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Just curious, who do you guys think has “worse” customer service, Comcast or Sirius XM?

Maybe I’m crazy, but literally, every time I turn on my television there is a problem with the Comcast cable service. The latest “event’ was a total loss of cable last night around 9pm for over an hour. In addition, it was absolutely impossible to “call” Comcast as there was a recording to try later.

On the Sirius XM front, it seems that although they are a merged company, they don’t have merged business account records, so if one of your cars has XM and the other has Sirrus, you can’t just make one call to handle issues. In addition, after the “free” trial runs out on new cars, Sirius/XM tries to bang the customer with ridiculously high monthly rates, which if you are persistent can be negoiated down to virtually pennies a month.

Just curious what you guys think of these companies and their services.

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  1. Asner says...

    Finally they got my On Demand Working after six days, What a sh@t company.

  2. CCC says...

    tonight and last night without warning here in boca comcast just shut down the internet. last night for 6 hours and tonight for 2 hours. crap company.

    • Sleepy says...

      me too.
      working tuesday night on computer and the freaking thing just shut down. comcast stinks.

  3. LEE says...

    I live in Boca.
    Comcast is HORRENDOUS.

  4. PETE says...

    There is no doubt whatsoever that Comcast is a bad company to do business.
    Yesterday morning my internet service went out.
    I called Comcast and after going through all kinds of pull this plug and od this and do that, the operator said he would schedule a service call for today between 8am-11am. No one ever showed up. Finally at 1pm I called Comcast and they told me that their record had no service call scheduled and that when I had called the operator and I couldn’t agree on a date or time.
    That was an absolute LIE.
    This company is a fraud.
    The new customer rep. gave me a $20 credit for a missed call and she also gave me money off the bill for 2 days no service. I am waiting for tech to call to set a new date.
    What a crap lying pos company.

  5. YouHumanBeing says...

    This is an absolute no brainer. Comcast is a million times worse!

  6. TURNER says...

    Comcast may be the worse company ever.
    Today our neighborhood had us go at 4pm to our clubhouse to arrange for these new filters. I ordered the filters and was told by the rep that a tech would be at the house to install them by 7pm. At 8:15 pm no tech by Comcast called to say they had to reschedule for tomorrow. These guys don’t give a rat’s assabout customers. I sat like schmuck in the house waiting for the tech and these fuks new he wasn’t going to show in the first place.

    • JeffEats says...


      Just had a chance to read your comments.

      They pulled the exact same crap on me today. They also did it to every neighbor on my street. Comcast made service appointments and not even one was filled.

      Comcast’s customer service in Boca Raton is an absolute nightmare.

      Thanks for reading…

    • Little3434 says...

      Comcast also did it to me. They said they would install filters today by 3 pm and never showed up. They now have me set for 5/3.
      This is absurd.

  7. Judy G says...

    Florida’s Attorney General should investigate Comcast. It’s service stinks. I just went through the same filter bs as several others here. They didnt honor the appt and now I have to wait 5 days to get them here to install a bs filter and pay for the service that I use to have for free. These guys are crooks.

  8. RCA says...

    The other day I had Internet problems. A call to Comcast had me believing that the next morning between 9 and 11 am a repairman would be at my house. No one showed so I called and was told that an appt was never made and that the notes said that I said I didn’t need a repairman to come out. Let me tell you, Comcast should pull up the recording of that call and they will find that their rep is a lying sob. That guy needs to be fired.

  9. Ken S. says...

    This is an easy one.
    COMCAST is one of the worse companies in the USA.
    Today they were suppose to change a box out for me and the repair guy screwed up the job so bad that I lost all cable service, Now I have no tvs working at all. I have a call into home office.
    Can’t believe how screwed up these guys are.

  10. Jason Kramer says...

    Comcast has to be a crooked operation.
    Customer service reps dont know what’s going on and constantly lie.
    I see loads of you are having trouble with this conversion deal. Well I had mine done yesterday and I have to pay $10 a month for a box per set to get HBO which for the past 20 years I have gotten for free.
    This Comcast is atotal scam operation.

  11. Lydia W. says...


    Switch to ATT or Direct Tv. They dont screw up like Comcast.
    I got rid of Comcast last year and I should have done it a whole lot sooner. They are a lousy company. Their service is antiquated and they have constant outages. They update things in the middle of the night and just randomly shut down the service.
    Bad news.

