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Recently received the following email…


Like you I love a good fast food burger. What are your 5 best picks in the Dade, Broward and Palm Beach areas?




Thought you guys might like to “send” in your favorites. Keep the picks to joints where you “order/pickup” at the counter. May-be another day, we’ll cook up a list for waiter/waitress burger joints.


  1. BOB L says...

    1.Between The Bun
    3. CG Burger
    4. Quickies Burger
    5. 5 Guys

  2. Arnie B. says...

    1. 5 Guys
    2. CG Burger
    3. HiWay Burger
    4. Char Hut
    5. Joe’s Burger (Boca Raton)

  3. Pointer says...

    My favorites,
    5 guys,
    red caboose

  4. Dean F. says...

    shake shack, charhut, charm city, 5 guys, relish

  5. Carl Rosenfield says...

    By far and away, Shake Shack.
    Also like 5 Guys, Arnold’s Royal Castle, Spot, Smashburger

  6. Kleinman says...

    My favorite is Charm City.
    2. Shake Shack
    3. Elevation
    4. BurgerFi
    5. 5 Guys

  7. Benny Rabbit says...

    Shake Shack
    Cheeseburger Baby

  8. lk says...

    shake shack

  9. BOBBY REYNOLDS says...

    There are so many good ones that this is a tough one to call.
    I’ve been in S Florida over 35 years.
    My old standbye is Jack’s.
    I also really like CharHut.
    Of the newcomers, Five Guys, and BurgerFi get the job done.
    The real sleeper in the crowd is this newcomer HiWay which just opened a week or so ago in Delray. Really delicious burgers and fries.

  10. Jeff Loves Food says...

    IMHO BurgerFi is the best all around fast food burger place in the area. I also like Five Guys, Shake Shack, Jack’s, Cheeseburger Baby.
    If we are talking wait staff food the best going by far is Gilbert’s.

  11. jolene mcclure says...

    HiWay Burger, in n out , shake shack , 5 guys, burgerFi

    • Brooklyn Boy 11218 says...

      there are no In N Outs in Fl. Or am I missing something?

      • carson says...

        absolutely no in n outs in fl,

        • winkie says...

          There aren’t any In N Outs in Florida.
          If it came to Florida it would be huge.
          Same for White Castle.

  12. BurgerMan says...

    No contest here.

    then you got:

    Shake Shack

    For the record, after reading Burger Beast and your columns I made it my business to get up from Miami to Delray last week to checkou the newcomer Hiway Burger. Let’s just say the guy’s food is really good. Now this was a one try only so I can’t put them right on the list for now but he definitely could be a huge contender.
    By the way Ive been to In N Out loads of time and its okay but not as great as many crack it up to be.

  13. Brooklyn Boy 11218 says...

    Best burgers of all time were at BurgerRama in Brooklyn 1950s. Long gone.
    Today in our area, I think that Charm City in Deerfield puts out a quality product.
    Use to love Jack’s but in recent years hasnt been quite as good but still up there.
    Like 5 Guys.
    Like the sliders at Red Caboose in Deerfield.
    Like Doc’s in Delray.

  14. Harry Gantz says...


    Looking forward to trying HiWay.

  15. iknowburgers says...

    SmashBurger is the best around.
    Five Guys is good.
    BurgerFi is good.
    Jack’s is good.
    Charm City is good.

  16. winkie says...

    Personally I like Between The Buns the best.
    I’m also a huge fan of Charm City, BurgerFi, Big Joe’s and Five Guys.

  17. mrs fleming says...

    I know there are a lot of fast food burger places .
    The only one that I really like is CG Burger in Parkland.

  18. Lori Glasgow says...

    I’m in for
    BGR being the best
    Shake Shack
    Cheeseburger Baby
    Five Guys

  19. ARTHUR says...

    flip burger
    shake shack
    jr’s gourmet burgers

  20. DoaNed says...

    Stop Burgers.
    Shake Shack
    Five Guys

  21. WallyWalker4874 says...

    You guys should try the burgers at Fat Lou’s.
    Char Hut is also very good.
    One Burger is also good.
    And of course you got 5 Guys and CG.
    Awfully hard to rate burger places because we have some really good ones and too close to call.

  22. Ed Wechsler says...

    This is the way I see it.
    Shake Shack
    Cheeseburger Baby
    Fat Burger
    Five Guys
    Spot Burger

  23. IOU$1 says...

    There are so many that it’s getting overcrowded.
    Been eating at Jack’s and Char Hut for years. Those are my favorites.

