***** Best Coal Oven/Woodfired/Brick Oven Pizza Poll *****

Posted on May 23rd, 2012 · American Music/Events/Other Pizza


***** Best Coal Oven/Woodfired/Brick Oven Pizza Poll *****

The other day “we” did Best Regular Pizza in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

Let’s see what you guys come up with for the best coal oven/woodfired/brick oven pizza in the same counties.

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  1. Larry Fine says...

    This one is a no brainer.
    Best coal oven pizza is Tucci’s in Boca Raton.

  2. Pizza Maven says...

    No particular order:

    Pizza Oceano (Lantana)
    Tucci’s (Boca Raton)
    Grimaldi’s (Palm Beach Gardens)
    Steve’s (Boca Raton)
    Sicilian Oven (Lighthouse Point)

  3. Whack-a-mole says...

    Here’s a surprise for everyone — El Tamarindo, in Hallandale Beach. Great crust, delicious sausage, and calamata olives to die for — in a coal-fired brick oven,

  4. Arnie K. says...

    My favorite coal oven pizza restaurant is Tucci’s which is located right by Mizner Park in Boca Raton. They also make great coal fired wings.

    Second place in the coal fired category goes to Luigi’s located on Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale.

    Third place goes to Steve’s in Boca Raton for its wood fired pizza. By the way the guy who owns Steve’s isn’t the best of businessmen but his pizza overcomes his lack of people skills.

  5. Dee K. says...

    Liquori’s Fired Up in Davie makes great woodfired pizza.
    Also love Pieducks in Miami’s woodfired pizza.
    Scarfone’s in Davie makes a great coal fired pie same for Tucci’s in Boca and Grimaldi’s in Palm Beach Gardens.

    For the record, Anthony’s which has locations all over the place makes a fair coal oven pizza but nothing that anyone has to run and get. The sauce is way to heavy tasting and they constantly overburn the pizza.

  6. Eli O. says...

    Ive eaten all over S. Florida.
    IMHO Tucci’s in Boca makes the best coal oven pizza.

    • Edward K. says...

      I agree with you,
      Tucci’s is the best .
      I also like Pizza Oceana in Lantana.

  7. James Leeds says...

    I got to go with Grimaldi’s in Palm Beach Gardens as making the best or at least top 3.
    I also enjoy Tucci’s in Boca Raton and Luigi’s in Ft. Lauderdale.

    • Edward K. says...

      I found Luigi’s pizza to be very salty.


    The best coal oven pizza use to be at Mona Lisa’s in Deerfield. Unfortunately it closed.
    Using that great pie as the bar, I have to rate Tucci’s of Boca Raton as the new champion. I usually get indigestion at night after eating pizza. Dont know what those guys use but I never have a problem.
    If I had to pick another coal fired pizza I got to go with Scarfone’s which has a few different locations. Their wings arent good but they make a really good coal fired pizza.
    Lastly, Anthony’s also with several locations doesnt make a good coal oven pizza. I know that it was one of the first to get into the S Fl mkt but the pizza is always soggy and the sauce often has an acid like taste.

  9. Ed Fischer says...

    Giovanni’s (coal oven) Parkland
    Tucci’s (coal oven) Boca Raton
    Grimaldi’s (coal oven) Palm Beach Gardens
    Oceano’s (coal oven) Lantana
    Esposito’s (coal oven) Lake Worth

  10. The Chowfather says...

    Tucci’s pies are over sauced.
    Sicilian Oven in Aventura is inedible.

    Cafe La Buca Pompano
    Harry’s Pizza in Miami
    Racks Aventura

    Really need to try Pizzeria Oceano

    • Alfred G says...

      Interesting. I started going to Tucci’s when they first opened and love their pizza although I find it to be UNDER sauced. To each his own.

    • Worstpizza says...

      Chow tweet me when you wanna go to oceano. I’ll go with ya

    • The Chowfather says...