  12. Julip says...

    Comcast showed up this morning to change my system with its new filters and boxes. The tech didn’t have all of the necessary equipment. In addition when he went to change one of the sets, he broke it and now there is no service. The guy even had the nerve to tell me that the set was broken before he worked on it. What a liar. The guy knowing he screwed up just up and left without finishing the job or fixing the set. Anyway, I have now made 9 calls to Comcast. I just got a call from an operations manager than by 5pm today one of his techs would be at my house to get everything fixed and straightened out.

    Comcast is a lousy company. They really have no idea how to treat customers.

  13. Jenny Z1212 says...

    I live in the Woodfield Hunt Club in Boca Raton.
    We are undergoing the conversion that many here are having problems with.
    I heard about your website from a couple of neighbors who said that they read you regularly and that you had a column that allowed comments about Comcast.
    So here goes.
    Comcast is a mess. The internet service goes in and out. As for the cable tv, I did the conversion yesterday and I am now paying $40 more a month than I did the day before, just to get 4 boxes that they installed.
    Comcast is gouging people.
    I am going to check Direct TV and see what deals they offer.

  14. ROSEN says...

    Comcast is totally out of control.
    Had my changeover today.
    Went smoothley with 4 tvs changed.
    Something the guy did.
    Now I need another service call and spend time waiting for the guy to show up.

  15. EndGame says...

    The folks running Comcast are out of their freaking minds.
    They are converting their system here in Boca and if you don’t replace your equipment you don’t get service. I’m pretty handy so I picked up the new equipment figuring I could do the switch, wrong.
    There is no way to change this equipment. You need codes to get signals and the wiring needs a pro.
    Comcast is fooling people telling them that it’s easy to install.

    • SueTheBums says...

      I had the tech come. It took him 3 1/2 hrs to change 4 sets. 3 1/2hrs and he knows what to do. Just imagine how long it would take the average homeowner to do this?
      Comcast needs to have someone sue their ass.

  16. Loren says...

    Jeff, here at woodfield country club a group of us are signing up with directtv. We’ve had it with comcasts latest scam to up charge us for a service we already have.
    Time to get you of these crooked bastards.

  17. Pompano Man says...

    Just checked Yelp for Comcast in boca, web, pompano, delray nothing but negative reviews. One star is the lowest u can give and many reviewers asked Yelp to allow zero stars because that’s how bad this company is.

  18. Linda Kahn says...

    Jeff Eats:
    Found your site when I was looking for a place to vent my anger at Comcat’s service.
    I live in Boca Raton.
    I am now waiting for my third service call to complete this changeover. The first tech showed up with wrong devices. Second didnt have enough devices.
    I am just wasting time for clowns to show up.

  19. Anna C says...

    Comcast sent some clown subcontractor to install 4 of these filters needed for the transition to digital service. The clown didn’t realize that two of the sets shared a splitter and totally screwed up the entire service. Comcast had to send one of it’s guys to fix thing. This whole thing took place over two days and took 5 hours.
    Comcast is a crappy company.
    Now I have to pay for something I use to get for free from my hoa.

  20. George S says...

    I needed the help of a neighbor who happens to be an engineer to install 2 lousy little boxes. Comcast is going to have. Huge mess because it’s sending people these boxes and telling them that’s any easy install.

  21. Wilkie says...

    Comcast is horrendous.
    I pay to have 3 DVD boxes. Right now the service is out. Guaranteed they don’t reduce what I paid. Now I can’t watch what I recorded and can’t record tonight’s programs. This co sucks big time.

    • Loren says...

      Just called Comcast which has a recording that says that they know there is a problem with the cable boxes in my area and that they are working to fix the problem. My DVR is out. No telling when it will work if ever.
      It’s always something with this company.

  22. EGE says...

    This DVR service has been out for the past 5 hrs. What the hell is wrong with this company?

  23. Joe Carson says...

    COMCAST has to be one of the worst companies in America to do business with.
    A simple search will turn up complaints all of the United States. YELP is full of them.
    I live in a country club in Boca Raton. Our HOA years ago had a contract with Adelphia and we inherited Comcast on its takeover of Adelphia. Back then I thought that Adelphia was the worse but compared to Comcast they were saints.
    Comcast constantly day and night just cuts both the tv and internet service off. Then out of nowhere its back on.
    I cant tell you how many times I lost internet service and ran around the house pulling this wire and that wire thinking the problem was in my home when all along it was outside and hitting other homes as well.
    When you call customer service its like talk to a pack of morons. They dont even know when their own service is out systemwise and jerk you around with do this and do that.
    The company’s online chat is absurd. You get some operator in the India or somewhere else who cant even type a correct sentence. You could tell them that your house is on fire and they have a script that has them saying sorry to hear that what else can I do for you.
    Many of my neighbors have switched to DISH and ATT.
    Comcast is a JOKE.

