Boca Raton Resort & Club—The Mar-a-Lago Club

imageThe Mar-a-Lago Club

Boca Raton Hotel & Resort, 501 East Camino Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33432, (888) 543-1277.
The Mar-a-Lago Club, 1100 South Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach, Florida 33480, (561) 832-2600.

Got something a little different for you guys…

Over the past 6 months, I and Mrs. Jeff Eats have attended several “major” catered functions at both the Boca Raton Resort & Club and The Mar-a-Lago Club. To “protect” the innocent, I’m not going to go into what type of events they were, but these were big “blow-out” affairs with heavy duty decorations, orchestras, djs, suits/ties, gowns, tuxedos.

If this isn’t your bag, no problem—I’ll catch you tomorrow.

To make this as short as possible…many South Floridians consider the Boca Raton Resort & Club and The Mar-a-Lago to be two of the “best” catering facilites in the State, not to mention the country. For the record, The Mar-a-Lago Club is owned by Donald Trump. Boca Raton Resort & Club is owned by Boca Resorts Inc. who acquired it from Wayne Huizenga in 2004.

Ever go to a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, or other fancy party where the food and service stunk?

Now for sure…a good orchestra, a good dj, good decor, a good crowd–can make a party loads of fun. That said, every affair that I’ve attended at the Boca Raton Resort & Club and The Mar-a-Lago Club “featured” lousy food and piss poor service. Just so we are straight, I’m talking LOUSY and PISS POOR– now, I’m ball-parking here, but I’ll bet you that in my 62 years I’ve attended over 250 “big” events and Mrs. Jeff Eats and I have personally made 5- down here in South Florida alone. I think it’s fair to say, that the food/service at the Boca and Mar parties were right up there with the worst of the worst.

Anyway…you now know about 2 joints not to have a big party at.

By the way, is Trump still running for President?

Remember HYPE doesn’t necessarily make something good.

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  1. ED R. says...

    Jeff, Like you I have been to a number of big parties in South Florida. First coming from NYC, I have been exposed to some of the best caterers ever.
    I’ve been to Lago. The food and service are real convention style. They have staff walking around with headsets and clipboards like they are runing a railroad. Bad news.
    The Boca Resort isn’t much better. Its really a convetion center deal. No style and the food and service also stinks.

  2. Samuelson1212 says...

    Both are convention style operations.
    Real crap.
    You want to see a great Jewish caterer try VIP in Boca at Bnai Israel Temple.
    St Andrews Country Club does a real good job.
    Woodfield Country Club is good but the facility doesnt have a separate room for a cocktail hour.
    Broken Sound Country Club does a good job.

  3. John A. says...

    Donald Trump is one of the biggest bs artists going.
    His hotels are the best. His buildings are the best. His golf courses are the best.
    He is full of crap.
    Do you have any idea how many people lost money on his Trump Casino stock? Tons me included.
    The guy is so full of himself that its very scary.
    In addition he cheated on his wives and could care less.
    Anyone who would believe this guys hype is an idiot.
    Stay away from anything connected with this guy because he’s only in it for himself.

  4. BVDfromBrooklyn says...

    I have been to Trump’s place.
    He sure has a load of people fooled.
    As for Boca Resort haven’t been there since Wayne sold it. Back then it wasnt very good in the catering arena.
    You got to remember that most of us are coming from way different backgrounds than Donald and Wayne.
    Wayne from Chicago and was in garbage business.
    Donald is a guy who got lucky with a rich father.
    No matter how much money you have you cant acquire style. You either were born with it or you werent.
    Look at Trump’s hair. he looks like a moron.
    All he ever says his my this my that is the best. Or I know this guy or that guy.
    A psychiatrist would have a blast with this guy.
    He has no self esteem and is constnatly trying to prove his self worth. A real loser.
    As for Wayne.
    Hope you werent in Blockbuster stock.
    Just look at him, no style no nothing.
    People in Chicago know how he made it.
    Just think as to who was in the garbage business and you might have some answers.
    Whay anyone would even think that these two jabones could inject style into hotels operations is beyond me.
    People who do parties at either operation think they are getting good because the name is well known.
    They are getting garbage at inflated prices.

  5. Paul B. says...

    Went to a bat mitzvah about 15 years ago at Boca Resort’s beach club. This is different than the resorts ballrooms. It was ok but nothing to get excited over in the food or service dept.
    You are right, the band or dj and the crowd’s energy is the most important thing. If they get the crowd going no one really remembers the food or service.
    Have never been to Trump’s club.

  6. Mal Boyd says...

    Dont know about Boca Resort but know that Trump’s place is a lousy facility.
    Went to a wedding there and you had to walk outdoor to from the cocktail room to the chapel area. If it rained you were dead.
    What a poor layout.
    As for the food. HORRENDOUS.
    As for the service HORRENDOUS.
    They had desserts setup at the end, that had you guessing what each item was. Cakes werent cut. What a disaster.
    TRUMP ‘s place is for suckers.

  7. IKnow says...

    Look at Trump’s hair. He looks like he’s wearing a raccoon cap. Now, if he thinks that his hair looks good when the rest of the world thinks he looks like schmuck, then why in the world would anyone ever believe that he knows good food, good service or anything else’s.
    The guy is the ultimate con man.

