***** The Sensations–The Motown Philly Express *****

Posted on January 30th, 2012 · Music/Events/Other


***** The Sensations-The Motown Philly Express *****

Last Saturday night, I saw an absolutely terrific “singing” group in action…The Sensations-The Motown Philly Express.

This local South Florida group, lead by Frank Wilson and Ron Jonas is a 4-man group which will have you believing that The Temptations. The Four Tops and other Motown legends are in the house. The performance that I saw, featured fantastic vocals and terrific dance routines. The group also ‘covers’ groups like The Drifters, The Coasters, The Miracles, The Platters–just to name a few. They did a version of Smokey Robinson’s “Ooo Baby Baby” that was so dead on, that many in the crowd thought that the original recording was being played.

As I mentioned a few seconds ago, The Sensations- The Motown Philly Express is a local group. Sometimes they use tracks, other times they perform with a back-up band…every so often, the individual members (Frank Wilson, Ron Jonas, Mel Williams, Rob Cox) play local restaurants, clubs and country clubs. For example, Frank Wilson can be found most Thursday nights 9pm-1am at City Pub in Deerfield Beach.

Trust me on this one, the group that I saw last Saturday night had the crowd going nuts.

So…if this kind of music is your style—keep a close eye on newspaper ads…that’s the best way to keep track of the numerous appearances that these guys make.

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  1. BOBBY D. says...

    Jeff, I’ve seen Frank Wilson and Ron Jonas separately and as members of The Sensations. They put on great shows.

  2. MM says...

    This group played a private party that I had. They are great.
    They keep the party going.
    They are like having The Temps etc at your party.
    I highly recommend them.

  3. Eric T. says...

    Like others here, I’ve seen both Frank and Ron perform together and solo. They are both really talented. If you can, get down to see them.

  4. Debra R. says...

    David Ruffin had nothing on Mel Williams. Mel does some heavy duty leads on many of The Temps biggest hits.

  5. Sharon Rein says...

    I saw Frank Wilson a couple of times at Trattoria Bella Cibo. He has a great voice. I especially like his covers of Barry White.
    I also saw a couple years ago a slightly different version of The Sensations at a country club. Ron Jonas and a three other singers that included a woman vocalist. They were very good.

  6. Anne R. says...

    Fabulous act.
    Don’t miss them.

  7. laura says...

    Doesn’t get much better than these guys,,

  8. Jim and Gail says...

    We fell in love with Frank’s individual show years ago at Floavors of Italy in Coral Springs. We catch-up with him as often as possible as he plays in Lighthouse Point a few nights every week. When he is with the group, it is even better. Great to see these guys getting some well deserved kudos.

  9. Ben Horwitz says...

    They are a tremendous singing group. Try and get to see them.

  10. Francine Kunder says...

    Have had the privilege of knowing Frank Wilson as well as the other members of the band for many years. Have been a true follower and had the privilege of having them perform at many private functions. They are unique and extremely talented. Much continued success to you all, you so deserve it…..

    Francine Kunder

  11. Vinnie C. says...

    Jeff, it’s about time that Frank Wilson, Ron Jonas, Mel Williams and Rob Cox got the publicity that they deserve. I have seen them in one form or another many many times and each and every one of them is super talented.
    Hopefully press like yours will get clubs and other entities to book their fantastic act.

  12. Sandy Rosen says...

    Saw the group last Saturday. They are excellent. Great covers of Motown hits.

  13. DEBRA C. says...

    Caught them the other night.
    Fabulous act.
    If you want a great band for a party they are the ones to use.

  14. Frank Wilson says...

    Hey Everyone,
    This just in!
    Back by popular demand, for real!

    I just wanted to invite everyone who can make it Wednesday February 8th at ANDREW’S from 8-11
    to see THE SENSATIONS, or at least 3 of the 5 members.
    Frank Wilson, Ron Jonas and David Bellamy will be performing.

    Over the past 3 months we have been doing mostly shows in corporate and country club venues.
    This is a rare appearance in a nightclub setting.
    If it works out we will do it weekly, and eventually add Mel Williams and Robert Cox to the mix.

    Hope you can be there
    Frank nWilson
    954- 465 6319

  15. WWW says...

    Saw them and loved them.
    What a refreshing act.
    Love Motown and they do it right.

  16. shelby says...

    in one form or another, all of the guys in this group are terrific singers and entertainers.

  17. willow says...

    saw group at woodfield country club.
    saw nate evans tempations revue at kingspoint.
    sensations were just as good.

  18. samson says...

    Ron Jonas has a great voice. He sings many of the leads and has a great falsetto.

  19. RONALD says...

    When the whole group is together they are amazing.

  20. Wilson says...

    We had the sensations at our club. They put on a great show.

  21. TeddyBear says...

    I’ve seen this guys in one configuration or another and they always put on a great show.

  22. Jennifer says...

    Catch the act at the Gardens GreenMarket this Sunday, February 10, 2013 from 9am-1pm. We are very excited to host this great group and hope everyone will come out and show your support!

  23. Kenny Martel says...

    From: Kenny Martel
    Subject: The Sensations (Motown) Frank Wilson

    Message Body:
    I’m trying to reach The Motown-Philly Express (Sensations) for a possible
    booking but I don’t see a specific web site with contacts for them. Since I see
    you’ve written about them, so you know where I can contact them?
    – Kenny

    • JeffEats says...

      Kenny Martel:

      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      Jeff Eats just emailed contact info for The Sensations.

      Thanks for reading.

  24. Kenny Martel says...


    THANKS! Wow! That was FAST! – Kenny Martel

  25. Martha A says...

    Frank was at CAFE VINCENZO’S in MARGATE
    last night,,,,They were great! call restaurant or go on facebook for the dates they will be there.
    Fun place to go, nice people and great food must try,,,,

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