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***** Read It With Your Own Two Eyes *****

Posted on March 22nd, 2012 · American Breakfast Fast Food Music/Events/Other

***** Read It With Your Own Two Eyes *****

The following article by Larry Barszewski appeared on today’s cover of the “Sun Sentinel”…

Brooklyn nets best bagels-from Boca

A major Brooklyn sports and entertainment venue has found the essence of Brooklyn bagels and tap water-in Boca Raton.
New York’s famed bagel shops may be miffed, but Barclays Center has chosen Boca Raton’s Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company as its bagel vendor.
The $1 billion center opens in September as home to the NBA’s renamed Brooklyn Nets. The 10-store bagel company, including eight from Miami Beach to Jupiter touts a 14-step treatment for the water it uses to make bagels.
Its operation at Barclays Center will take Brooklyn’s New York City Tap water and turn it into-Jerry Seinfield couldn’t make this up-Brooklynized water.
“They’re going to turn it into better Brooklyn water,” said company attorney Robert Mayer. “It’s only going to have the good stuff.”
And if that’s not enough, a sister Boca Raton company, the Original Brooklyn Water Bottling Company, is the center’s exclusive provider of bottled water, coming from company facilities in the Northeast.

I know Phineas T. Barnum didn’t say it, so I will…”There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Now, do you really think that the folks in Brooklyn are gonna “buy” into this one? Nothing for nothing, but the Brooklyn that I left in 1991 would be pissing its pants in laughter…but then again, that was 21 years ago.

By the way, back on 8/11/2009 Jeff Eats reviewed The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Company.

24 Comments to “***** Read It With Your Own Two Eyes *****”

  1. Edelman says...

    I live two minutes away from Brooklyn Bagel in Delray. Their bagels are very good. I’ve lived in Delray for over 20 years and I’m originally from Brooklyn. That water system is as bogus as a $3 bill but looks good.

  2. LMAO says...

    So let me get this straight, they are going to take Brooklyn water and make it Brooklyn water!!!!!
    The lawyer quoted in the article, is an example of a paid for hired mouthpiece, as anyone with a second grade education, knows that this water thing is BS.
    By the way, they do make good bagels.
    Although, Gramercy and Way Beyond just a few minutes south of the Delray location make better ones.

  3. BH says...

    Decent enough bagles.
    I’m sure that the arena was leasing food concessions and this bagel franchise agreed to the deal.
    When you think about it, there really aren’t too many bagel company franchise companies around.
    Cute name for a Brooklyn based arena.
    When you study the concept for the arena in Brooklyn doesnt make too much sense, but the crowd at the arena could give a rat’s ass about it, all they will want is the food.

  4. Benny Goodman says...

    What a great machine, one that makes Brooklyn tap water into Brooklyn tap water!!!

  5. Ronny says...

    I’m sort of thinking about some of the “NY Style” pizza places in Boca opening up in NYC. What chance would they have?

  6. HerbK says...

    Nobody expects anything but fast food quality when they buy things like pizza at arenas, and that’s what they’ll get from Brooklyn Water Bagels, fast food bagels

  7. Johnny C says...

    I love you Jeff.
    You find stuff that’s amazing.
    You got a great sense of humor.
    Keep them coming.
    I especially liked the you did on Tutti Frutti.
    As far as this water bagel in Brooklyn deal, talk about stupidity.

  8. linda g says...

    talk about idiotic,

  9. JOEY says...

    The next thing you know these guys will take the Cubs out of Chicago and replace them with Baby Bears.
    This story is right up there with the funniest I’ve read in years.

  10. Jan Horowitz says...

    Water systems. Nonsense.
    Best bagels in S Fl are at the Sage.

  11. Judge Carter says...

    Based on the attorney’s comment, the BAR should look into his fittnest for handling matters.
    What a dumb statement.

    I also recently read a story as to how one of its franchisees is suing them claiming the water filtration system is bogus and doesn’t duplicate Brooklyn water. Now I’m no expert except I do have a doctorate in chemistry and my money says that the system doesn’t come close to making the claimed water. The thing is probably a marketing gimmick and the franchisee wants to get out of the deal because the fast food bagel concept probably isn’t doing all that great.

  12. DONNY says...

    Personally, I think that the guys behind the company are geniuses.
    This morning they managed to get a cover story on in the Sun Sentinel for NOTHING.
    To take out the smallest add costs hundreds of dollars and these guys got a cover for NOTHING.
    Nobody cares if the water is Brooklyn water. All people care about is whether or not the bagel tastes good.
    For the record, I’m in the Delray store something like 3x a week and takeout a bagel and coffee for breakfast.
    The ET and Onion are delicious.
    Smart guys running this business.

    • Judge Carter says...

      Donny, never thought about the adv angle. good point.

  13. Larry Berman says...

    Silliness comes to the bagel business!!!!

  14. FT says...

    They are going to take Brooklyn water and make into Brooklyn water.
    Now if they could take Brooklyn Water and make it into Pompano Beach water that would be one cool trick.

  15. Jerry Seinfeld says...

    I think you have it wrong. From what I heard, they are only going to sell the bottled water (that is made elsewhere) and not the bagels.

  16. Crazy People says...

    The lawyer said they are going to make it into “better Brooklyn water.”
    Are these guys nuts or what?

  17. Mrs. Scott says...

    eat in delray store all the time.
    excellent bagels.
    as for the water system its a really nice decoration but i seriously doubt that it really works.

  18. CCC says...

    Jeff, thanks for the chuckle.
    Maybe they could take the Lake out of Lake Michigan or the Rock out of Rock N Roll. What silly guys.

  19. Tony2011 says...

    So if I got this straight, they are going to take Brooklyn water and make it into better Brooklyn water. Are they guys for real?
    Betcha anything you like that their system is nonsense and that if you took a glass of Brooklyn tap water and analyzed it against a glass of water from their system the two glasses wouldn’t match up.
    This water system is a marking gimmick, just that simple!

  20. Mr. Arnold says...

    Maybe these guys could turn straw into gold. Sorry! Forgot that one has already been taken.

  21. TheJudge says...

    Read awhile back that the parent company had been sued by a franchisee who claimed that the water system was bogus. I’d bet anything that if you compared Brooklyn water straight from the tap and the water made by the system that in no way shape or form the waters are the same. My money says that long before a judge hears this case the company settles with the franchisee and the whole matter will disappear.
    By the way I get bagels from the Delray store and they are very good.

  22. DD says...

    Cracked me up!
    Jeff, their attorney sounds like a moron.

  23. willyman says...

    That water device sounds very intresting but if I had to guess its bogus. Ive had their bagles and they are good not great but good.

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