***** The Paramount Days In Coral Springs ***** Joey Dale & The Gigolos *****

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***** The Paramount Days In Coral Springs

***** Joey Dale & The Gigolos *****

If you are a fan of 1950s-1960s Doo Wop/Rock N Roll—I got something that might be right up your alley.

On Friday Night- March 2, 2012 at the Coral Springs Center For The Arts—five legendary doo wop/rock n roll groups, The Passions, The Flamingos, Larry Chance & The Earls, The Coasters and The Skyliners will perform their greatest hits.

You regular readers know that I am a huge fan of this type of music. For the record, in recent years, I have seen all 5 groups perform and I gotta tell you, they sound as good as they did when they were first hitting the charts. These aren’t tribute-acts…The Passions, The Flamingos, The Skyliners and The Earls are all fronted by their original lead singers. The Coasters are the “heirs” to original lead singer Carl Gardner who passed in June 2011—the current lineup was assembled by Carl and his wife Veta–she is scheduled to attend the Coral Springs’ show.

Now for the kicker–This particular show is being produced by Joey Dale. Many of you guys may know “of” Joey–as he is the leader of Joey Dale & The Gigolos…a local-quartet that for years has appeared at numerous condos, country clubs, parties, concerts and restaurants in South Florida. Joey & The Gigolos is also on the Coral Springs’ bill–scheduled to perform a tribute to one of the greatest groups of all-time The Duprees. For the record, Joey is no novice when it comes to producing and performing at large public shows. In 2011, Joey produced and performed at a SRO- FAU doo wop concert that headlined Herb Cox & The Cleftones…most recently, I saw him in action as musical director for The Passions and Kenny Vance & The Planotones at The Parker Playhouse.

A drop more- on Joey & The Gigolos…Over the years, I must have seen Joey and his group something like 15 times. Simply put, this is one of the best 1950’s-1970’s cover-groups in the area. These guys do sensational “versions” of Dion & The Belmonts, The Duprees, The Miracles, The Crests, Johnny Maestro & The Brooklyn Bridge, The Temptations–just to name a few. Like I said a few seconds ago, they appear all over South Florida—do yourself a big favor and check Joey’s site…great video/audio and a full list of upcoming public and private appearances. No! I’m not Joey’s brother or cousin—but the guy has a huge following, puts on a great show–so if opportunity knocks, catch the group in action.

On March 2, 2012 a fantastic doo-wop/rock n roll show is scheduled for the Coral Springs Center For The Arts–you can get tickets at

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  1. Sheryl Cohen says...

    Like you I have seen Joey several times.
    I use to see him a lot at Ralph & Rosie’s but they closed.
    They are very good.
    They are extremely entertaining and do songs from all different eras.
    I have heard them do Duprees’ songs and they do a great job on them.

  2. ROB G. says...

    My wife and I recently saw The Passions at The Parker Playhouse. Their lead singer Jimmy Gallagher has a great voice.
    We also saw The Skyliners last year. Their songs are great and Jimmy Beaumont’s voice is one of the best. Their song Since I Don’t Have You is one of the best of all times.

  3. GOLDEN ONE says...

    The Duprees are one of best acts on the current circuit. I have seen them four times and they are so good. I just wanted to mention that Joey’s group does great versions of The Duprees’ hits. I have seen Joey at US Steakhouse a couple of times and the group really does a nice job on the hits.
    I recommend that you see them.

  4. DOO WOPPER says...

    Read some of the old comments at Ralph & Rosie’s review. Boy some of you people are real nasty.
    Joey Dale & The Gigolos is a very good group.
    They are entertaining and do some right on vocals.
    Back in the late 50s and early 60s I sang with several groups in Queens NY. I have a good ear for music and Joey’s group does some sweet sounds.
    I love the way they handle The Duprees songs.
    The originals in The Duprees have passed or dont perform.
    The closest to the original sound was done by a guy named Richie Rosato who also sang for awhile with a reconsituted Vito & The Salutations.
    Other than Rosato, Joey’s are the best that I’ve heard.

  5. Ken Stanton says...

    If you are a fan of great doo wop music, catch Joey Dale & The Gigolos.
    The group does it right.

  6. TSN says...

    The Skyliners had 3 of the most beautiful romantic songs in the history of music. “MY LONELY WAY” “SINCE I DON’T HAVE YOU”
    If you haven’t seen them go-go-go!

    • Jim G. says...

      tsn, those are great songs but arent in the same league as Never My Love by The Association and Have You Heard by The Duprees.
      Just one man’s opinion.

    • Ken H. says...

      The Passions’ ‘ I Only Want You’ ain’t exactly chop liver either.
      Great lineup.
      Have been to many Joey gigs. They do a great job.

    • GLS says...

      Put me down for The Mystcs’ Hushabye as one of the greatest doo wop romantic songs of all time. By the way, I ‘ve seen Joey & The Gigolos do this one and they were excellent.

      Will admit that My Lonely Way is also one of the greatest songs.

  7. James says...

    No question about it, Joey’s group is very good. I’ve seen him loads of times.
    There are also several others in the area, The Sensations who do Motown. I also like Uptown Express and Brylcreem from the Naples area. Lola & The Saints from Orlando area is also very good.
    Nothing beats 50s and 60s music.

  8. My Lonely Way is a great and I do mean great song. Whenever I hear it, it brings tears to my eyes as I remember my late wife and how that song mirrored our teenage years.

