***** Dave Revels Tribute To The Four Tops *****

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***** Dave Revels Tribute To The Four Tops *****

I am a huge Motown fan…Just so you know, Smokey is my favorite singer and I absolutely love The Four Tops. Now with that in mind—

I recently caught an 11 piece act..”Dave Revels Tribute To The Four Tops” that absolutely blew me away. I’m telling you– You’d swear, that The Four Tops (Levi, Duke, Obie and Lawrence) were in-the-house circa 1965. Dead on and I do mean dead on versions of the group’s greatest hits.

To be perfectly honest with you, over the years, literally- I have seen countless cover bands and tribute acts down here in South Florida. No fooling around, “Dave Revels Tribute To The Four Tops” was right up there with the best that I’ve seen, anywhere. Terrific staging, costumes, music, dancing—this group had it all covered. In addition to The Four Tops’ tribute, the act also did amazing covers of such 50s-60s-70s artists as The Drifters, The Platters, The Supremes, The Miracles, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell.

The reason that I am mentioning “Dave Revels Tribute To The Four Tops” is that the New York based group is currently scheduling a number of 2012-2013 Florida appearances. So… if this type of “entertainment” is your bag–be on the lookout for advertised performance dates.

Just a little heads up…the leader of the group- Dave Revels ain’t exactly a rookie in the entertainment business. Years ago, he was a member of Charlie Thomas’ Drifters and is a current member of the legendary acapella group-The Persuasions (who by the way, tore the house down this past Sunday night at The Broward Center). To say that this guy can sing, would be an understatement. He does a Levi Stubbs and Marvin Gaye—that would have the originals thinking that- they were singing on stage.

Like I said, “Dave Revels Tribute To The Four Tops” is something you gotta see—you can check schedule/audio/video at & You can also You Tube–Dave Revels and you should come-up with a ton of videos.

One final thought, I’m sure that a number of you guys live in condo communities, country clubs, etc…that have entertainment directors/committees. “Dave Revels Tribute To The Four Tops” would be an absolute homerun–so maybe you should make an introduction!

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  1. Larry F. says...

    Was at the Broward Center this past Sunday night. Martha Reeves, The Association, The Vogues, Tommy Mara (new leader of The Crests) and The Persuasions performed.
    Loved the Vogues.
    Time for Martha and The Association to collect SS.
    Tommy definitely isn’t Johnny Maestro.
    The Persuasions were phenomenal. Best act on the bill.

  2. HG says...

    Watched the videos and some You Tube videos.
    Thought The 4 Tops show was great same for the revue show.
    As for The Persuasions nobody comes close to them.
    I live in Ballanisles CC. This show is definitely something that we should have here.

  3. Steve Katz says...

    Jeff Eats:

    My wife and I have lived in Boca for over 30 years. Our country club and our friends clubs and communities have loads of bands and shows during season.
    In 2011 and thus far in 2012 we saw tribute acts, American English (Beatles), Nate Evans (Temptations), Anthology (Beatles), Roll The Stones (Rolling Stones), Don’t Stop Believing (Journey), Back 2 Back (Billy Joel & Elton John), The Fab Faux (Beatles), Rick St. James (Rod Stewart), Hot Rod (Rod Stewart), The Alter Eagles (The Eagles), Neil Zirconia (Neil Diamond) and Glen Leonard (The Temptations)
    All of the above listed, were very entertaining and we had a great time at each show.
    Based on the tremendous market for tribute acts, based on the ‘You Tube’ videos, Dave Revels’ show would be as you often say a HOMERUN on the South Florida condo circuit.

    • RL says...

      Steve, I saw Glen Leonard at Cascades and saw Nate Evans at Kings Point.
      Leonard was a REAL member of The Temptations. Evans was never a real Temptation although he was in a group called The Lead Singers Of The temptations which had Dennis Edwards, Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin in it.
      The Evans show was a track show. The Leonard show had a live band.
      Both shows were very good.
      Like Jeff, I love the Motown sound.
      A few months ago I saw Smokey Robinson at the Hard Rock. He was incredible. I also saw Gladys Knight there and she was also terrific.
      There are a few local groups like The Sensations that do a pretty good Motown show.
      Assuming that the videos aren’t doctored, the Dave Revels’ groups are absolutely awesome.
      From what I can tell, the only current Florida booking is at Citrus CC in the Orlando area.
      No doubt in my mind assuming the price is right, the group would terrific on the local scene.

