Brick Yard Microbrewery (Boca Raton)

Posted on January 3rd, 2012 · American Boca Raton

***** Brick Yard Microbrewery, 7050 West Palmetto Park Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33433, (561) 544-0001.

Just got back from trying Brick Yard Microbrewery which opened about two weeks ago in Boca Raton..great looking joint with indoor/outdoor patio seating—loads of tv sets. Full bar, with “tons” of beers on tap. Not a huge menu, but nobody’s gonna starve here…burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, wings, salads. Tried babyback ribs and french fries—fries right on the money-as for the ribs, I’ve had better-something about the sauce that wasn’t right. Also tried the joint’s large cheeseburger with sweet potato fries…both the burger and fries were very good. Being in a piggish mood, I also gave the chicken fajitas and philly cheesesteak sub a shot—both items like the burger were very good. Typical sports bar prices.

So what did we learn?

Brick Yard is a good sports bar. We also learned that on future outings–assuming the sauce is the same, to not order the ribs. We also learned, that the booth seating in the bar area was uncomfortable for a man Jeff Eats’ size. The seats/cushions are too soft and low.

I’m gonna make a prediction here.

Brick Yard is going to “develop” into an absolute homerun. I say this based on the fact, that the food was good–and it’s a great looking joint—better designed/looking than most of the sports bar joints that I’ve tried in South Florida. In addition, based on a brief conversation with two of Brick Yard’s owners–they’ll evetually figure-out that the ribs’ sauce needs some-changing and those booth cushions need to be adjusted.

Like I said before, Brick Yard has only been open 2-weeks. With just a drop of tinkering–this joint is going to be “THE” place in Boca to watch sports and catch a good casual meal.

Brick Yard is open Sunday-Thursday 4pm-11pm, Friday-Saturday 4pm-2am.

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  1. Vinny says...

    jeff, best of breed in this arena, Yardhouse. they got one in wpb and one by gulfstream trach. they are building one in mizner park in boca.

  2. OKAY says...

    Tried it the other night.
    Great looking place. In warm weather the outdoor patio and bar looks like a great place to enjoy the secenery.
    Burgers and fries were good. Really enjoyed the wings.
    Plenty of beers on tap, but I’m not a drinker so I settled for a Coke.
    Prices were very fair.
    Service for a new place was very good.
    Flat screen tvs all over the place.
    Small bandstand so I guess there are future plans for some bands etc.
    Jeff, you are right this one has the makings of a huge winner.

  3. HOLLY says...

    porterhouse use to be there. how come they went out?

  4. Kenny says...

    Jeff, beat you to this one. ate there about a week ago.
    i agree great looking place.
    i had the ribs and didnt like them they cost 11 bucks and weren’t very meaty. the sauce was not good and i didnt finish the order.
    my wife had a cheeseburger with grilled onions. the burger was good but the onions had a strange taste to them. she had to take them off the burger in order to eat the burger.
    based on these two item we won’t be back.
    you are right that the restaurant looks great but it better get the food in better shape or it will fail.

  5. Sandy W. says...

    I ate here.
    For a sports bar its a good place.
    Nice clean lines and not dark like most of the others.
    Should do very well.

  6. Shelley says...

    I have eaten @Brickyard twice and both times the food was very good. I had the Blackened Mahi sandwich both times, great flavor, others had the 6oz burgers and the prime rib sandwich which both got great reviews. I also like the fact that you can have mixed greens as a side with no additional charge…good thinking! A couple of issues one at the bar with a bartender that was not attentive and the kitchen forgot the cheese on one of the burgers (waitress immediately offered to fix it). I know the owner and these issues will not be allowed for long.

    Great job on the interior, much needed makeover. I have seen this establishment live through the Mallet days, Zelda’s, and Porterhouse but I think it is definitely ready for this new Sports Bar World!

    Good Luck and I will be back

    • Shelley says...

      Forgot to say VERY reasonably priced!

  7. Jh says...

    Went last night. Very busy. Burger and ff were delicious. Service was a bit on the slow side. Great looking place.

  8. BocaB says...

    Was there over the weekend. While the place is beautifully done the food was not on par for me. My cheeseburger which was ordered medium came well done. I ate it anyway, but it was not good at all. Not because it was well done, it just didn’t taste right. My french fries didn’t taste bad, but were flaccid and greasy. I would have been happier at McDonald’s. Not sure I’ll be back.

  9. Johnny C. says...

    Like you I see the huge potential here. Great looking place and that outdoor patio with tvs and bar is a huge asset.
    You are also right that the booths are cushioned all wrong and aren’t comfortable.
    I was there on Saturday night and it was packed with people.
    I did burgers, fries, beers etc and the food was ok. Not great but probably better than the average sports’ bars food.
    A little tweak here and there and this one is a winner.
    The reason I say that, is the somehwhat secluded location in the back of the center and physical layout are really cool.
    We’ll see if this all plays out the right way.
    By the way, the Hurricane Wings in the adjacent center is the pits. It’s run like a real amateur place and is probably going to lose a ton of business to this new bar,.

  10. Vudu says...

    Been there three times now and like it. Mostly had beers (nice offbeat selection). Did have the nachos and they were GREAT! Hoping they get some entertainment on the weekends, but nothing yet.

  11. SUSAN SHANE says...

    Ate their tonite (first time) My husband and I had the Mai sandwich with sweet potato fries and side salad. The fries were old and cold. The salad was soggy. The sandwich was ordinary. Complained to the mgr and she offered us free dessert. Was not looking to get something for nothing, but they better get their kitchen together. Will not be returning any time soon!!! So many great restaurants in Florida. They are not one of them.

    • Marty says...

      Must have had an off night. Ive been there a dozen times,,,never had a bad experience yet

  12. GSS says...

    Ok cheeseburger and ff. nothing extraordinary.

  13. MAX COHEN says...

    Great looking place.
    Burger & ff I had were ok, but not great.

  14. Marty says...

    his is my favorite sports bar in the area. As Jeff said the food is what separates this from the rest. Most sports bar food is “average/ok” The food here is above average.

    I have eaten the mahi sandwich, and they also offer two vegetarian burgers: a veggie burger and the black bean burger. Both are excellent.

    Service can be slow when they are busy…

  15. KL says...

    Food is ok but not great. See they are doing heavy advertising on tv during NCAA Basketball Tournament.

  16. MICHAEL says...

    The management called the police on me because I did not want to over pay for the drinks. I was there on November 28, 2015 with my girlfriend. We had several margaritas with padron and the charged us 11 bucks a drink. the happy hour is 5 dollars a drink so how it goes from 5 to 11 makes no sense to me. Anyway, this is the third manager in a year and I complained to him about the bill and asked him to adjust it, the manager did not want to discuss and called the police. Two palm beach sheriffs showed up at my table telling me I had to pay or they would arrest me for defrauding an in keeper. I told them I was more than happy to pay but not 11 bucks a drink. they told me they would arrest me so I paid an left. Not very cool to out on Saturday night and not only get ripped off on the price and have to deal with two police officers on a Saturday night and what is supposed to be a cool bar that the manager called. Never going back. Last year, I broke my tooth on a bent fork and they told me to bad. Never going back.

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