  9. Doctor Doo Wop says...

    Joey & The Gigolos is at The Pavillon tobight in Boca.
    Catch the group. They are very good.

  10. Art L. says...

    The Coral Springs’ lineup is good.
    I have seen all of the groups and between them they have loads of hits.
    The best in the lineup is The Skyliners.
    I have also seen The Gigolos and they are very good. They are especially good in a bar setting where they can interact with the crowd.

  11. Chuck says...

    From: Chuck
    Subject: Direct From Philly

    Message Body:
    Hi Jeff:

    I use to design restaurant kitchens and love food like you do. I live up in Ormond Beach but have friends I am going to visit in Boca this weekend. So, I will try Direct From Philly and see how it is.

    IF oyu are ever up here we do have some pretty good places to try. Normally I post on urbanspoon and tripadvisor. I think I do a good job; I am very fair. It’s a tough business as you well know.

    I was goign to go back to one of my old time favorites, The China Dumpling, on the way home. But. there are a lot of mixed reviews. Did oyu know originally, it was owned by a Jewish guy from Long Island. He did incredibly well. Don’t ask me how he got the cooks to come and stay with him, but he did. He sold it years ago and apparently it’s not been the same since?

  12. Chuck says...

    From: Chuck
    Subject: BBQ – Tom Jenkins…There’s one better…

    Message Body:
    Yup..Pearl’s Country Store in Micanopy outside of Gainesville. “Q” without the attitude at TJ’s. Been to both….Been to Interstate in Memphis, The Rendevous, Arthur Bryant’s in KC…. Sweatman’s in Holly Hill, SC..Bib Bob Gibson’s in Alabama, Been to lots of “Q” places. I will not steer u wrong.

    Chinese..Tasty Wok in Orlando! You’d love it!!!! Leahan’s in South Daytona – top shelf! Silver Pond, of course. Hong Kong Kitchen, nearby. Canton’s for honey garlic chicken and Canton steak.

  13. Lionel S says...

    Joey Dale puts on a real good show. I’ve seen him a few times.
    On the Coral Springs show the only act that’s of interest would be The Skyliners. Hopefully Jimmy Beaumont can still sing because they have great songs.

  14. Terry J says...

    Can’t make the show.
    Have seen Joey and love the group.

  15. John Connor says...

    On Saturday I ate at NYY. This is the new upscale steak restaurant at the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek. Best steakhouse in the area. This coming Friday night they have Joey Dale & The Gigolos working there. I’m going back with my wife and friends. Great food and great music. Should be a very nice evening.

  16. Lu Lipton Parker says...

    Please put me on your mailing list. I have a lot of family and friends in Boca, Coral Springs and Ft. Lauderdale. Thanks Joey. Look forward to seeing you perform soon.


  17. willow says...

    caught the group at us steakhouse, they are terrific.

  18. senorita says...

    If you like doo wop, and who doesn’t. You will love Joey Dale & The Gigolos. They really are terrific.

  19. wd says...

    joey dale is one of the best acts around.

  20. Ed Leiberman says...

    I have seen Joey Dale & The Gigolos several times. Very entertaining.
    Catch them if you have a chance.

  21. Awq says...

    Flamingos were great.
    Coasters stunk.
    Skyliners were fair.
    The earls were fair.
    The gigolos were okay but aren’t polished enough for a big stage.
    The Passions were okay but have too much ridiculous banter going on.
    The show was 1 hr too long.

  22. Leon Kurt says...

    ive seen joey and gigolos several times. very entertaining. really get the crowd involved. catch them if you can you wont be disappointed.

  23. Ellen K says...

    My husband and I love doo wop music. Recently saw Joey Dale & the Gigolos at Gamaroff’s in Hallandale.
    Absolutely fabulous show.

  24. DONNY K. says...

    Caught Joey at Pavilion. Loved his act.
    The group is energetic and loads of fun.
    Nice selection of oldie hits.
    Defenitely one of the best doo wop groups in the area.

  25. HV says...

    saw joey at gamaroff’s. puts on a great show.

  26. dee says...

    Joey dale is the best Still remember him from city pub pls send me all their latest news Joey Dale and the gigolos are the best in doo wop ever

  27. larrygoldman says...

    joey is a very entertaining act.

    • Brenda Maggiano says...

      Have to agree, Joey & Gigolos puts on a very good show. Ive seen them several times and they never disappoint.

  28. TAG says...

    Saw them last night at a friend’s anniversary party. Very entertaining and aload of fun. Really added to the event.

  29. rEDS says...

    Joey puts on one hell of a show. Caught them at The Pavillion in boca nd they killed it.

  30. Hy says...

    Love the group.
    Always very entertaining.

  31. TYE says...

    Saw Joey Dale the other night in Delray and the group puts on a great show.

  32. MB4 says...

    Terrific sounding group.
    Saw them at Gammeroff’s in Hallandale this past Halloween.

  33. NJ says...

    Joey Dale & The Gigolos were at the Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton last Saturday night. This was the first time I saw them and they were extremely entertaining.

  34. Howard and Linda Oxman says...

    Sunday, December 14th, was a Fabulous night at the Wynmoor country club. Joey Dale and The Gigilos performed tonight and were absolutely fantastic. My wife Linda and I were dancing near the stage having a blast dancing to the music that we grew up with. We hope that you will come back and entertain us with your awesome talent.
    Sincerely, Howie & Linda Oxman

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