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***** how do you roll? *****


***** how do you roll? *****

The next fast food “craze”—sushi!

You know and I know-that at times us-Americans can over do a good thing. You do remember “mom & pop” video stores, don’tcha? If you don’t think that current food crazes…self serve yogurt, cupcakes and upscale burgers aren’t headed for a serious day of reckoning, you might like to think again. For sure, there are going to be a handful of survivors, but I’m willing to bet you a lunch of your choice, that in the next couple of years there are going to be a ton and I do mean a ton of very-very unhappy franchisees. Seriously folks, do you really think that Jeff Eats’ 1-mile square Boca neighborhood- needs something like 14 self serve yogurt joints, 9 upscale burger spots, 23 mom & pop red sauce Italian restaurants? Hate to sound like a quiz-master here, but do you know what overkill is?

From what I’m hearing and seeing, the next fast-food craze about to hit America…SUSHI!. The best way to describe this “concept”—think Subway, Blimpie’s, or your favorite sub shop…you know the deal, you tell the guy/gal behind the counter how to construct your sub-sandwich in this case it will be your “roll.”

Checkout a small company—how do you roll? at For right now, how do you roll?–has a total of 11 stores in 6 states. I know-that with only 11 stores this “chain” is a mere-blip on America’s franchise map. By the way, for our purposes, how do you roll? currently has 2-Florida locations–Gainsville and Jacksonville. For the record, last week I was in a –how do you roll? store which literally just opened in Tucson, Arizona right next door to the University Of Arizona. Wanna talk jammed? During the 3 days I was “out there” I saw a constant and steady line waiting to get in…Now I’m no expert on sushi, but a gut feeling tells me that this fast food sushi concept is going to be huge “around” college campuses–and there are plenty of college towns in America.

Mark my words…fast food sushi joints are the next craze. Now, how do you roll? may not emerge as the dominant player–but my money says, that the “concept” is going to spread like a wildfire…and of course, like yogurt, burgers, cupcakes will eventually get over-done.

7 Comments to “***** how do you roll? *****”

  1. TURNER says...

    very interesting concept.
    these stores will need to be where the demographics are 18-35.
    areas near colleges are perfect.

  2. JoeEsquire says...

    I think you got this one right.
    Build these around college campuses and the kids will support them big time.
    Problem as you figure is that people will build too many of them.
    I like the concept.

  3. HerbK says...

    I could be wrong but a business that depends on high quality fresh fish and highly skilled low priced labor is going to be hard to keep duplicating. Your average minimum wage fast food employee doesn’t care about proper rotation and creating great looking sushi is a skill I don’t see many mastering. I say that as someone who couldn’t be happier that I sold a chain of fast food restaurants a few years ago, after many years of having those types of employees make my life miserable

  4. Ostrow says...

    This fast food concept could become huge.
    Haven’t seen this one anyone and i think that it could really catch on.

  5. Ron S. says...

    A ton of fads in the fast food business.
    This sushi ff looks like it could be more than just a flash in the pan.
    The key to a great location would be a huge college or university.

  6. Awq says...

    This has to be near college kids.

  7. HENRY T says...

    jeff, the owners of the chain were on that tv show shark tank last Friday night and one of the sharke’s invested 1,000,000 bucks in it.

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