NYY Steak (Coconut Creek)

Posted on February 15th, 2012 · American Coconut Creek Seafood


***** NYY Steak (Seminole Casino Coconut Creek) 5550 Northwest 40th Street, Coconut Creek, Florida 33073.

Go figure!

One of the best-“upscale steakhouses” in South Florida is located at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek- in Coconut Creek…That’s right, the casino where you-gotta wear an oxygen mask because the cigarette smoke is so brutal—as part of a recently completed $150,000,000 renovation/expansion has opened an absolutely georgeous looking steakhouse with fabulous food and service. You can check for menu/prices/photos. By the way, NYY is a joint venture–Seminole Indians/New York Yankees (there is another NYY at Yankee Stadium).

NYY…New York Yankees, get it? All kinds, of New York Yankee black/white photos, autographs…no dark wood–or dim lights here…but rather, a great looking open kitchen, light oak woods, bright lights, plenty of glass. Like I said before, an absolutely gorgeous looking joint.

When you check NYY’s menu, try not to get sticker-shock…no question about it- that $51.75 24oz bone in ribeye is “high” even for an upscale steakhouse–Now, I maybe going out on a limb here, but I think- that casino-joints like NYY get a ton of customers using their casino “PLAYER’S CLUB” rewards/points to pay the bill. If I’m right—the restaurant can charge more than what most folks would consider “normal”- because many customers aren’t using real-money. So, if you go there, I think you will find that many of the “diners” are eating on-the-arm.

At this juncture of the discussion, let me tell you that NYY looks totally out of place at the Seminole Casino. Nothing for nothing, but the Seminole Casino isn’t in this boy’s opinion–an upscale looking property. Now, there may-be something more developing at the Seminole Casino that’s gonna get it looking more like the Hard Rock operation in Hollywood-so NYY may eventually make sense, but for right now, NYY looks like a fish out of water. Personally, I don’t see non-casino players making special plans/reservations to eat at NYY, despite the fact that its food is absolutely dynamite.

A recent dinner had me “doing” the aforementioned 24oz ribeye, 28oz porterhouse ($54.75), veal chop milanase ($44.50), roast chicken ($28.50), lemon pepper halibut ($31.50), steak fries ($9.50), lobster mac & cheese ($11). Every item was delicious. On the service front, excellent without the “snotty” know-it-all attitude you find at many upscale steakhouses.

There are two ways to play NYY Steak. You can gamble your heart out…and accumulate points to spend or you can just fork over cash or your credit card at the end of the meal.

NYY Steak is a homerun…pun intended!

NYY Steak is open Monday, Thursday-Sunday 5pm-11pm. The joint is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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  1. MKK says...

    Haven’t eaten at NYY yet.
    Was at Casino at new Pavillion showroom on Sunday afternoon to see show. Beautiful new showroom seats about 1300.
    While there looked at NYY. You are 100% correct it’s great looking. It is one of the nicest looking steak restaurants that I have ever seen.
    The open kitchen is amazing looking.
    They also have a late night lounge in NYY.
    Definitely going to try this one.
    You are also right that Seminole Casino’s proofile with all the smoke really doesn’t fit NYY’s profile. They really should ban smoking in the casino because it really stinks in there and is almost impossible to breath in there.
    By the way Pavillion has great shows coming like ELO. They just had Foreigner and Jay & the Americans.
    I saw The Grass Roots, Turtles and Gary Puckett. The Grass Roots were amazing. The other two acts not too hot.
    Maybe the Seminoles will like you say get this place to the level of the Hard Rock. For right now it’s still not the best place to gamble with that smoke and all.

    • Melissa says...

      I ate at the Coconut Creek NNY Steak last night for my Father’s 75th Birthday. My sister wanted to try a new place and I have to say we were disappointed. We were the first party last night, ordered our drinks and appitizers which consist of French onion soup and 2 orders of Oyster Rockerfellers. The Oysters came to us cold not even luke warm. My sister order the Cowboy Ribeye and ended up with a NY Strip. The server did not even notice the difference. The Steakes did come out properly the way they like them medium rare. Also what is so wrong is having to go out of the restruant to use the restroom. That was totally out of the question. The Final thing that happend was our Bill Total was $317.00 but our Card was Charged $356.00. Ashed the Server of this was including the tip and he stated No. He took my sister CC and came back saying he charged her card some other tables bill. We were not happy at all with that and the manager didn’t bother to come over. That is so unprofessional of the business. The Capital Grill at The Town Center is So much better and the manager appreciate you and your business. This made my sister night so disappointing. Sorry for any typos. 3/25/12

  2. DOBSON says...

    My wife and I ate at NYY in Yankee Stadium. It was terrific.
    We definitely will give Florida version a try.

  3. ChefIIW says...

    I ate there the other day and it was right on the money, and worth every penny of it…and yes is did wear my mask up until I entered the restaurant and no you don’t get the smell of tobacco with your meal….

