PieZano’s Pizza & Pasta (Boca Raton)

Posted on January 24th, 2012 · Boca Raton Italian Pizza Subs/Salads

***** PieZano’s Pizza & Pasta, 4131 North Federal Highway 1, Boca Raton, Florida 33431, (561) 347-9777.

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! Yeah, I know it’s from Godfather Part III…

Anyway, got a spanking-brand new Boca Raton “mom & pop” red sauce Italian joint for you…PieZano’s Pizza & Pasta (talk about a play on words!)—owned and operated by Anthony a real Italian guy from Brooklyn…and, I can vouch for his “authenticity” as I know his “original” Brooklyn-Ditmas Avenue pizza joint…I lived in the Ditmas Park area for over 30 years.

I tried PieZano’s out for dinner last night—first let me tell you, its got the coolest wallpaper/paint job that you will ever see. Not sure, how it works, but it-that being the wallpaper/paint job-throws off something like a 3D effect—I’m telling you, you’ll swear that the painted guys are sitting right there in the restaurant—real cool…the wallpaper/paint job alone makes Pie Zano’s worth a visit.

At this stage of this game, you can check menu/prices at

PieZano’s has the full-boat of appetizers, salads, brick-oven pizzas, hot/cold subs, panini, wraps, pastas, meat/chicken/seafood dishes, gelato, flat screen tvs—now let’s talk food, “tried” fried zucchini and fried mozzarella sticks (nothing out of the ordinary), large 16″ plain pizza (delicious), chicken parm sub (hey Anthony, the cutlet was delicious, as for the bread-look for a new supplier, it was way too soft), meatball sub (hey Anthony, loved the meatballs, as for the bread–see chicken parm sub comment)), gnocchi alla vodka (delicious), chicken vesuvio (delicious), calamari marinara (delicious), garlic knots (delicious).

If I got my facts straight, Pie Zano’s has only been open about a month. Give or take a few things that I would change, like the sub-rolls and the mozzarella/zucchini stuff—the joint is off to a real nice start. As for service and prices, very pleasant folks run the joint– you guys are gonna love Anthony’s Brooklyn accent and energy…very reasonable prices.

Let me sum PieZano’s up this way…I’ll be back!

PieZano’s is open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.

17 Comments to “PieZano’s Pizza & Pasta (Boca Raton)”

  1. nate says...

    my wife and i ate there a few nights ago.
    we shared a pizza and had house salads.
    the salads were good, the pizza has a nice taste but was bit undercooked. another minute or two in the the oven and it would have been just the right crispness.
    the place has potential.

    • Don says...

      Great Pizza,Try the pasta even better.Will be back Don

  2. gino says...

    jeff thought same thing as you, good meatball sub but bread was soft

  3. Worstpizza says...

    We really liked this place and totally agree about Anthony. I reviewed it previously on worstpizza and will certainly be back

    • BOB HOLTS says...

      worstpizza, read your great pizza review. i thought that the pizza was good, but not as great as youwrote it was.

      • Rita says...

        This pizza is the best………Just like Brooklyn……If your Italian you would know …………I go there just to feel at home, ……Anthony’s the best …I will be back alot…..Rita

  4. jean cesta says...

    loved the wall decorations, pizza ok.

  5. Last month I visit Pie Zano’s and the Pizza & Pasta was awesome. Not only that the standard and quality of food was as good as enough.

  6. NIKKO says...

    Jeff, the wall paper etc is great.
    the food was ok, but there is a load of better in the area.
    the pizza has possibilities, nice sauce and cheese but it was a drop on the undercooked side.
    the hoagies bread needs to be better. the roll was soft when it should have been harder on the outside.
    i had a meatball hoagie and the meatballs and sauce were just fine, but the bread wasnt right.

  7. Coleman says...

    Did they really forget to include the Pizza on their menu, or am I missing something?

  8. Tod says...

    Jeff. You were too kind. Won’t be back.

  9. TH says...

    The hero bread sucks.

  10. Richard Seigal says...

    Pizza soggy and tasteless.The pasta pomodoro was overlooked and bland at best

  11. stayman says...

    pizza was good. not the best around but decent enough.
    thought that the meatball sub was crap.

  12. LEE says...

    Had pizza.
    Friend had veal parm.
    Nothing great.

  13. TURNER says...

    Sun Sentinel gave them an A today. They loved the pizza and other food.
    I like the pizza.
    There are better slices around but they do get the job done.

  14. Sammi says...

    I just tried them out because I heard they were the newest in the area.
    The owner is Italian, that’s for sure, but his attitude was horrible. I witnessed him with a customer and he was very disrespectful.

    Anyway, the food was alright. I’ll agree with Nikko that there are better around. The parm is decent, nothing special.

    My friend had the pizza, and it came barely cooked. Don’t know what happened there…

    I also went in and waited to be seated, and no one came up to my group for about 10 minutes…there were only about 3 tables there in total. The workers just ignored us (?)

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