      • RL says...

        Steve, Forgot to mention that The Fab faux are the best Beatles tribute act that I have ever seen. They dont look or act like The Beatles but boy can they play. I understand that they will be at Parker Playhouse in October. I’ve seen them twice there and they are amazing.

        • Steve Katz says...

          Got to agree with you there, The Fab Faux are sensational.
          On the Evans Leonard thing. I also enjoyed both groups. Personally, I thought that Evans show was drop better.

      • dave revels says...

        Hello RL. Thank you for your comment about our promo video. Just to reassure you, nothing is “doctored.” We take great pride in recreating, as close as possible, the original sound and feel of The Four Tops. We will be touring in the Boca area on three specific dates, 8, 10, 12 of January 2014 as well as Hernando at Citrus Hills CC on January 14 and Sun City Center on January 15. Please come out and see for yourself. brings some friends and tell anyone you know, that we still have some dates available if they wish to add us to their schedule. Might as well get us while we’re in the area. In the meantime, visit our website to see, read and enjoy videos, pictures and reviews from our most recent concerts.

  4. donald says...

    saw charlie thomas at parker playhouse about 6 weeks ago. classy great act.

  5. HerbK says...

    I checked out a couple of his videos on YouTube and he is good, but don’t get carried away, nobody can sing like Levi Stubbs. Maybe you forgot how good Levi was but this acapella version of Ask The Lonely will remind you

    • Gary M. says...

      Like jeff Im a huge Motown fan. Love the Tops and Temptations.
      You are right that nobody sings like Levi did. Then again nobody sings like Sinatra or Elvis. But they arent with us anymore.
      I watched a few videos and Dave Revels does a great job on Levi’s numbers. In fact the group on the videos does a hell of a lot more dancing than the Tops ever did. So obviously Revels doesnt want his tribute to be exactly like the Tops but to give you the flavor of the real McCoy. I found the act to be excellent. I also enjoyed some of the clips of Revls Rock Roll & soul show doing Marvin Gaye.
      By the way did you know that Obie of the Tops co-wrote “what’s Going On with Marvin Gaye?
      Anyway, this revus show would do fantastically well in our area.
      Really hope it gets a load of bookings because I will definitely then plan on seeing them.

    • Mike Kushner says...

      No ifs and buts Levi Stubbs was one of the greatest singers of all time. Like Jeff my favorite is Smokey Robinson.
      Over the years I saw The Four Tops with all original members. Sensational act, but without Levi there wasn’t really too much going on there.
      I recently saw The Four Tops and Temptations at the Broward Center. The original Top left is Duke and the new lead singer really doesn’t do the music justice. He doesn’t sound anything like Levi. For what it’s worth they really are now just a tribute act although there is one original. Same for The Temps. The only original left is Otis and he was never a lead singer. The group out there isn’t close to sounding like the records. Like The Tops they are basically a tribute act.
      Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the show but its really just nostalgi kicking in.
      On Dave Revels show, his Four Tops are actually better than the group that I saw at Broward. he does a better Levi than the guy in the real group.
      We know we can’t ever go back, but Dave Revels show makes a better attempt at getting us there.
      I attend a load of shows during the year and there is no question in my mind that Revels show would be very well received.
      Mike Kushner

    • ARF says...

      Let me add my 2 cents.
      Revels is very good.
      It looks like a dynamite show.
      Everyone I know would love to see a revue show like this.

    • JeffEats says...


      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      You are 100% correct, there was only one Levi Stubbs.

      That said, for a tribute act, Dave Revels Tribute To The Four Tops is right up there with the best in the business.

      By the way, I saw Revels last Sunday night at the Broward Center with The Persuasions. That group can really sing and brought the house down.

