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Got an absolutely terrific South Florida based party band for you…L-TRIBE.

Recently caught this 5 piece group at the Seminole Immokalee Casino and I gotta tell you–these “guys” can literally play anything…from the 1950’s–to current hits by artists like Adele, Beyonce, Rhinna and Linkin Park. Over the years, I’ve been to a ton of South Florida weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, conventions, holiday parties, lounges, bars, restaurants and I’m telling you that L-TRIBE is right up there with the best bands in our neck of the woods.

When you check L-TRIBE’s website ( take a close look at the “BIOS” section. Of note, the band’s drummer/founder Lionel Harrison is the son of the late Wilbert Harrison who in the 1960’s had massive hits with “Kansas City” and “Let’s Work Together.” When “prompted” by the audience, Lionel performs dynamite versions of his father’s legendary songs. Also of note, the group’s female vocalist Selena Serrano is one of South Beach’s hottest club performers- her recent recording “Sound Killa” debuted at #12 on Billboard’s ‘Bubbling Under R&B’ charts. For you old fogeys out there, Selena also “does” some terrific leads on hits like “At Last”–“Bad Girls”–“Respect”–“I Will Survive.”

If this kind of group is up your alley, do yourself a big favor and check them out.

L-TRIBE performs all over South Florida…past appearances included joints like– Blue Martini (Boca Raton, Naples, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach), Hard Rock Seminole Casino, JB’s On The Beach (Deerfield Beach), Smith & Jones (Fort Lauderdale), Riverside Cafe (Vero Beach).

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  1. Jeff:
    Lionel’s dad Wilbert had a #1 hit with Leiber & Stoller’s Kansas City. That song is included in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame’s most influential 500 songs in Rock’s history. In the late 60’s Wilbert wrote and recorded Let’s Work Together. The song was covered by Canned Heat and was a major hit for the band. Wilbert was a blues man who successfully crossed over to Rock N Roll and Country Western music. One of his biggest fans was Creedence Clearwater’s John Fogerty who in the late 60’s had Wilbert open for his band on a European tour.
    Although Wilbert only had two certifiable hits, he is considered to this very day a legendary cross over artist to musicians all over the world.

  2. FGD says...

    I saw Wilbert Harrison at the Fillmore East on February 7, 1970. I remember the date like it was yesterday because when I got home from the concert with my girlfriend who later became my wife told me she was pregnant. When our daughter was born we named her Casey (Kansas City).
    By the way Delaney & Bonnie was the headliner that night.

    • Noah Lewin says...

      I saw the show too. I was twelve!

  3. Robert Handman says...

    Checked the groups’ videos. You are right they are very good. Nice playlist. Serrano is a very hot front ‘man’.

  4. Ellen Miller says...

    From: Ellen Miller
    Subject: Best Birthday Cake in Delray area – willing to travel

    Message Body:
    I’m making my dad a 102 birthday at J Marks on June 3. I’m allowed to bring my own cake.
    I was going to get a 1/2 sheet but decided
    to do an Italian Rum Cake or Tiramasu Cake.
    Do you know anything about Grandma’s Bakery in Delray – it’s part of the Boys Market.
    Who would you use for your Dad’s cake?

    Thanks much,
    Ellen – Delray


    • Ronnie Goldberg says...

      ellen, jeff is right, Boys makes great cakes. over the years they have made cakes, fruit platters etc for my parties and dinners and they were always terrific.
      jeff is also right on j marks. i have been to both locations and the food is terrific. of the 2 locations i like sunrise a drop better but no big deal.
      have fun and enjoy your dad.

  5. JeffEats says...

    Ellen Miller:

    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    The Boys can definitely make you a great cake. No problem using them!

    J Marks will do a great party. By the way which location Copans or Sunrise?

    Give your dad a big hug for me/


    Thanks for reading…

    • Ellen Miller says...

      Thanks for answering. By the way I’m also from Brooklyn originally –
      then Queens. Like you, I know good things and good food.
      I’m doing a Brunch at the Pompano Beach location, in their private
      room, The Sun Room. Using the Brunch menu including Mimosas
      and Bloody Marys
      Any Suggestions would be welcomed! We must be out by 1:30 for
      another party – I booked late and most places were booked with
      Graduation parties.

      Do you think Joseph’s in Deerfield is better than Grandma’s. Have you
      been to Grandma’s? I have been but I don’t know anything about their
      italian Cakes. I was also thinking of the baker at 3G’s, Bob. He’s dynamite.

      • JeffEats says...

        Ellen Miller:

        Just had a chance to read your comments.

        Yes, I’ve been to Grandma’s.
        Stick with the Boys they do a nice job.

        Thanks for reading…

  6. Miss Fleming says...

    Hey Jeff,
    Finally a band that isnt an oldies band.
    Videos/audios are real strong.

  7. palmer says...

    From: palmer Subject: thai,vietnamese,indian & peruvian catagories please

    Message Body:
    sure would help.
    thanks & be well

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