***** The Paramount Days In Coral Springs *****

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***** The Paramount Days In Coral Springs *****

Way back on February 8, 2012 Jeff Eats’ did an article **** The Paramount Days In Coral Springs ***** Joey Dale & The Gigolos *****

To quickly refesh your memories, on Friday night- March 2, 2012 a terrifc oldies-doo wop concert produced by Joey Dale is scheduled to be held at the Coral Springs Center For The Arts.

Anyway…shortly after that story ran, I received an email from Joey Dale. Suffice it to say, he so enjoyed the writeup, that he forwarded to my attention 2 $65 tickets for the show-to be given to one of Jeff Eats’ readers.

So, if you want to take a shot at the tickets, send Jeff Eats an email—use either the “CONTACT” which is at the top-of the site or the “COMMENT” space attached to the article. Please! only one email per person—To make it interesting, the 14th email received will be seeing the show on Joey. By the way, I won’t publish the emails received until the “contest” is over, this way, you won’t be able to try-and-figure the pecking order.

For you wise-guys out there, if 14 emails on this promotion aren’t received by February 29th, Jeff & Mrs. Eats will be using the tickets.

For the non-winners, don’t be cheap—you can buy tickets online or at the box-office.

By the way, Joey & The Gigolos is appearing this coming Saturday Night–February 18th at NYY Steak which I reviewed yesterday. The group will be in the lounge area and there is no charge to see them.


March 3, 2012…Amazingly, Jeff Eats didn’t receive 14 emails….so, I and Mrs. Jeff Eats will be using the tickets. I’ll let you guys know how the show was.

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  1. GloriaG says...

    Saw this unremarkable show last night. Having been to many Alan Freed and Murray the ‘K’ shows back in the day, this show was in no way anything like them. This show dragged on and on. The acts were good but if Joey wants to make these shows a success he should stay off the stage. He is so unprofessional and just doesn’t know when to shut up. The fat MC just as bad. So everybody is from Brooklyn. So what ? They were killing the show. Fifteen minutes on this B.S. We came to see a show ! These two idiots spent so much time on bringing up their friends names (like anyone cares) and strutting around the stage saying nothing that mattered(except to them). The acts were good but the Passions were clowning around, so much they acted like high school kids pushing and shoving each other up there. Well only the two in the middle did that. The voice on the lead singer was very good, hit all the high notes. The two idiots in the middle ruined the act.They made fools of themselves and the show dragged on WAY TOO LONG because of Joey Dale and these two talking to each other on stage and slapping each other on the back with their inside jokes.We left as did many others as the show dragged on until almost midnight and it was STILL going. Next time Joey, get a stage director or someone who knows how to RUN these properly. People didn’t come to see you and the two Passions trying to impress yourselves. The Coasters were great as were the Flamingos. The rest were so so. But, I will never go to one of his shows again. Very unprofessionally run. Joey, you’re a legend in your own mind, as they say.

    • DEE DEE says...

      I and my wife were also at the show. We have a slightly different take on it than you do.
      No question the show ran for over 4 hours. The way we looked at it, was that finally someone that being Joey Dale gave us something for our money. We have been to many other shows and were out the door in 90 minutes. We found this show treating everyone in the audience as if they were friends, family and insiders. As a sidebar once during intermission and then again at the end all of the groups were in the lobby for a huge meet and greet. Both times it was like big party going on.
      As for the performances., joey’s segment was very good. The Skyliners were excellent. Keep in mind that Jimmy Beaumont the lead singer is well over 70. We thought thet The Coasters who have no originals were very weak and that the backing band didn’t play with them, totally out. Whack. As for The Passions, you have to appreciate that Jimmy Gallagher the lead singer has been at odds with the other 2 originals for close to 25 years, so this is basically a reunion of guys who haven’t worked together for years. The Passions sang really well. The flamingos were exceptionally good. The Earls were also good. As for the announcer, my wife and I thought he was terrific. We also commented on the way home, how engaging he had been . The introducing of luminaries in the audience was terrific. Those introduced wrote and sang some hugely famous songs.
      For sure the production could have been a drop tighter. Personally, maybe the whole production could have been shortened here and there by a few minutes, but no big deal.
      We really enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to Joey’s next show.

    • Larry Giordano says...

      Hey lady, it was a freaking oldies show, it was a lot of fun.

  2. LD says...

    Jeff, had an absolute blast. The huge meet and greets were worth the price of admission alone. For years, I have been looking to meet Jimmy Beaumont and last night I did. Call me an old sentimental fool but when he sang Lonely Way , I teared up. That song was one of my late wife’s favorite songs when we were juniors at Lincoln HS in Brooklyn.
    The show brought back some wonderful memories.

