China Star Chinese Restaurant (Coral Springs)

Posted on December 13th, 2011 · Chinese Coral Springs

***** China Star Chinese Restaurant, 1430 Coral Ridge Drive, Coral Springs, Florida 33071, (954) 341-0088.

China Star Chinese Restaurant—actually the name should be, China Star Chinese Takeout Only…so don’t plan on spending a leisurely evening eating at the joint, ’cause you can’t.

The other night I “got” wonton soup, bbq ribs, fried dumplings, egg rollds, roast pork fried rice, general tso’s chicken, sweet & sour pork, pepper steak, shrimp in lobster sauce. Applying my-Brooklyn-Jewish circa 1950’s taste test—I’m gonna rate the food very good. If this one was closer to my house, I’d be a regular there. Just so you know, I thought that the egg rolls and general tso’s chicken were extra-good.

For you guys who live or work in China Star’s neighborhood–if you didn’t already know, now you know- about a really good Chinese takeout joint. You can check menu/prices at

China Star is open Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm, Friday-Saturday 11am-11pm, Sunday noon-10pm.

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  1. Joey C. says...

    Jeff, try Rainbow Palace on Oakland Park Blvd. expensive but probably the best chinese food in florida.

    Joey C.

  2. Robert W. says...

    About a year or so ago I read in the Sun Sentinel that China Star was on a list from a Chinese trade publication as one of the top 100 Chinese restaurants in the US. So I drove out to this one which is Coral Springs but really Tamarac border, took me a while to get there. I took out and frankly was not that impressed. I like China Sea (Coral Springs) and Bamboo Wok Coconut Creek as much or better. I dont know if it was an off day or what but China Star seemed like just another place.

  3. Dara Solomon says...

    From: Dara
    Subject: Recommendation

    Message Body:
    Hi Jeff!

    Just found your blog, and thought you’d enjoy my family’s favorite haunts (all in Boca Raton).

    New York Ice Cream- located off I-95 to Palmetto Park Road exit. You’ll see a Kmart Plaza on the left (also has a Publix in it)– well, in between the two, there’s a small family-owned joint named New York Ice Cream (or something similar). It’s delicious! The NY accents of the owners will help you feel at home if visiting, and the soft-serve ice cream will bring you back to the boardwalk.

    Also, if you feel like PIZZA for dinner, (and I know you do, based on the zillion Italian places you’ve eaten at), you must have a slice from Pizza Time (or better yet, get the Ziti!). It’s located next to the Walgreens off of 2nd Ave. and Camino Real. You gotta, but watch on weekends…it’s a circus!

    (The Chinese place next door is amazing also, the same couple has been running the show wok-style for at least a decade. It’s just delicious.)

    Keep on keepin’ on.

    Dara Solomon
    Born and raised in BOCA

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