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A reader, recently sent me the following email about an event scheduled to be held at the Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton.

Saturday, January 28 at 6:30 p.m.
Grande Ballroom
$59 Members Pre-Registration before January 21; $68 Members Thereafter; $81 Guests

Amazingly, as two of rock’s most iconic bands, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones never shared a bill during the height of their careers. Well, that all changes as national tribute acts Anthology and Roll The Stones take the Woodfield stage for an unforgettable night as these bands create the sounds, mood and vibe that started a cultural revolution! Members and guests begin the evening with a cocktail hour followed by dinner in the ballroom prior to Anthology taking the stage to play all your Fab Four favorites. Then, Roll The Stones will capture the power and excitement straight from the Rolling Stones legendary stadium tours during their set. A signature bar will be available.
*This event will feature assigned seating for everyone. Members may request seating arrangements and all requests will be considered and granted when possible, however, requests are not guaranteed. In the event that this event reaches sell-out capacity, all tables will consist of 12 people to maximize seating. Any group that is smaller than 12 will be seated at a “club table” in which Woodfield will put groups together to form a table of 12. There is a 72-hour cancellation policy for this event.
**Kids Korner will offer complimentary babysitting on this evening for those members attending this event

If you check past reviews, I have seen both Anthology (10/1/08— and Roll The Stones (9/9/2011— in action and both groups are absolutely terrific. From the email, it seems that this event is only open to Woodfield Country Club members and their invited guests…trust me on this—if you like The Beatles/The Rolling Stones, see if you can “make” friends real fast with a Woodfield member and get yourself a ticket to this “party”…it will be like watching the real-guys in action in sunny Boca Raton, Florida.

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  1. RKS says...

    Like you I have seen both groups. I saw Anthology at WCC once before and also saw them at Galuppi’s in Pompano. Caught Roll The Stones up at City Place. You are so right, they both are great. I live in WCC and this event is going to be a sellout. Unlike most country clubs and condos in the area, we tie a huge buffet dinner party around the event and have a large dance floor so that members can party along with the groups. As you probably know, Woodfield’s average age is around 48 and at our events we get an age spread from 30 to 90. We don’t do row seating or theatre seating because the shows are parties and allow the members and guests to really participate with the bands.

  2. Marco says...

    Sounds like a great time, but I live in Miami. Guess I’ll have to see both groups separately. I see that Anthology has a date coming up at Calder and Roll The Stones a date coming up in Feb in WPB.
    I checked the video on Roll the Stones and they sound and look incredible. Going to make the effort to do dinner and watch them at City Place.

  3. JIM C. says...

    I am a huge fan of both originals. If I’m correct the groups only appeared on the same bill twice but the band have never been on the same stage together at the same time. For sure members of each have performed with each other, but never the whole units.
    Despite what many think, The Beatles and The Stones were good friends and scheduled album and single releases so that they wouldn’t compete with each other.
    I checkedout both videos and both tribute acts are very good. The Roll The Stones are especially cool with that large lineup.
    Though not the real deal, it would be cool for both bands to sing a song or two together for effect.
    WCC has a great idea in matching them up.

    JIM C.

  4. GG says...

    Sounds like a great show.
    I live in Valencia Falls and we have groups like The Bronx Wanderers and Marilyn Mcoo & Bill Davis, Jr. coming.
    You’d be surprised as to how many great entertainers come to S. Florida during the Winter months to work in the condos and other communities.
    When you have a chance, for $8-$20 a ticket places like The Villages, Century Village, Kingsport get groups like The Temptations, Peaches & Herb, Clint Holmes.
    The circuit is huge.

  5. Don R says...


    ROLL THE STONES is a phenomenal act. I caught them at City Place a few months ago and they blew me away. That was a free show. I checked and they will be back at City Place on February 4, 2012. I highly recommend that people go to see them. They won’t be disappointed.
    I have never seen Anthology. Will try and check them out at one of their public appearances.

  6. WINDSOR says...

    Jeff, this show looks really exciting. i’m sorry it’s a private event. by the way, American English from Chicago one of the USA’s top Beatle acts is making a very rare appearance in Florida in March in WPB. You should check this band out.

  7. Kenny says...

    I love both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.
    I have seen a number Beatle acts in Florida including Anthology. They are very good. It seems that Beatle acts are all over the place but Stones bands are relatively rare. Awhile back I saw Satisfaction at Dubliner’s in Mizner Park. This group goes all over the country but i thought that they were just fair. One of the guys who plays ron woods wears a wig and looks like a clown wearing it.
    I did see Roll The Stones up at City Place and they are really good. Their lead singer does some Jagger gyrations but really doesnt imitate him which is good.
    Based on the show announced those who go will see a really good show.

  8. WALLY says...

    Roll The Stones will be at the Seminole Casino on Sample Rd. on 2/2/12 from 9pm-1am it’s a free show.

  9. Johnny C. says...

    I’ve seen this band.
    It’s is definitely worth you while to see them at Seminole Nectar Lunge. They are really good.

  10. KLJ says...

    I caught Roll The Stones at City Place. I also caught Anthology one night at Galuppi’s.
    Both groups are very good.
    I think that Roll The Stones will be at the Nectar Lounge at the Seminole Casino in early February.
    I think that Anthology has a couple of dates coming up at Calder racetrack.
    Check their schedules.
    Both give you a great show and the price is right.

  11. Larry sherman says...

    Saw anthology two nights ago at Calder, they are terrific,

  12. Ron P says...

    Was there last night.Anthology and Roll The Stones. We’re amazing. Wcc also added another group Motown Philly Express who are four guys doing the 4 tops and temptations. They were sensational. They did dead on covers with all of the dance steps and moves. They stole the show.

    • Jh says...

      TA phenomenal event. The bands killed it. The Motown group was great.

  13. LK says...

    Anthology was terrific.
    Roll The Stones was terrific.
    Motown Philly Express stole the show. Incredible Motown act.
    Three great groups.

  14. Young Guy says...

    Saw the show. Both bands were great. Motown Philly express aw also terrific.

  15. mr. kramer says...

    Have seen both groups they are very good.
    Just saw another Beatles tribute band American English at PBCC they come from Chicago, they were just like the real Beatles.

  16. Awq says...

    Have seen both bands. Both are very good.

  17. d says...

    Talk about a stones tribute..Holy cow..Check out the US Stones….

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