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Got something that you Beatles’ fans might like…American English.

I know and anyone over the age of 3 knows, that Beatles’ tribute bands are literally a dime a dozen. I’ll bet you a buck— that the most basic Google search turns up something like 10 million Beatles’ tribute bands here and abroad. For what it’s worth, some of the bands are terrific, others are very good-good-fair and some stink. Trust me on this, I’ve seen loads of Beatles’ bands and most fall into the “fair” category. To put it another way, if The Beatles actually sounded like most of the tribute artists out there–Decca Records which rejected the group in 1962, wouldn’t to this very day-be the laughing stock of the music industry. Decca’s passing on the group ranks right up there with Coca Cola’s mind boggling decision to change its world famous Coke formula.

The point of the above discussion…back on March 1, 2012 at Palm Beach State College’s Duncan Theatre in Lake Worth—I caught American English an absolutely amazing Beatles’ Tribute act. Like I said before, I’ve seen tons of Beatle bands– and American English “most” of the time had the audience convinced that John, Paul, George and Ringo were actually in the house. Now, we all know that The Beatles are The Beatles—but these guys are as authentic as is humanly possible. By the way a few months ago, I caught Rain–The Beatles’ tribute band that played Broadway and was featured on PBS– and nothing for nothing, its bass player is a righty and Paul is a lefty, so what’s that all about?

Anyway…American English is based out of Chicago and plays all over the United States.

You can check the group out at

If American English gets “down” to South Florida again, check these guys out–they really are that good.

One final item, Palm Beach State College’s Duncan Theatre has a terrific “yearly” series of shows…the theatre seats about 300 (every seat is good) and tickets go for something like 20 bucks. You can check its upcoming schedule at

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  1. ED T. says...

    Jeff Eats:
    My wife and I bought the series last season at Duncan.
    We saw American English and they were terrific. At times we really did think that The Beatles were up there.
    We also saw The Hitmen which is a band made of members of former members of The Four Seasons, The Critters, The Shondells. This band was also excellent.
    We also saw Rave which was a Buddy Holly Show. Great show.
    The theatre is terrific. Its small and all of the seats are really good.
    For $20 a ticket this is a great inexpensive series that has great shows.

  2. Peter Roberts says...

    Saw American English at Duncan.
    All of the 4 band members resemble the real Beatles. They wear wigs and costumes so from a distance you get the feel. They also use British accents.
    Not sure if it was an adlib or not, but when Lennon said that they were going to play their last song and the crowd started yelling for more songs he said “Now we really have to be going now, you do know that’s it’s a long drive from here to Liverpool.” Never saw the the real Beatles in person only tv, movies, etc. But when the Lennon said what he did, it felt just like the real guy was there. It sounded like something John would have said.
    This band is very good.
    Ive seen several Beatles tribute bands and most have been very entertaining. These guys were something special.
    Like Jeff I saw Rain. Saw them here in Florida and they were very good. I did notice that their Paul is a righty so it threw the look of the group off a bit.

  3. RRR says...

    Just curious.
    You have mentioned local Beatles band Anthology in a previous write up. Of American English and Anthology which do you think is better?

  4. JeffEats says...


    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    American English is a “show” band. They look, dress and sound –like The Beatles. It’s goal is give you the impression that you are watching a Beatles’ concert.

    Anthology on the other hand is a “party” band. Over the years I’ve seen this group something like 5 times. Their goal is to have you dance and party to The Beatles’ music. They really aren’t into costuming or impersonation.

    Personally, I really enjoyed both groups. Both bands look and sound great and have the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands.

    Thanks for reading…

  5. HTF says...

    Live in both Delray and Chicago.
    I’ve seen American English in Chicago and the are very good. At times, you really think that The Beatles are really up there.
    Don’t know if the cast of musicians has changed from when I saw them about three years ago but the Paul is absolutey fabulous. The guy has ever move down.

  6. DonutJoe says...

    I heard they will be in Tampa on 11/16/2012. Catch them if you can they are really good.

  7. Allen J. Richardson says...

    You wanna see a band that acts & talks like the Beatles, plays all the periods of the Beatles repertoire faithfully to the original arrangements, plus has a complete multi-media experience to complement the show?

    BRITBEAT, the one and only Beatles tribute band, is your answer!
    NOT merely a cover band.
    American English is ok, but they’re not
    Check them out on YouTube and their Website:

  8. Rich Moreci says...

    I am a HUGE Beatles AND American English fan
    I’ve seen American English several times but never was able to get a guitar pick. I have a really great pick collection and I’d love to put a few American English picks next to the Beatles picks. Please tell me where or
    how to get a few………………………………THANK YOU

    • JeffEats says...

      Rich Moreci:

      Contact American English through its website. I’m sure the band can get you the picks you’d like.

      Thanks for reading…

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