      Thanks for reading…

  6. EW says...

    My husband and I live in the Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club.

    Last night Dave Revels performed. The revue that was called Shake Rattle & Soul.

    All I can say, is that I can’t recall seeing a better show at the club.

    Sure hope you get to see this particular show because it is terrific.

  7. KB says...

    Hey Jeff, other than a Citrus Hills CC listing I can’t find any dates for our area. Would love to see this group. Do you have any up to date information on appearances?

    • JeffEats says...


      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      I’ve checked around and the last public appearance was 3/20/12 at the Citrus Hills Country Club in Hernando, Florida. It looks like that Club did 2 shows last night.

      I’ll keep checking, but for right now, I can’t find any upcoming dates in our South Florida area.

      Keep in mind Revels in addition to The Four Tops show has another show called Shake Rattle & Soul. He is also a member of The Persuasions who do have a number of dates coming up, but none in our area.

      I’ll keep my ears open and if I hear any new info I will provide an update.

      Thanks for reading…

  8. Tom Edwards says...

    In recent months two very good Motown acts worked our area. Nate Evan’s Temptations Revue and Glen Leonard’s Temptations Revue.
    Eavn’s used tracks and Leonard had a live band.
    I went to both shows and thoroughly enjoyed both. The groups were very good and did nice jobs on sounding just like the originals.
    A local group The Sensations also does a nice Motown show. I’ve seen one or another of this group several times and they are very good.
    I just took a look at Revls act. Both the Tops and variety Motown show are very good.
    Now I’m just looking at video, but based on what I saw, his production and staging is as good if not better than the Evans and Leonards shows.
    Perosnally I would love to see them.
    I am sending your site and info to our Events Coordinator to see if our community’s schedule has an opening for them.
    Thanks for showing Jeff eats readers this one.

  9. Dave R. says...

    Veryy good tribute act.
    Looking forward to catching them when they come into S. Fla.

  10. SOS says...

    Caught the show last night.
    If you don’t see them, you really are missing a great show.

  11. Dave Revels says...

    Jeff! You’ve got skills with the pen. I want to go see this guy perform you’re talking about (LOL). By the way, let me share with you the response from my show in Hernando at Citrus Hills, yesterday. Thanks Jeff, for everything and most importantly, your support and enthusiasm.

    Hi Dave!

    Notes like this are already arriving in my mailbox. Thanks again for an amazing, engaging, electrifying performance. What a gift to our community.

    Thanks again, Dave. I’m please to call you a friend.

    Cheers and safe travels, my friend.


    This group was fantastic!! Such talent and energy! We really enjoyed it. Invite them again. Also, Mimi and I attended the Doo Wop Reunion at Ruth Eckerd hall last Saturday as we do every year. The Doo Wop show was good but the back-up band they used was sorely lacking. THE back-up band for the concert tonight was 100 percent better. Cheers. Mimi and Wayne

    Sharon Skeele-Hogan

    Entertainment Director

    Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club

    Activity Center

    240 W Fenway Dr

    Hernando, FL 34442

    Phone: 352.746.7633

  12. Linda H says...

    Just heard about your blog from a neighbor. We live in Citrus and your restaurant reviews don’t really cover our area. Did read a handful and think that we would love to hear your take on our joints.
    Did read your article on Dave Revels. My husband and I saw his show last night and it was sensational .

  13. TNT says...

    If they are anything in person like they are on the videos I definitely want to see them in person.

  14. TR says...

    Enjoyed the videos.
    That 4 Tops show looks very good.
    Hope they get bookings in our area.
    I live at Kings Point and they would be perfect for our theatre.

  15. Ron G. says...

    Do you have a listing of Florida bookings?
    Can’t find any.

    • dave revels says...

      Hello Ron G. please visit our website for locations. We will be in Boca area in january 2013 on three specific dates 8, 11, 12 and on January 14 Hernando Florida at Citrus Hills CC and Jaunary 15 Sun City Center. Still waiting on the specific locations for the first three dates.

