Pekin Chinese Restaurant (Miami)

Posted on January 11th, 2012 · Chinese Miami

***** Pekin Chinese Restaurant, 2293 Southwest 17th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33145, (305) 858-9801.

Pekin…basically a “takeout” joint, but it does have a handful of tables. You can check menu/prices at

Let’s handle this one this way—applying Jeff Eats’ Brooklyn-Jewish Chinese Restaurant taste-test circa 1957, the wonton soup, egg rolls, roast pork fried rice, bbq ribs, fried dumplings, pepper steak, sweet & sour chicken, moo shu pork—everything was delicious. A special shout-out to the honey garlic chicken and the egg rolls.

Look! You know and I know that FLORIDA is suppose to have lousy Chinese food. Happy to report- Pekin Chinese Restaurant doesn’t fit the mold. The joint’s stuff is real-good. I’m kinda figuring that since its been around since 1995 it must be doing something right.

If you live or work in Pekin’s neighborhood, you now know about a real good Chinese takeout joint.

Pekin is open Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-10:30pm.

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  1. joan pulaski says...

    From: joan pulaski
    Subject: Check it out

    Message Body:
    Hi Jeff,
    My name is Joan retired, from Manhattan, I consider myself a wanna be food critic, dine out often and friends rely on my reccomendations, gave me nick name JZ. Anyway, check out if you have not already Cucina Orecchio 1825 E. Sample, in Pompano. Been there several times and it gets better each and every time.
    Quality of Food very good, prices to match with a NY feel. Michael is Hands on type of guy, which I hope adds to his success. Hope to read your review. Thanks JZ

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