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Between The Bun (Boynton Beach)

Posted on March 27th, 2012 · American BBQ Boynton Beach Fast Food


***** Between The Bun, 1035 Gateway Boulevard, Boynton Beach, Florida 33426, (561) 735-8820.

Back on August 24, 2011- I did a “review” on Between The Bun…a fast food burger joint in Boynton Beach.

This past Sunday, I and Mrs. Jeff Eats had lunch at Between The Bun…I’m really not into the repeating game–however, I gotta tell you that the cheeseburger–steak sandwich–french fries that we had were as good as “anything” out there in South Florida.

The burger and steak were made on a gas grill–which gives the food a delicious “backyard” bbq taste…the fries were hand cut…they look and taste exaclty like the Nathan’s fries- that I grew-up on in- as a kid in Brooklyn in the 1950s.

For the record, I really don’t see how people “call” McDonald’s fries or for that matter any other fast food joint’s fries, the best going—because, as far as I’m concerned- Nathan’s fries were and still are the king of the hill. Look, I know some of you guys out there ain’t Nooo Yorkers— you gotta trust me on this one… the original Nathan’s in Coney Island made/still makes crinkle cut french fries which are absolutely amazing…after you’ve eaten these fries, everything else is second-rate. Just so you know, in the various South Florida Nathan’s outlets, the fries, like the their Brooklyn parent’s stuff are delicious—but, for some reason-maybe it’s the ocean air/grease/Brooklyn air–the Nathan’s Coney Island location’s fries seem to taste better to me. Anyway…

Between The Bun is a one-off. It’s owned by a guy named Dave. From what I can tell, he is there morning-noon-night and literally lives and breathes Between The Bun. The guy use to own a deli in New York City and moved down here to be near his elderly parents who reside in Boynton Beach. I am telling you, this guy Dave knows how to make food. The burger is delicious. He also makes a garlic steak sandwich with grilled onions that is dynamite. On the fries, I really don’t know what Nathan’s secret is, but Dave makes fries that in a blind taste test, I’d bet that Nathan’s CEO couldn’t tell the difference. I know I couldn’t.

Just a couple of thoughts…How come Nathan’s which has burgers, fries, hot dogs–and was around long before McDonald’s, BK and Wendy’s came on the scene-didn’t grow into a huge national fast food chain? Also, how come there are no national hot dog chains?

If you want to eat dynamite burgers, fries and bbq steak sandwiches…give Between The Bun a shot.

Between The Bun is open 11am-9pm 7 days a week.

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  1. Artie Goldberg says...

    Born and bred in Brooklyn. I’m 60 years pld.
    My dad use to take me and brother to Nathan’s in Coney Island on Saturday afternoon.
    We each got 2 hot dogs, large fries and an orange drink.
    We then went next door and did 2 scooter car rides. Then my brother and I got a large box of carmel corn in the store next to the ride.
    A hot dog was a quarter, small fries was 10 cents, large fries was 15 cents, drink was a dime, the ride was 25 cents and the carmer corn was 25 cents.
    Wonderful times and great memories.
    What I do know for sure is that Nathan’s fries were the best ever.
    I’m going to ride up to Between The Bun from Deerfield to see if those fries are what you say they are.
    You’ll hear from in the near future.

    Artie Goldberg

  2. Ed Rosen says...

    The reason there are no national rib chains, is because of regional tastes?
    The reason why there are no national hot dog chains is that a hot dog is a real fast food product. Fast food guys want you to believe that the burger you eat is really casual dining. A hot dog is just too simple of an item to try and convince people that it’s anything nore than a quick bite.
    The reason why Nathan’s didnt grow huge is because Handwerker its founder wasn’t a visionary like the MC Donald’s, BK and Wendy’s guys, just that simple.

  3. GF says...

    Great burger and the ff are just what you explained. They are close to Nathan’s fries as you can get.