  24. BOB L says...

    Comcast is a disaster.
    If you have a problem, file a complaint with the Florida Dept. Of Agriculture. There is a form and they try and get a resolution to your claim.
    Bombard Comcast with these complaints they are robbing us of service and our money.

  25. Eddie Cotton says...

    I have never seen a company so disrespectful of its customers than Comcast. They don’t provide service but never refund or deduct loss of services amount from people’s bills.

  26. Pop L says...

    Anyone who uses Comcast is a glutton for punishment. Years ago I switched to dish and couldn’t be happier.

  27. SSS0909 says...


    I did the conversion.
    Got my new bill today and Comcast charged me for boxes and adapters that came free from HOA.
    ALSO IF YOU COMPLAIN they will give you a $10 credit per month for the next 12 months.
    This company is so crooked.

  28. JeffEats says...


    Just had a chance to read your comments.

    Like you I also did the required conversion. To my service I added 2 non VCR boxes and 4 adapters. My HOA had advised me that 1 non VCR box and 2 adapters would be free. When I got my bill this afternoon Comcast had charged me for 2 non VCR boxes and 4 adapters. I called and got the bill corrected. Just imagine how many people aren’t going to notice the incorrect billing and overpay for no reason?

    Comcast is a very poorly run company that abuses it’s customers.

    Thanks for reading…

  29. Bonnie Chapkin says...

    Installed a new Comcast box. There employee did the installation. Three days later box didn’t work. I called Comcast and over the phone they tested the box and told me that the box had blown out and they would send a tech to install a new one. They set an appt date. Ten minutes after the call the box went on.
    Comcast has no idea what it’s doing. They waste your time.
    If my hoa didn’t have an exclusive deal with them id get rid of these losers.

  30. Jack says...

    Lose Comcast! They have TERRIBLE Service and half the channels are snowy.
    What a big waste of money.
    I finally got my own local digital anntena and the picture is Perfect! AND i dont have to pay CON-Cast anylonger.

  31. SJA says...

    Comcast on demand out all day in boca. What a crap co.

  32. Winkidink says...

    7:42 pm here in boca, on demand is out. This has to be the worst company going. There is also an 18 minute hold time on the Comcast line to talk with an agent.

  33. ytytyt says...

    This is a no brainer Comcast is the worst cmpany ever. I live in Boca and my ON DEMAND has been out 3 days. They are sending a guy tomorrow to check house and I know there is nothing wrong here. Its in their computer system. They just waste everyones time.

  34. Tyo says...

    I can’t believe it, problem free for the last 21 days.

  35. THT says...

    COMCAST is the worst company that ive ever dealt. with. They lie in customer service and are very unfriendly in trying to solve problems. If my community didnt have a contract with them I would dump Comcast in a minute.

    • RFA says...

      Comcast is a disgustingly dishonest co to do business with. Just that simple.

  36. SRD says...

    Comcast is horrendous.
    So is Walmart.
    Loads of things they advertise they don’t even have.

  37. Tvman says...

    Comcast is one of the most incompetent and despicable companies that I hae ever dealt with. Its phone reps lie and have absolutely no idea as How to fix anything.

  38. Redman3434 says...

    Third time in the last 5 that on demand didn’t work.
    Comcast sucks.

  39. ELK says...

    Every time I hear the name Comcast I get sick to my stomach.

  40. IAS says...

    Just ask anyone who has Comcast about the company and Ill bet you they tell you a horror story.
    This company is a disgrace.

  41. Judy says...

    Nothing but problems with Comcast.

  42. MOURE says...

    Comcast is horrendous. Service always going out.

  43. Eddie F says...

    Last week Comcast was totally out in our area for 2 days. They are a terrible company.

  44. KEDS says...

    Comcast is so frustrating to deal with. Hate this company big time.

  45. Lionman says...

    Comcast maybe the worst service company in America if not the world. I hate them.

  46. CLAY says...

    Comcast stinks.
    Cant believe the state gave them a virtual monopoly. We are stuck with them in my country club.

  47. MK says...

    My Internet has been out 4 days. Comcast cant figure out why.
    Crap company.

  48. ght98 says...

    Comcast is horrendous. worse co ive ever dealt with.

  49. Comcast has the most incompetent customer service. The staff lies and one hand doesn’t know what the other hand is doing. I am so sad that my HOA has a contract with them.

  50. Deliman says...

    5 days no cable service. Comcast is horrendous .

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