***** Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. *****

Posted on May 29th, 2012 · Stocks

***** Central European Media Enterprises Ltd *****

Got–I think- an interesting stock situation that some of you guys might like…Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. (NASDAQ: CETV: B-5.96- A-$5.97).

First let me tell you, you gotta do your own DUE DILIGENCE.

In a nutshell, Central European owns/operates television stations in Eastern Europe. A few years back, this stock traded well over 200 bucks a share.

In recent years, Time Warner has slowly but surely been building a hige position in this company. Time Warner currently owns about 40% of the outstanding stock.

Like I said a few seconds ago, you got to do your own research. Mine tells me, that Central European Media which “hasn’t” been too hot business-wise lately is set for a huge turnaround. My research also tells me, that CETV’s stock price has literally been killed the last two weeks or so because it’s a European company and as you know or not know- that everyone and their mother thinks Greece, Spain, Portugal and the rest of Europe are going down the financial drain–so they have been punishing European companies.

The bet here is a business turn around is in the cards and that Time Warner “buys” control of this company. I think that a double in the stock price is very do-able.

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  1. BOB T. says...

    jeff, why do you see this turning up? you only gave generalities.

  2. JeffEats says...

    BOB T.:

    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    The primary reason why I think CETV heads higher is that I believe that the European financial crisis is “over-done” and that many European companies like CETV have had their stocks battered way too much.

    Thanks for reading…

  3. TraderJack says...

    Jeff, this one looks very interesting. no question TW is looking for total control. i think you are right that mess in Europe is weighing on the stock.

  4. Scott says...

    CETV….14:57 Events and conferences of interest for tomorrow
    Events and conferences of interest for tomorrow, May 30th, include:
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Telecom and Media Conference
    Scheduled to appear: CTCM, CETV, CBS, IMAX, BCE

  5. LKK087 says...

    5.60 close yesterday. thats an enormous drop since you mentioned it a couple of days ago.
    what say you?

    • LKK087 says...

      right now cetv is 5.40, dropped huge since you first mentioned it. cat got your tongue?

      • JeffEats says...


        Just had a chance to read your comments.

        No question about it, big drop since Jeff Eats first mentioned CETV,

        All I can say, is the reasons I liked at $5.96 are still “intact.”

        Thanks for reading…

  6. StockPlayer says...

    Jeff, think you are right here. just have to sit tight and let this hand play out.

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