Two really good restaurants and two really good singing groups…

Gamaroff’s Bar & Grill in Hallandale Beach (reviewed:3/23/12) is going to have Joey Dale & The Gigolos (reviewed:2/8/12) on Wednesday night, April 25, 2012… reasonably priced delicious steaks, burgers, seafood, chicken—meets a terrific doo-wop/rock n’ roll quartet. There is no cover and you don’t even have to buy a thing to enjoy the show. If you are a fan of The Duprees, The Passions, Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge–you will absolutely positively love Joey Dale & The Gigolos.

NYY Steak in Pompano Beach (reviewed:2/15/12) is going to have The Motown Philly Express Band (reviewed:1/30/12) on Thursday night, May 18, 2012…NYY located in the Seminole Casino complex- is an upscale steak joint that makes some of the best steaks and seafood that you will ever eat. NYY’s bar/lounge will host The Motown Philly Express Band-who will have you “thinking” that The Four Tops, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles and The Temptations are in the house. There is no cover charge and you don’t even have to buy dinner.
I absolutely loved Gamaroff’s food, super reasonable prices and huge portions. Based on past Joey Dale & The Gigolos’ performances, Wednesday night April 25th should be a homerun. This is one of the premier doo-wop groups in South Florida–recent appearances include the Broward Center and Coral Springs Arts Theatre.

I also loved NYY Steak’s food. Just so you know, this “one” wasn’t a cheap date, but the food was absolutely delicious. As for The Motown Philly Express, I have seen this band in action three times and they were outstanding. I am telling you, you’ll swear that Smokey Robinson is actually singing Tears Of A Clown and The Temptations are singing Just My Imagination.

You now know about two great “nights” where you can spend or not spend—and have a real great time.

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  1. RRR11218 says...

    I am familiar with both groups.
    I have seen Joey a number of times and he always puts on a great show.
    I have seen Motown in one form or another a lot also. I have seen them do track shows but never as a live band. They are very good.
    Both nights seem like they will be a lot of fun.

  2. Harry Lawson says...

    Joey Dale & The Gigolos is a terrific doo wop group. I first saw them years ago at Ralph & Rosie’s and many times after that at US Steakhouse and other restaurants and club
    I haven’t seen The Motown Philly Express Band. I have seen a version of them known as the Sensations and have seen members Frank and Ron in solo appearances. Friends of mine saw this band last New Year’s Eve at their country club and told me that they were excellent.
    Haven’t been to either of the restaurants mentioned.

  3. Dave S. says...

    A couple weeks back we ate at Gamaroff’s. The food was ok as were the prices. They had a sign that two nights of week they have live Jazz and now they have have another music night with Joey Dale. From what I can see the owners who are from Canada have a huge French Canadian tourist following. Their adding music is probably an attempt to keep things busy as we enter the Summer season and those tourists head home. Good luck to the owners, hope it works.

  4. Edselman says...

    A group of us are going to grab some burgers and fries and party with Joey Dale.

  5. Ron R. says...

    I’ve seen Joey Dale & The Gigolos a handful of times. The group does a great job on oldies covers. I’ve also seen Frank Wilson and Ron Jarvis as the Sensations. Have never seen them as a live band. They have always done track shows which were very good. Definitely going to make it down to NYY to see how they are as a live full band.

  6. xds says...

    joey dale puts on a great show. saw him at gamaroff’s and the crowd really enjoyed the group. gamaroff’s burger and ff are delicious.

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