Park Tavern (Delray Beach)

Posted on May 17th, 2012 · American Delray Beach


Park Tavern, 32 Southeast 2nd Street, Delray Beach, Florida 33444, (561) 265-5093.

A few months ago- Park Tavern an “American Style” indoor/outdoor patio seating joint opened in Delray Beach. You can check menu/prices at The site also has a couple of photos, so you’ll know what Park Tavern looks like.

I gave Park Tavern a “shot” the other night for dinner…tried the Maryland crab cake, chopped salad, bbq pork ribs, bacon cheeseburger. Everything sampled was OK, but that’s about it.

Now-I may be going out on a limb here, but my gut tells me that Park Tavern isn’t going to last for very long. Nothing for nothing, but in addition to the food just being “so-so”- I didn’t like the joint’s “vibe”— Can’t really explain it, but Park Tavern is missing that certain “je ne sais quoi.”

For Park Tavern’s owners’ sake, I hope I’m wrong.

Park Tavern is open Sunday-Wednesday 5pm-midnight, Thursday-Saturday 5pm-2am.

4 Comments to “Park Tavern (Delray Beach)”

  1. Leon Kurt says...

    Sun Sentinel 3 1/2 stars this morning. They loved it.
    Big difference between Jeff Eats and Sun.

  2. Janet says...

    Food is good. Very noisy but good place.

  3. JG says...

    We liked it.
    Noisy but good.

  4. ArtieG says...

    I thought that the food was lousy.

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