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Posted on January 13th, 2012 · Deerfield Beach Italian



* Frank & Dino’s, 718 South Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441, (954) 427-4909.

Let’s play a game…eat at a new restaurant before Jeff Eats does.

Yesterday, Frank & Dino’s a casual-moderatley priced “Southern Italian” joint opened its doors for business. Yeah, I know–you thought-they were dead.

Anyway, this restaurant is the latest “project” of South Florida restauranteur extraordinare Dennis Max–so, if past performance means anything, this one has the potential to be a huge winner. You can check menu/prices at You can also Google–Dennis Max and The Max Group for info if you are so inclined.

So…just maybe, you guys would like to get a jump on Jeff Eats and almost everybody else in South Florida and try this one out. By the way Max is also working on another Italian joint, Assaggio del Forno-for Boca Raton, but that’s a whole-other story for another day.

*****UPDATE–April 23, 2014*****

Sorry it took so long to get to this…it just slipped through the cracks.

As you guys can see from the “Comments” there are mixed feelings on this joint.

Jeff Eats and Mrs. Jeff Eats and another couple recently did dinner at Frank & Dino’s…

Great upscale looking joint-featuring photos of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin–hey! I know you knew–but I’m thinking that some Martian who just landed–might not know who Frank & Dino are/were based solely on first names. By the way, big Sinatra fan here–as for Martin, boy- was he lucky that he met Jerry Lewis.


Let me start by telling you, that we ordered…fried calamari, Caesar salad, chicken scarpariello, veal chop parmigiana, penne ala vodka, chicken marsala and everything was right on the money–while Jeff Eats is on the subject of “on the money” -the stuff was a bit pricey–but we knew going in (and most of you who tried it also knew) that Frank & Dino’s wasn’t a “local” mom & pop red sauce joint. Back to the food..I will tell you that the portions were-shall we say-quite generous-the veal chop parmigiana alone could have easily fed 2-people.

Let me wrap this up…

Jeff Eats and Mrs.Jeff Eats really enjoyed Frank & Dino’s…

If you are looking for an “upscale” Italian joint- with good food and a cool vibe, trust Jeff Eats when I tell you- that Frank & Dino’s will definitely work for you!

24 Comments to “Frank & Dino’s (Deerfield Beach)”

  1. CHARLES says...

    Checked their website –
    Pasta over $20.00 – WHY?
    Cannot be better than Matteo’s at lower prices –

    • Gianni says...

      Same old Italian-American food, over priced and not so good dishes.
      Chicken parm no season, blend and chewy.
      Pasta over cook and tomato sauce taste like a dessert, maybe they use sugar to take the acid out!!!!!! BLAWWWWW!!!!!!
      Management FORGET ABOUT IT!!!! Sloppy and not so professional.

  2. LR says...

    Jeff, I’m confused. Last year I met Bert Rapaport who use to be Max’s partner and he told me that he was opening an Italian restaurant in the exact spot where that Assaggio is going in Boca. Now who’s who here?

  3. j cucchiara says...

    Don’t bother to go – they will never make it thru the summer – I am a local – they can get the tourists once. Went on 1/14. average service – average food – high prices – we don’t need another italian restaurant

  4. joe falso says...

    Eaten there twice and both times excellent. As equally important, decor is breathtaking and retaurant has good energy. Going to be a big success.

  5. robert weisberg says...

    I have not been there however I always notice many mixed opinions on any Italian restaurant. For example plenty of people call Matoranos at Hard Rock and Lauderdale to be average food and a huge ripoff. Opthers swear by it. Seems like Italian food gets the most disputes. Somebody will claim that the food in X place is like Italy. I went to Italy. Things are much different there. Portion sizes typically much smaller. If you serve small portion here people claim ripoff and complain. Found a great place in London a few weeks ago!

  6. Pat says...

    Went there Jan. 12th. was awful. Had party of six. 5 of us got dinner, 1 was forgotten. Huge wine list, No white zinfindel huh? Only 2 types of beer, excuse me…Place was way to loud, too cramped, food only so so & way too expensive. I expected to listen to Frank & Dean croon on great songs, but to no avail. This place won’t last…. & they charge $5.00 to park in a strip mall parking lot, give me a break….

  7. gg says...

    jeff, dont waste your time going. service stinks. waiters have no idea what they are doing.
    food, horrendous. order shrimp that were rubbery and had an iodine taste.
    stay away.

  8. soo long says...

    absolute disaster. dont waste your time or money,

  9. BJE says...

    It is a crowded place and the food is good but nothing special.

  10. Jason Lancaster says...

    I called early to make a reservation for 5. When we got there we were squeezed into a small, dirty and uncomfortable table. The bread was dry and hard. It took them 1 hours to serve us after we placed our orders, after various apologies that the kitchen was backed up. On top of that the food was cold, bad and so overpriced !!!!
    I do not think they will last long!
    What a waste of my time!!!!!!!!

  11. Bobby T says...

    Famous restaurant guy opens nice looking restaurant. Based on his past reputation we tried it. The food was fair at best. The service was so so. The place was busy and reservations weren’t timely honored.
    Won’t be bav
    Ck. the red sauce mom & pop that I regularly go to has better food at 1/2 the price. By the way I’m talking about domenick’s iII in Boca Raton.

    Bobby T

  12. PP says...

    Food is good. Place is great looking. Loc stinks.

  13. DEDE says...

    Ate there last Sat. night. Jammed. Food was delicious. Great crowd.

  14. JLA says...

    I read mixed comments here, so I tried it myself the other night. My veal parm was delcious. My wife’s chicken marsala with excellent. Great looking restaurant with reasonable prices.
    Jeff would love to get your take on this one.


  15. Joe says...

    Just another Italian eating hole, nothing special, nothing at all, Nothing.

    • RFD says...

      Joe, got to agree with you. just average food.

  16. Pollmen says...

    Got a disagree with many here. The food is excellent. Their veal parmigiana is one of the best I’ve had. Great looking decor. Good looking staff. Great vibe.
    Jeff, try this one for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

  17. OldmanJoe says...

    Some of the best Italian food in Florida.
    Don’t listen to the negative comments here . Try Frank & Dino’s out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

  18. TangoKid says...

    Jeff, try this one or yourself. I loved it but my friends thought the food was just fair.

  19. jr says...

    went for the first time last week 9-2013, excellent food, great service, great crowd going back in 2 weeks and bringing friends

  20. Find this one reading Jeff Eats.
    Food was very good but the noise level not good.

  21. Gary Goldberg says...

    Food and service are excellent.

  22. Kiddo says...

    Love its veal chop parmigiana.

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