***** OpenTable *****

Posted on December 23rd, 2011 · Deals Music/Events/Other

***** OpenTable *****

Got a really cool company/site for you guys to check-out…OpenTable–

Now, I know that most of the joints that Jeff Eats frequents or shall we say peruses-wouldn’t know a “reservation” from a basketball, however, every now and then, one of these joints does require that you call-in-advance to make sure that when you get there-they have a table for you–what a novel idea!

To that end, you might like to check-out OpenTable. The Company’s site allows you to book reservations online. The site covers restaurants all over the United States, with a fair dosage of joints in South Florida. In addition to the booking of tables, there are coupons and deals…there are also loads of readers’ comments and other good stuff–that may point you in the right direction and end up with you eating some really good food.

3 Comments to “***** OpenTable *****”

  1. David says...

    Been a regular user of Open Table for several years and have been impressed. It is easy to use plus it is useful to have almost immediate confirmation of reservations.

  2. WALDO says...

    Tried Five Guys in Boca today. Burger was good thought french fries a bit too salty.

  3. ar says...

    i use opentable a lot and its really good. absolutly huge in nyc.

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