      Finally made it to Pizzeria Oceano and WOW!!! That is easily the best pizza in Florida

  11. Paul W. says...

    You guys got to try Nick’s New Haven Pizzeria in Boca . It’s coal fired pizza is amazing.
    Tucci’s in Boca also makes a really good pizza.
    You also got to try Grimaldi’s in Palm Beach Gardens. It’s coal fired pizza is excellent.
    Ones to stay away from are Anthony’s and Giovanni’s. Their pizzas aren’t good.

  12. Lapp says...

    At we think of the top of our heads that these are pretty good!

    Pizzeria Oceano – Lantana
    Tucci’s Pizza – Boca
    Scuola Vecchia – Delray
    Cafe La Buca – Pompano
    Esposito’s in Lake Worth

    • Ronald X. says...

      Have been to all of your picks. They all make a great pizza.
      I think that Tucci’s is the best on your list.
      Another one that makes a great pizza is Grimaldi’s.

      • Worstpizza says...

        I thought grimaldis was good as well but liked the others better. I also enjoy Spris in coral gables. La Fontana in coral springs isn’t that bad either.

        • Skinny Millie says...

          Thought you knew pizza but your positive comment on La Fontana tells me that you may not really know what good pizza is all about. La Fontana’s pizza stinks.

          • BBS says...

            La Fontana’s pizza sucks. Your usually pretty good on your picks but this one is way off the mark.
            My choice for best coal oven pizza is Tucci’s.
            The runner ups are Grimaldi’s and Nick’s New Haven.

          • Worstpizza says...

            I just said it isn’t thy bad! Didn’t say it was great

    • Hank Pig says...

      Been to all your picks. Good going.
      On Esposito’s it use to be called Corlino’s Real good coal fired pizza. I’m in their center quite a bit and Esposito’s is always empty. Pizza is good but for some reason people aren’t going there. I hope they make it but I don’t think they will.

  13. Mal Stamps says...

    Hands down Tucci’s in Boca.
    Also think that Scarfone’s in Coconut Creek and Grimaldi’s in Palm beach Gardens make delicious pies.

    • Doctor Pizza says...

      No doubt for me Grimaldi’s has the best coal fired pizza. Tucci’s is a very close second.

  14. frank w says...

    I like Nick’s New Haven sausage and meatball pizza best

  15. robertw says...

    Tucci’s (Boca Raton)
    Grimaldi’s (Palm Beach Gardens)
    (I have been to grimaldis in vegas. I assume its the same in PBG.
    Steve’s (Boca Raton)

  16. robertw says...

    Many places cant do a coal fired pie correctly. Grimaldis is wood and brick I think. Steve does a nice job and I think there is a good flavor from the cooking process (wood/brick). Some people hate Steves. Tuccis right now is my #1 for Coal. I usually take out from Scarfones and it has been a while. They are getting terrible reviews on yelp and google these days for poor service. I had a fantastic wood fired pie in New Jersey last month call Vesta Wood Fired Pizza.

  17. Lambert says...

    I eat pizza out a lot. I’ve been to all kinds of places.
    Put me down as having picked TuccI’s as best pizza.

  18. NYCPIZZALOVER says...

    I agree with Hank Pig on Espositos formerly Corlinos. I think the pizza is great but the food not so much. I cant believe how many people like Tucci’s. I work right around the corner and dont think its anything special. Anthony’s for me at least in South Florida is the best.

  19. PizzaHead says...

    I find wood fired D’Angelo’s Pizza in Ft Lauderdale to be way up on the list. The owner also runs Casa D’Angelo’s Italian Restaurant. He’ show up for the highest zagat rating for Pizza in South Florida. Really classy decor here also.

  20. Donleavy says...

    I think that Pizzeria Oceano has the best pizza.

  21. xds says...

    tucci’s in boca.

    • MAX COHEN says...

      i agree, TUCCI’S

      • RFD says...

        Tucci’s is also my pick.

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