uncontrolled obesity then I do have a say in controlling what got you there. You are an intelligent guy and yoiu have your own medical insurance and can afford any copays, etc. but if you are going to rely on me to pay your medical bills then I don’t want you fat because you ARE going to get sick and I’d rather have my money than have to cover your stupidity. Just like when he banned trans fats in the city. He got a lot of flack for that. When he restricted your ability to smoke, even outdoors, he got flack for that. He was saying the same thing. I’m with you if every obese and lung cancer riddled person would curl up and go off somewhere to die in whatever they can afford. But they don’t. This law should be adopted nationally. Most of the populatio
    n is stupid and they don’t know how to control themselves when it comes to super sizing everything (just go to any buffet). If we can control people from getting sick in any small way then we should. Don’t complain when you are a lung cancer patient and you smoke. Don’t complain when your leg gets lopped off whern your body can’t handle your being fat. Don’t complain when you get a heart attack from eating food dripping with fat.
    C’mon Jeff most of the world is full of idiots and I don’t want to pay for their stupidity. I pay enough for them. Maybe I’ll be able to save an extra Franklin and not waste it on them.

    This mail is sent via contact form on Jeff Eats

    • POP33496 says...

      Jeff is right and on the money here. You on the other hand are way off base.
      Jeff’s argument is simple: The Government is getting too involved in every day life. Just imagine if Bloomberg came up with a law that says women can’t wear 6 inch high heel shoes because “his” study shows that a number of ankle injuries were sustained blah blah blah, but 5 inches and under are okay because “his” study says that injuries were far less.
      Bloomberg should just mind his own business.
      By the way why is up to 16 oz okay but 17 oz is a no no? Seems kind of random picking of numbers.
      Let people run their own lives.
      As far as others paying their medical bills, well that’s the way the system works. All insurance is based on risk etc.
      Bloomberg is way out of line here.

  8. Cheryl R. says...

    ok to sell 16 ounces but not ok to sell 17 ounces.
    is this guy nuts or what?

  9. Wendell Wilkie says...

    So if I understand this stupid proposed law, I can buy a soda in a 16 oz cup but cant buy the same soda in a cup bigger than that. But I can buy a 16 oz cup and another 16 oz cup all at the same time,
    Bloomberg is a freaking loser.
    Let the American people live.

  10. EM says...

    Didn’t this guy Bloomberg ever hear of personal lliberties and Americans right to choice for themselves?

  11. SageMan says...

    Fox just pointed out that Bloomberg today is celebrating National Donut Day. The commentator said “Doesnt this guy know an inconsistency when he sees one,”

    Bloomberg is a real dope.

  12. WhatANut says...

    Next thing you know the clown will out law bicycle riding because you could fall off the bike and break your arm.

  13. Tallman says...

    Did you ever see Bloomberg’s girlfriend Diana Taylor? She’s like a foot taller than he is. I say that NYC should have a law that the male mayor must be married or that his girlfriend can’t be taller than he is because when together he looks like a freaking midget.
    Get it Bloomberg.
    You live your life and let us live ours.

  14. Solongmike says...

    Just reading this column and all of the comments has got me really thirsty for a 32 oz Coke.

  15. frank w says...

    Bloomberg is drunk with power. Napolian complex brought about by being a foot shorter than his “girlfriend”.

  16. robertw says...

    Other countries have all sorts of governmental controls on various food issues. I was in Australia years ago and they started making changes there. Mcdonalds had their first salads offered in AU. The UK is also thinking about various things. I am somewhat neutral on this one, New York started posted calorie counts on menu boards etc- people have made some changes in what they eat. Panera puts it on the tote board.

  17. Ed L. says...

    jeff, you called this one. nyc’s city council told bloomberg to get lost with this stupid idea yesterday.

  18. Gabby E. says...

    One hell of a dumb idea.
    Bloomberg is getting soft in the head.
    Just leave people alone.

  19. STEVE-O says...

    Now there’s talk that the jerk wants to limit the size of the buttered popcorn conatiner you get at movie theaters. This guy is out of his mind.

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