    As for the Boca Resort it’s a convention hotel. The hotel moves people in and out at a huge rate each and every day. I have found that hotel caterers usually are lousy. They cook for the masses with no style whatsoever.

    Stick with the area’s temple caterers -and country club caterers. They have much smaller operations and have a better sense and feel for what’s best for the individual customer.

  8. WhisperPlease says...

    I have attended parties at both facilities.
    As others have correctly pointed out these two are strictly for the convention crowd.

  9. Red Greenbaum says...

    Jeff Eats:

    Love your blog.
    You take what should be a simple food review to Larry David like absurdity. In the span of a handful of days, you talk about a pizza joint which doesn’t like dogs, to Bungalow Bar ice cream from the 50s, to your mother’s matza balls and Donald Trump’s make believe run for the presidency.

    I love your style and sense of humor.

    From one Brooklynite to another, thanks.

    • BrianSeltzer says...

      No other blog that I check on s fl daily blog comes close to Jeff eats on spinning the world on its head.

  10. XMAN says...

    Anything to do with Donald Trump is bad news. Stay away from anything that this clown is involved with. His track record has and will always be He wins and You lose.

  11. Iam720 says...

    The two mentioned here are no better than any other hotel in s fl. They aren’t and will never be in the league of the temples and country clubs.

  12. jason klazinsky says...

    mr. eats

    twice in your review you refer to these facilities as “piss pour”. i guess you meant piss poor. unless, of course they are literally pouring piss. perhaps they were.

    • Mrs. Shapiro says...

      Poor or Pour doesn’t matter. Like Jeff I’ve been to parties at both and the food and service were piss poor and piss pour.
      Anyone who knows anything about food and service we spot these caterers as being inferior.

  13. robertw says...

    I am surprised that those places had such poor food/service. I am sure the costs were huge. Many years ago I worked high school/college for one of the top Kosher Caterers in the 5 Towns area called K & T. Those parties had excellent food and service. Full Kosher was pricey, but when I worked occasionally for others I saw how much better we were.

  14. PETE says...

    Been to a few events at Boca Hotel. One was a bar mitzvah, one wedding and one charity event.
    The service at each was bad. The food is also bad.
    At the charity event I asked the waiter for either a diet sprite, 7 up, or diet “white” soda. The guy told me they dont have any diet white sodas. Can you belive that.
    What a crap operation.

  15. Sheldon Klein says...

    I get a huge kick out of people who think that Donald Trump knows anything about anything.
    The guy is a 100% fraud.
    If you look at the dope, tell me one other person on the face of the planet who would walk around with a Davey Crockett hat on his head all of the time.
    The guy only know a few words like mine, me, i, he could give a rat’s ass about anyone else.
    He cost peoples millions of dollars with his TWO not one but TWO bankruptcies of his casinos.
    The guy is a clown.
    As for Mar, its just like him, a fraud. The food and service are second rate with no style.
    Stay away from anything TRUMP is involved with.

  16. Gary says...

    The quality of the food,service etc. is something that most ignore when booking an event at these type of establishments.

    The prestige that is associated with this type of venue becomes the ultimate distraction to the consumer.

    Trump is no fool, he is living the american dream and knows how to play the game.

    Give credit where credit is do.

    I am not defending Donald Trump,I am just quite impressed with those who know how to play the game of life,and he is one of the best.

  17. Joey Adonis says...

    Donald Trump is a bs artist.
    He lives large, but anyone who knows him, knows that he is a self centered jerk.
    The public laughs at the guy.
    No question he lives well, but imagine living in a world where everyone prays for your failure.

  18. Anyone who spend their hard earned money isn’t too bright.
    You are buying a name nothing more.
    The catering they do is second rate.
    Your friends won’t tell you how lousy things were but they’ll be talking about the garbage you got for weeks.

  19. Slimey says...

    I have attended parties at both.
    Wouldn’t give you 5 cents for either one.
    Parties where fun because the bands and DJs were good but as far as food and service, not too good.

  20. TURNER says...

    I attended a charity event at the Boca Hotel. The food was vile.
    The service disorganized and confused.

  21. ROSEN says...

    I wouldnt touch anything to do with Donald Trump even if you paid me.
    Was at a wedding at his place about 6 months ago. What a waist of money. They have a staff with headsets and clipboards walking around the ballroom like Obama was there for security.
    Food is blah.
    Service, not once did waiter or anyone ask the table if they wanted something from the bar.
    What a dumb waste of money.
    The band was Heat Wave so the people had a good time, but as far as Trump’s end of the bargain. LOSER.

  22. willyman says...

    these are silly places to have big affais at. so is the Breakers in pb. these kind of places are strictly overpriced convention places.

  23. We have been in SFLA for 21 years. Have attended weddings and other big events at numerous hotels etc. without any reservation we can say that mar and the boca hotel are two of the worse caterers going.

  24. lois lane says...

    trump is nothing but a promoter. cheats every contractor who works for him.

  25. Nat K says...

    Recently went to a wedding at Mar.
    Second rate food and service.
    The only thing that saved the wedding party was the band.

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