  4. frank costello says...

    very insightful. this upscale joint seems out of place based on the gamblers thar frequent the smoke filled casino. i heard about nyy and left my normal isle farraday haunt and gave nyy a try. like jeff said it is terrific. so seminoles let’s get the casino up to par and youll be seeing guys like a whole lot more often.

  5. Stan The Man says...

    hey jeff, two for the price of one. joey & the gigolos who you recently wrote up is appearing 2/18/12 at nyy in its lounge.

  6. Arnie L. says...

    My favorite Florida steakhouse is New York Prime in Boca. Food and service wise it runs circles around Morton’s, Abe & Louie’s, Ruth Cris, Prime 112 etc. Last week I ate at NYY and it’s very good. It’s not as good NY Prime but it is definitely better than those mentioned. Very strange place for such a top shelf restaurant.

  7. jon says...

    Jeff, try Gamaroff’s in Hallandale you’ll like it…

  8. RS says...

    Right up there with the best steak houses in Florida. Great looking modern restaurant and food was excellent. The new casino additions like the new showroom are great looking.

  9. RI says...

    walked into the new extension and thought i was lost. great looking.
    saw nyy it looks amazing. will definitely give it a try.

  10. mr. kramer says...

    Look at the menu the other day. Vey expensive. I guess you need points on a Player’s Card to make sense of this one.

  11. RONALD says...

    Sun Sentinel agreed with you, they gave it 3 1/2 stars this morning.

  12. TED WILLIAMS says...

    fabulous bone in ribeye.
    a tad expensive but not too bad.

  13. WillyMays says...

    Expensive but delicious food.

  14. Max Welcam says...

    Subject: dancing @ NYY steak house coconut creek

    Message Body:
    Hi Jeff my wife and love to dance to funk & Motown I understand Philly Express is going to be at the NYY steak house june 7 2012 have You eve dined here? and do you know anything about the dance floor,thanks for any info You can provide

  15. Wayne says...

    This steakhouse struck out! First of all the prices are absurd. Since it is in the Coconut Creek Casino many of the people going there play with comps from the casino so that throws off the prices and makes them much higher than if people had to reach in their own wallets to pay with hard dollars.

    As a result this place ends up costing more than Morton’s or Ruth’s Chris–by far. The steaks were decent but there was few choices of steaks under $60. It starts at a Filet for $39 and then from there goes to about $50 for a sirloin. Everything else is extra and exorbitant for what you get. A potato is over $10, a slice of cake is $13, etc.

    The food was decent but not on par with Ruth’s Chris or Morton’s and really it should be considering that the NY Yankee Steakhouse is more expensive than both of them. Service is good but the ambience is lacking since you can hear all sorts of noises from the casino and see black and white pictures of Yankee players as opposed to the fine wood and ecutrements one would get at the other two steakhouses.

    In short, this is definitely not a home run, maybe a single at best. For this kind of money you should rightfully expect a grand slam!

  16. EDDY says...

    Prices on the high side. Jeff, you are right people using comps.
    Food was good but not the best Ive had.
    Caught the Motown Philly Express Band there. Fun night.

  17. Dr. Steakhouse says...

    Ive eaten in upscale steakhouses all over Florida and elsewhere. Included in that list ny prime, Ruth Chris, Morton’s, prime 112 and NYY was as good as any of them. Don’t be fooled by it’s being in a casino.

  18. TheMan says...

    Food is great
    Place is great looking

  19. RFD says...

    My wife and I ate there last Saturday night.
    Food is very good.
    It’s not as good as NY prime in Boca but it’s as good as Abe & Louie’s, Morton’s, Ruth Cris.
    It’s a bit more expensive than the others but I’m figuring because of where it’s located and the fact that a lot of the food is comped.
    We enjoyed it and will definitely be back.

  20. T& B says...

    Ate there last night. Food is excellent. A bit overpriced.

  21. Gregg L. Friedman MD says...

    NYY Steaks has great steak and chops. It was well worth the price. The food and the service were both excellent. I give NYY 5 stars. By Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FL

  22. Ed James says...

    One of the best Steak restaurants in S. Florida.
    Love the food.

  23. swisher says...

    food is okay but way overpriced.

  24. HW349 says...

    Ate there last night.
    Food and service were terrific.
    After eating my wife and I caught the Mellow Kings in the lounge. They did some good oldies covers.
    Fun evening at the casino.

  25. Jeff In Boca says...

    Top notch.

  26. T565 says...

    They got really great bands in its lounge.

  27. Ronnie D says...

    Was comped for 5 people. Bill was $400 and we added 80 cash tip.
    Food was mediocre.
    If we had to pay I wouldn’t have been too happy.

  28. Harry 2 says...

    Way overpriced.
    You are right a lot of comps.
    My 26oz bone in rib eye was fatty and over salted.
    Won’t be back.

  29. Paul A says...

    I thought that the food and service were very good.
    I agree tha the prices are too high and are marked up because of the Casino’s comps.
    Lower prices by 15% and NYY would be priced just right.

  30. IHR says...

    Ate there this evening.
    Food was very good.
    Council Oaks at HR is better. But NYY was just fine.

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