Ally’s Comfort Cafe (Davie)

Posted on December 26th, 2011 · American Davie


***** Ally’s Comfort Cafe, 13674 West State Road 84, Davie, Florida 33325, (954) 476-4343.

Ok-Davie!!! Here’s a real good “mom & pop” diner for you guys…Ally’s Comfort Cafe. Maybe 40 seats (handful of booths/handful of tables). You can check menu/prices at

Ally’s Comfort is open Monday-Friday 7am- 2pm, Saturday 8am-2pm, closed on Sunday.

As for the menu, breakfast stuff galore, burgers, sandwiches, salads.

Recently did–western omelette, chocolate chip pancakes, bacon cheeseburger, chicken salad on rye toast, turkey club—everything right on the money. A special shout out to–the chicken salad—chicken salad aficianados won’t be disappointed.

Look, America’s “mom & pop” diners aren’t trying to cure cancer…joints like Ally’s Comfort Cafe bring “neighborhood” back into the eating equation.

If, like me- you are into the “diner” concept, you will definitely enjoy Ally’s Comfort Cafe.

5 Comments to “Ally’s Comfort Cafe (Davie)”

  1. gene says...

    outstanding food. outstanding service and with prices more than reasonable. what more could anyone ask for? oh yes, it’s delicious too.

  2. Gaitree says...

    Can u guys consider to open for dinner please?

  3. Cheryl says...

    The food is awesome at Ally’s but after being a regular there for well over a year, the hostess (the Mother) treated me like I wasn’t important there anymore because she knew I would keep coming back. Before I was even completely finished, she asked me if she could give me my coffee to go because she needed the table for other people. I referred over 100 people to their place of business. I helped them build that business by referring customers there. I am paying for my meal just like everyone else, she felt the need to rush me. On another occasion I was in there with some friends who had never heard of the place. We finished our lunch & were trying to decide if we wanted dessert. The mother came & asked us if we could talk outside because there were others waiting. When I told her we were thinking about dessert & she rolled her eyes at me & made a face. SO DISRESPECTFUL!!!! I will never go back & I tell people how rude she is & recommend they go somewhere else. You really should treat your regulars as well as you treat new customers. It’s the regulars that helped you build that business.

  4. Jeff says...

    I agree with Cheryl, the mother in the Oakland Park store is not nice at all. She does nt treat her regulars any better than the one time customer. Always nasty to customers, not a good fit at all. Without word of mouth recommendations this place will never make it. Now Christine, the hostess at the Shannandoah store treats everyone great. She is the Hostess with the mostess.

  5. Susan says...

    I too have been treated poorly by the mother at both the Davie and Oakland Park location before it closed. I am not a regular because I don’t live in the area, she always made me feel as though she was doing me a favor by allowing me to buy their food. I was in the Davie restaurant the other day and she was not there. Allie’s is a success but it makes you wonder how many people the mother chased away with her poor people skills?

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