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Back on February 29, 2012 I did a story on THE GRIND-MIAMI’S BURGER BATTLE…basically- a contest pitting 30 South Florida restaurants (area codes 305 & 954) against each other to “pick” who “makes” the best burger. Since that story appeared, I have received numerous comments, read numerous magazine and blog articles and seen several televison segments about this event. Suffice it to say, this best-burger-contest has generated an amazing amount of interest and should draw an enormous crowd.

Since my story first appeared, a list of the 30-contestants was released.

Below, I have republished the original Jeff Eats’ article and provided the list of the participating burger-makers. By the way, if you check, Jeff Eats has reviews on a number of the burger makers…and I gotta tell you, their ain’t a slouch in the bunch.

If you know anything about Jeff Eats, I really don’t “do” restaurant grand openings, tastings, samplings, family and friends—with that in mind— I’m gonna do to this one!

The Grind-Miami’s Burger Battle sounds like it’s going to be absolutely dynamite and a whole lot of fun. I’m going as a guest of fellow blogger Burger Beast who will be “serving” as a celebrity judge.

If you can swing it, try and get to this one.

If you do come, please if you spot me, say hello—unless you are a disgruntled restaurant owner!


Just heard about “The Grind–Miami’s Burger Battle”—sounds like it could be a-load of fun.

Printed below, is a copy of the sponsor’s press release about this “best burger” contest scheduled to be held on Saturday, March 31, 2012 in Miami, Florida.
Wars have been won, but a battle never tasted so good!

A burger showdown will ensue on March 31st, where only the best of the best burgers in South Florida will compete under one roof for the coveted Golden Grinder and title.

South Florida has never seen a burger battle quite like The Grind. Taste 30 of the best burgers in town while washing it down with complimentary open bar including Blue Moon craft beer, wine and spirits. Guests and local celebrity judges will vote for their favorite burgers provided by restaurants in the 954 and 305 area codes. An online competition will also take place where cooking enthusiasts will submit their own recipe for the “Best Backyard Burger”. Judges include TV personalities Belkys Nerey, Adam Kuperstein and Jeff Berardelli; James Beard award-winning chef and director of The Miami Culinary Institute, Norman Van Aken; world-class restaurateur, Steven Haas; food critic, The Burger Beast; co-chair of The Miami Dolphins Foundation, Stan Rudman and Commissioner Marc Sarnoff.

The Grind is proud to have the Miami Culinary Institute on board as a partner. Students will be given the opportunity to work side-by-side with Miami’s top restaurants and chefs as they help prepare the evening’s main attraction – Burgers! For those who want to start sampling, voting and mingling an hour before general admission, VIP tickets are available and on sale now!

Saturday, March 31, 2012
VIP: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
General Admission: 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Miami Entertainment Complex (MEC)
50 NW 14 Street
Miami, FL 33136

Purchase tickets by visiting or at (305)461-2700.

Advanced Tickets – $75.00
Door Tickets – $85.00


JeffEats says…

The contestants are:

8 Oz Burger Bar
Bernie’s L.A. Café
Burger & Beer Joint
Burger Bar by Chef Allen
Charm City Burger Company
Cheeseburger Baby
Chow Down Grill
Chuck Burger Joint
Cuban Cube (Islas Canarias)
Cuban Guys
Elevation Burger
El Rey De Las Fritas
Filling Station
Flip Burger Bar
The Frita Man
Georgie’s Alibi
Grill Master Café
Joe’s Stone Crab
The Joint Bar & Grill
Latin House Burger & Taco Bar
The Local
Lokal Burger and Beer
The Office
Pincho Factory
Quickie’s Burgers & Wings
Shake Shack
Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill
The Best Backyard Burger finalists Ryan Blanski and Roly Masferrer

The “buzz” about this event is enormous in South Florida Blogland.

If you do a drop of checking, you will find that Jeff Eats has reviewed a number of the “contestants”…suffice it to say, the judges are going to have a real-tough time picking a winner, because there are going to be some absolutely amazing burgers for the crowd to sample.