  24. simpson says...

    Jeff Eats:

    Huge 5 Guys fan. Also really like CG and BurgerFi. Have eaten at Quickie’s, Spot, Charm City and loads of others. What I can tell you is that I recently tried HiWay Burger in Delray and thought that the 2x cheeseburger/ff and chocolate shake were as good as anything in the 3 counties that you mention.

  25. Burgers Are My Game says...

    Shake Shack is in a league of its own.
    The runners up:
    Charm City

  26. robert w says...

    This is a tough one. I have been to many if not most mentioned here.

    White Castle (LOL-They were .19 cents when I was a kid in Long Island)
    In and Out-Los Angeles and Vegas
    Burger Bar (Las Vegas-Very good)They have some other locations now.

    • MOMO says...

      Jeff wanted your best in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach.

      Best in those areas, Char Hut and Jack’s.

      • robert w says...

        Most of the common ones have been mentioned so I used a few out of town ones. I had Charm City, Five Guys, Burger Fi, Elevation. Those seem pretty similar. Charm City and Five guys might be a little more juicy, maybe a little more fatty.

  27. Louie says...

    BurgerFi – always the best
    Charm City (Deerfield)
    Tap 42 (Ft. Lauderdale
    8oz Burger Bar (Miami Beach)
    5 guys (last because I’ve been going for years)

    I strongly suggest you give Tap 42 a try, I didn’t see it mentioned here but they are great.

    • STOCKJOCKEY says...

      louie, tap 42 isnt fast food, nor is 8 0z. this is a fast food burger list.

  28. robert w says...

    In Coral Springs you have Burger Fi, Elevation Burger a block away and Smash Burger nearby. I wonder who closes first. Too many. I was at Burger Fi first time Sat night. They seem to be doing nicely seeling beer and wine which I dont think the others offer.

  29. Steve R says...

    HiWay in Delray is terrific.
    The rest:
    Smash Burger
    Shake Shack

  30. michael m says...

    Pinion Grill
    Burger Fi
    Charm City
    Five Guys

    If you guys want a more upscale burger try Pinion Grill.It is by far the best burger hands down, but not in the same price range as others.

  31. Andrew Weiss says...

    My favorite is Shake Shack.
    Next comes Burgerfi.
    In third place CG.
    Fourth place goes to Char Hut.
    Fifth is Relish.

  32. HerbK says...

    I only eat medium rare burgers and there is only one fast food burger place that will make them that way and that is Charm City. To me all the rest are just selling overcooked stuff. They also have great fries and shakes

    • Try Between The Bun they’ll make it anyway you want it. Burgers and Nathan’s style ff are delicious.

  33. HT says...

    No contest here at all
    Shake shack makes the best food food burger.

  34. WH2O says...

    Hey Jeff. I just read how Charm City won some best burger contest in the Sun Sentinel. Personally I found its burger over spiced and not the best.

  35. The Chowfather says...

    Shake Shack and no one else is close in the fast food category

  36. Rachel says...

    1. Friar Tuck’s
    2. Jack’s
    3. Five Guys
    4. Denny’s
    5. Elevation

  37. Chris H says...

    Keg South kendall
    Grease WPB

  38. frank w says...

    Forget it. Go to Publix and buy a box of frozen Bubbaburgers. Fry them from frozen to taste and the result will make five guys look sick by comparison.

  39. OPIE1978 says...

    I’ll go with 5 Guys.
    Also like CG.

  40. xds says...

    hiway in delray.
    also like shake shack in miami.

  41. 1.Between The Bun
    3. CG Burger
    4. Quickies Burger
    5. 5 Guys
    is highest quality/best service
    Well, while many other fellow Yelpers may have had good dinning experiences here, I am afraid I have to say its just not the case for us. We came by here for a quick bite before heading to The Mack House for some drinks, and we probably should have gone to some place else instead.

    Highlights – the girl working on the register taking our order. Since this was our first visit, we weren’t familiar with the menu items. She patiently explained the menu and took our orders. The same goes to the girl who took our payment.

    Low lights – the folks working on the grills. Obviously you can’t get your food right away if it was cook to order. But they need to have someone who is a little bit organized on which orders came first and what was in that order. Not only they screwed up our orders, and gave my food to someone behind us, (with no apologies by the way), they didn’t even get my order right.

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