  16. Andy W. says...

    My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Motown Revue show. Great singing etc. It’s a class act and really pleased the audience. If the group comes into your area you should definitely see them.

  17. Norman B. says...

    This guy Dave Revels is terrific.
    I just got a look at his 4 Tops and Shake Rattle & Soul videos on You Tube and Dave and his group sure puts on one hell of a show. I also watched some videos with him with the Persuasions and he was terrific there.
    I live in Delray Beach and our community has a yearly list of shows. This year we had The Bronx Wanderers and Marilyn MaCoo & Bill Davis Jr. Both shows we’re excellent.
    I have forwarded info to our social director.
    Dave Revels’ group would be terrific for our residents.

    • dave revels says...

      Hello Norman,
      Thanks for the endorsement. We will be in the Boca area January 2014 on three specific dates- 8,11,12. not sure of exact location but will post them as soon as I get the information. if you don’t see us as being listed in your community brochure, then send me your social director’s contact info and I will follow up. We still have available dates. We are a live band and vocal ensemble, the only way we believe to properly do the Tops. We will also be in Hernando Fl at Citrus Hills CC on january 14 and Sun City Center on January 15. Come on out to see us. Be sure to introduce yourself to us. In the meantime, please visit our website for latest pictures, and reviews from our concerts.

  18. Musicman says...

    If I’m not mistaken one of Revels’ female singers is also a member of The Crystals who had many hit like Da Do Run Run. Not sure of her name, but she isn’t an original but has been in The Crystals for a number of years.

  19. IKnowSoulMusic says...

    Many of the tribute acts out there are actually better than the current original acts. Dave Revels’ 4 Tops Tribute is a better show than the current one performed by the real 4 Tops. Keep in mind that today’s 4 Tops only has one original and he wasn’t the lead singer in the group’s heyday. Don’t get me wrong, they put on a great show, but Revel’s unit does a better job and sounds more like the original 1960s group did back then does the current new lineup .

  20. PETE says...

    They are going to be at the REVEL HOTEL in AC on 4/27.
    That’s a huge gig!

  21. Smitty says...

    Watching dancing with the stars.
    They got smokey, temps, Martha reeves, and human nature which is new group that does motown. The temps are lousy same for reeves. Smokey still got it.
    Revels group gives a better version than the surviving 4 tops act.
    By the way the local group the sensations also puts on a great Motown show.

  22. Ron S. says...

    Dont see an sfl listing for this act.
    Hope they are in our area (delray) this coming season.

  23. Wanna says...

    Have seen several Temp tribute acts. They have all been good. Saw Revels’ show at Citrus. Outstanding revue show spotlighting Motown’s great sounds.

  24. Awq says...

    Watched the videos.
    Show looks great.
    Can’t find any SFLA appearances.

  25. Mojo says...

    Jeff: Catch this site. Revels’ show is amazing.

    • dave revels says...

      Our revised and updated website is

  26. Tony Williams says...

    Revels is also currently a member of thePersuasions. Before that he sang with the Drifters and Coasters.
    Another member of the group was an original member of the Joneses who had a couple of big disco hits in the 70s. Another member is currently also with the Platters. Betcha this ensemble can really sing.
    Hope to see them in SFLA this year.

  27. xds says...

    jeff, saw them at citrus a few months ago, one of the best shows the cc ever had.

  28. Dan Lee says...

    Jeff, I just heard that this show has been booked into s Florida during the first two weeks of January 2014 for 10 shows, Not sure of where they will be appearing but a load of condos etc are going to have great shows.

  29. CCW says...

    Caught them at Resorts in AC last week. Great show. Dont miss it if it gets down to Florida.

  30. dave revels says...

    We (Dave Revels’ Shadows Of The 60’s Tribute To The Four Tops) are looking forward to being in S. Florida in January 2014. Still waiting on specific locations so, please be patient with us. If any of you have us already listed, please post it here. Still have some open dates so, if you would like us to visit your community, let us or your social directors know. All those who have posted here and have shown an interest in us appearing in their community, let me know your locations. We might surpise you and drop in to sing hello and thank you.

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