  4. LEE says...

    75 years old.
    I remember when a large ff at Nathan’s in Coney Island was a nickel and gas was 18 cents a gallon.
    Tried this guys fries and they were as close as the real thing as you can come.

  5. Excellent burger and the crinkle fries are just like Nathan’s.
    The restaurant is kind of hidden in a virtually empty strip center. It’s right near aPublix.
    Try the food it is very good.

  6. Ralph M says...

    My wife and I ate at BTB last night. They have the absolutely best burgers in Florida. The fries are great too as is the unbeatable service. Dave as well as the grill man, go out of their way to make you feel welcome and appreciated. In the future this will be the only place that we go to for burgers

    • LarryvK says...

      I agree with you. Delicious burgers and fries. Super pleasant owner. Clean place with very reasonable prices.

  7. Awq says...

    Burger and ff are delicious Really that simple.

  8. Hat S says...

    Been to loads of fast food SFLA burger joints. Between makes a really good burger and really goof ff. The ff are just like Nathan’s and beat all comers in the area.

  9. WALLACH says...


    I love a good burger with a side of French fries.

    Been to loads of joints, 5 Guys, CG, BurgerFi, just to name a few.

    Between The Bun is right up there with the best in the burger department and no one comes close to its French fries.

  10. HGM says...

    Here’s my 2 cents on all the fast food burger places that have recently opened.
    I’ve been to HiWay, BurgerFi, CG, Shake Shack, Elevation, Between The Bun, Jake’s Wayback, Gimme A Burger, Relish, Five Guys.
    I think that HiWay has the best burger.
    I think that Between The Bun has the best fries.
    Don’t know anything about HiWay’s business but know a good fairly priced cheeseburger when I eat one.

    • Steve says...

      I suggest you try Charm City Burger in Deerfield Beach on East Hillsborough. They make a great burger!

  11. MAX COHEN says...

    Nice guy owns this place. Goes out of his way to please his customers.
    He makes a very good burger and his Nathan style fries are delicious.

  12. jenna says...

    I guess you don’t remember the Mr.Coney Island way back in the 70’s and 80’s on Hollywood Blvd. (It was just West of Military Circle for the Military academy students spent their Winters instead of Georgia. They knocked that down to put up Presidentail circle and built a super office building complex..which BTW was where DeNero and Nolte came face to face in that parking lot in the Cape Fear movie)…So, Mr. Coney Island had great hot dogs and hamburgers and fries . .it was knocked down and a Wag’s replaced it . .it was there quite a while then became a little place called Jimmies… even that closed down. There was a taste of genuine Coney Island hot dog in South Florida but now its long gone.

  13. bvf says...

    love their burgers and fries.
    owner always does the right thing.

  14. SMITH9812 says...

    Jeff, I don’t think that the fellow that owns this place could have picked a worse location. That said, he makes terrific burgers and ff. If he was in a better location he would have lines out the door.

  15. Lolop says...

    The burgers and ff are excellent.
    Better than 5 Guys.

  16. jasd says...

    id match the burgers and fries that they serve against all comers,

    • HarryBurger says...

      Have to agree with you.
      They make a terrific burger and the French fries are the best around.

  17. Fran T says...

    Love its burgers and ff.

  18. Sid L. Turner says...

    Burgers are excellent.
    Their ff are just like Nathan’s crinkle cut fries, amazing.

  19. Tye L says...

    My favorite s Florida burger joint.

  20. mannyjames says...

    i love a good burger and side of fries.
    i have eaten in 5 guys, burgerfi, relish, charm city just to name a few and think that between the bun has them all beat. the burgers are outrageously delicious and the fries are amazingy.

  21. DG says...

    Tried today for lunch and was impressed. The burgers were tasty and juicy; the fries were very good and the cole slaw that was said to be creamy was assessed as good and not too creamy. Also liked the old fashioned cream sodas.

  22. Judy G. says...

    They make fabulous French fries.
    Try this joint you will really enjoy everything.

  23. dannyboy says...

    great burgers and amazing ff,

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