  3. Lynn R says...

    A note to Joey,

    Keep up the good work and great shows.
    Last night show showed your passion for the music and us fans of the music.

  4. Sherry C says...

    My husband and I had. Great time.

  5. Carmen L says...

    the show was way too long. the mc was ok. joey dale did play around on the stage as if he was the star and was not what we paid to see.the acts were great.the Passions were stupid on stage very corney but harmonized very what if they had a fight fix it before you go onstage. they behaved awful. the sax player was all it had great acts but the other stuff goingon shouldn’t have been.not professional for a show like this at 50 bucks a pop.

  6. carmen L says...

    the meet and greet you refer to was to sell their cd’s and other stuff
    all acts do this during intermission or after a show
    been to many area shows and in other states I have lived and this one needs much improvement

    • tommy.l.b says...

      I wonder if the groups played tracks. I kept hearing violins with the Flamingos and also the Skyliners. But I agree with what you are saying.

  7. Producer says...

    Over the past 40 years I promoted numerous rock n roll shows here in Fl and in NY and NJ. I have worked with countless headliners that have included every group that was on Friday night’s bill. I was at the show and here is my take.

    Joey Dale is a good local act. In no way, shape or form could they ever have been a recording act. They are fun to watch and get the job done, but vocally they are strictly a bar/lounge act. By the way, I’m not trying to be insulting, but if guys like Jimmy Beaumont and Larry Chance who were two of the greatest doo wop leads have lost a step or two over the years, it only figures that a guy like Joey wouldn’t be at the top of his game, since he is in the same age group ,

    The Skyliners’ Jimmy Beaumont is way past his prime. They have a handful of great songs, but other than the female singer, Donna Groom the group’s voices are shot.

    The Flamingos that we’re out there are a class act with great vocals. They could perform in the best lounges in AC and Vegas.

    The Passions and I appreciate that Jimmy Gallagher just got back together with them, should just sing and not talk. They sing ok but their patter is amateurish.

    The Coasters with not on original are horrendous. Not one of the guys up there could ever have been one of the originals. The band also couln’t play right with them with numerous missteps.

    Larry Chance & The Earls is an engaging act. That said, they came on way too late, so their patter that was clever was lost on the crowd.

    As for production, Joey who is a sweetheart of a guy can’t treat the show as if it was his birthday party in a house in Brooklyn. People pay good money to see a tightly run show not a meandering affair. Joey’s group should have done 15 minutes, The Skyliners 30 minutes, The Flamingos 30 minutes, The Passions 20 minutes, The Earls 20 minutes, The Coasters 20 minutes.
    In any event, Joey does a nice job of keeping this great music alive.
    In the future, if Joey is planning another show, he should think Charlie Thomas’ Drifters, Glen Leonard’s Temptaions Revue, and a female group like Dee Dee’s Crystals.

  8. LS says...

    We were there Friday night. We had a blast. The show was a bit too long but nothing to get crazy over. It was nice meeting Jimmy Gallagher have had a crush on him since I was 15.
    My husband and I love to see Joey at local places. He keeps this music alive.
    One reader had a great idea for the next show. Just checked out the three groups he named and that would be a tremendous show.

  9. Fusion says...

    The Coasters sucked.
    The Flamingos were great.
    ThePassions were fair.
    The Skyliners were good.
    The Earls were good.

    The Gigolos were Awesome.

  10. Shelly Z says...

    Saw the show. It was fun. But the groups are a bit tired. I’m 67 andim starting to tire from the music. I recall the 45s and the guys singing aren’t even close to sounding like they did. Time to get newer groups.

    • Al says...

      That’s a major problem nowadays as many of the famous groups’ members have either died or permanently retired for one reason or another. Now there are a gaggle of phony vocal groups cashing in on legitimate vocal groups’ names and touring the country & overseas with no ties to the original groups or group members other than singing their famous tunes.

  11. Ron Wechsler says...

    My wife and I had a wonderful evening. Brought back some great memories of our youth.
    As for the show’s length, who really cares, we got nowhere else to go but bed on a Friday night.
    Love The Flamingos.
    Joey, keep them coming.

  12. edna says...

    the rows had no breaks, if you had to piss you disturbed others trying to get out of the row, the show was great,

    • mr. kramer says...

      edna my exact thoughts,

  13. Ed Kaufman says...

    My thoughts. Great night of great songs.

  14. RR says...

    It was a load of fun.
    Really enjoyed The Skyliners.

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