By the way, desserts will be provided by Azucar Ice Cream Shop, Copperpot’s, Fireman Derek’s World Famous Pies and Mandarin Gourmet Doghnut Shoppe


  1. Larry F. says...

    Just saw the list.
    My wife and I have eaten at, Smokey Bones, Shake Shack, Quickie’s, The Office, El Rey, Elevation, Chuck Burger, Cheeseburger Baby and Charm City. Very hard to pick who’s better, they are all terrific for burgers.
    Have also eat Mandarin’s donuts. They are outstanding.
    We are going to try and be there.

    Larry F.

  2. Burger Beast says...

    Jeff, You gonna eat all 32?

    • JeffEats says...

      Burger Beast:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Of course!

      Looking forward to seeing you there.

      Thanks for reading…

  3. Bigzoe3000 says...

    Me n my wife just purchased our tickets, first time doing something like this hope we have a blast…

  4. Bigzoe3000 says...

    Upset I couldn’t get us any VIP tickets….

  5. Don R says...

    My wife and I were there last night.
    We have never seen so many hamburgers .
    We had fun but they should have just given you samples rather than whole burgers. Too much food and after awhile the burgers all started tasting the same.
    Also there was so much smoke in the facility that people eyes were really bothering them.
    Like I said it was fun but the setup and smoke made it really hard to fully enjoy yourself.
    We voted for Quickie’s as best burger.

    • tt says...

      Four of us went. Smoke made it almost impossible to stay in the room. There were some really terrific burgers. We didn’t agree of which were the best. I voted for Shake Shack. My wife thought that 8 osz burger was the best. The other couple split with one going with El Rey and the other Elevation. If they do this event again they got to get the smoke figured out. By the way the donuts from Mandarin were delicious as was the ice cream from Azucar.

  6. VIP says...

    Jeff Eats:

    My husband and I bought VIP tickets. For $250 we should have gotten a lot more for our money. Way too much smoke.

  7. Ed Robinsom says...

    Jeff nice chatting with you and your wife last night. I had no idea that such a huge building existed for this thing. I enjoyed myself but like others the smoke in the room was not a good thing. Betcha next year they will have that problem cleared
    up. I thought that most of the burgers were delicious. One problem is that when eating so many in a row they start to taste alike. I thought that shake shack’s were the best but it’s a close call with all of the others. The donuts were a refreshing change from all of the beef. Once again nice meeting you and I look forward to seeing you again.

    Ed Robinson

  8. HARVEY says...

    The Grind if it does another one next year has to figure out how to do a better event. Every burger tasted like the next one. I guess that’s because they were all made on grills. The smoke was absurd. I had trouble breathing and seeing had to go outside several times.
    Good concept but execution was pisss poor.

  9. IS says...

    You folks at the Grind really screwed the evening up with a horrendous ventilation system. By the way when all of the burgers are made on grills they all start to taste the same. If you do another burger battle I would suggest that you think it out more carefully.

  10. Dio says...

    Tossup for me between Quickiie and Shake Shack. close call but went with Quickie.

  11. Bigzoe3000 says...

    Ouickie, frita man and the burger joint

  12. John G says...

    Forgetting about the smoke for a minute, I liked Charm City and my girlfriend liked Shake Shack the best.

  13. Joe says...

    Worst event Ive ever been to, hope they never do this again, someone could get hurt. We had to leave early because of them smoke and really didnt get our money worth. What a mess.

  14. Mbc2012 says...

    Great idea. Disastrous execution.

  15. El Buen Cristiano says...

    I was looking forward to this event, got there and was greeted with a thick layer of smoke, thought it was a fog effect for the event (wrong). . . was only able to try 7 burgers, was tossed between B&B and Smokey Bones. . .Smokey Bone won for me…

  16. Awq says...

    Great idea. Poorly executed.
    Smoke was all over the place.
    All the food tasted the same because all the burgers were made on gas grills.

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