Gamaroff’s Bar And Grill (Hallandale Beach)

Posted on March 23rd, 2012 · American Hallandale Beach

***** Gamaroff’s Bar And Grill, 100 South Federal Highway, Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009, (954) 454-9676.

I gotta tell you, some of you guys really know your stuff…

Following up on several readers’ recommendations–last week, I checked out Gamaroff’s Bar And Grill in Hallandale. Do you know what a “homerun” is? Well–Gamaroff’s is a HOMERUN!!

For our purposes, let’s call– Gamaroff’s a “sports bar”—flat screen tvs, full bar (of course), indoor/outdoor patio seating, sports bar ‘friendly” service—now for the kicker, this joint serves delicious, reasonably priced, high quality food. At this stage of the dialogue you can check for menu/prices/photos.

As I just mentioned, delicious food. A recent dinner had me “trying” onion blossom appetizer ($6.95), bbq beef ribs appetizer ($6.95), 18oz bone-in-ribeye ($14.95), 1/2 southern fried chicken ($8.95), shrimp scampi ($13.95), 16oz prime rib ($13.95), 1/2 roast chicken ($7.95) mac & cheese ($4.95), creamed spinach ($5.95)–for you wiseguys out there, there were 5 in the Jeff Eats’ party–so I was able to “try” a load of stuff.

Now just so you know, the entrees basically-come with nothing–and the sides are served family style.

As I mentioned at the top of this discussion, several of you guys recommended this joint to me. No names, but one reader “rated” the food right-up there with the stuff served by South Florida’s best upscale steakhouses. To be perfectly honest with you, I actually enjoyed the food and vibe better than let’s say 95% of the upscale steak joints that I’ve been to. The steak and prime rib were as good if not better than the stuff hustled by the white table cloth joints- at twice the price. Throw in the fact, that the “help” was pretentiousless (if there is such a word)–and that shorts/tee short ensembles work beautifully here—and that spells homerun in Jeff Eats’ book.

I am telling you, Gamaroff’s is a must-try.

Gamaroff’s is open 11:30am-1am 7 days a week.

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  1. TED says...

    Sun Sentinel gave it 3*
    I’ve been ther 4x.
    Twice for dinner and twice for lunch.
    Great burgers.
    The prime rib on the bone is delicious.
    This is a real good place for good food at very reasonable prices.

  2. LARRY C. says...

    Told you, you would like it.
    Bet you are glad you listened.
    Here’s another one for you,
    Ernie’s Italian Chophouse in Light House Point.
    Delicious food, great service. A drop pricey but nothing too terrible.
    One of the best veal chop parmigianas I’ve had/

  3. Alan Lewis says...

    Not in the league of New York Prime in Boca, and Abe & Louie’s in Boca but for the money it’s great. Very casual and great for the whole family.

  4. DON says...

    Took the whole family, wife, two kids, mother and father in laws.
    Everyone found what to eat.
    Good food.
    Good service.
    Highly recommend.
    Father in law picked up bill, can’t beat that.

  5. Steve T. says...

    Good find.
    Loved the prime rib.

  6. jon greenberg says...

    Glad you went Jeff. This place is GREAT!!! Thanks for the mention!!!

  7. HerbK says...

    I wouldn’t normally drive that far from Boca to go to a restaurant but now they have an all you can eat lobster night on Thursdays, for something like $36. That is right up my alley and I will definitely go down there with my son next week to see how many lobsters we can stuff our faces with 🙂

  8. OppyJones says...

    Ate there tonight for first time. Beef ribs, BBQ chicken and bone in rib eye were all delicious.
    Will definitely be back and recommend to our friends.

  9. Cahill says...

    Tried it and thought that the food was very good for the price.
    Seems like a ton of French Canadians found this one.
    We’ll see how the restaurant once that tourist crowd leaves for the Summer.

  10. TheWaiter says...

    Jeff, food was good.
    If you stop to really read the menu you will fing that entrees come with nothing. No bread. No sides. No nothing.
    So if you take at 8 roast chicken dish and add a vegetable you are in the 13 range. The side was enough for 2 but you still got to pay for it.
    Good food but not as cheap as it appears to be at first glance.

  11. SouthFloridian says...

    This one is ok for what it is that being a sports bar busy with French Canadian tourists with the men wearing socks with their sandals.
    Food was ok but the crowd isn’t for me.

  12. Louie Thumser says...

    Joey &the Gigolos killed it at Gamaroff’s. They are a terrific group.

  13. jack bekerman says...

    I went today 5-11-12 because we like to eat the steak they have on fridays on special for
    $12.95 and when we ordered they said to me
    they don’t have it because is a Mothers day
    weekend and they try to sell us another more
    expensive dish, this is not a good Restaurant
    my wife ordered a Hamburger Medium and theymade it well done, my fried chicken was
    very salty.We talked to the Manager a young guy, he told us don’t come back. WOW

  14. jack bekerman says...


  15. EDDY says...

    saw joey and gigolos there. very entertaining show.
    food was ok but nothing great.
    very nice night out.

  16. MAX COHEN says...

    Food is good and very reasonably priced
    Nice looking casual looking place.
    Caught Joey Dale & The Gigolos and they made the evening. A real fun group to watch, dance and sing along with.

  17. Ellen K says...

    You found a real good one here.
    Food and prices are perfect.
    We also enjoy the nights when Joey & The Gigolos are there.
    As you know, Joey and his group can really put on a terrific night of music.
    Once again, really good pick here.

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