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Posted on December 5th, 2011 · Deals Music/Events/Other

**** MONEYSAVER *****

I recently came across MONEYSAVER— Real simple “situation”—go to the website, “type” in a business type or business name, type in your location/or zip code, click “search now”—the site will list various discounts/coupons, you print-out what you want. No cost to the user.

Thought you’d might like to know about this service.

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  1. Maria Gordon says...

    From: Maria Gordon
    Subject: Trattoria da Marcello

    Message Body:
    Hi Jeff, just to let you know Trattoria da Marcello opened about a month ago where old Matteos used to be in Boca Raton, it is owned by Julio (from Acquolina) very nice place and great food, lets us know what you think of this place!

    • MKJ says...

      Maria Gordon:
      Noticed your comment to Jeff about Julio’s new restaurant Trattoria da Marcello which recently opened in Boca Raton. As you correctly point out, the restaurant is located in the spot where Matteo’s was originally located. For the record, after Matteo’s left a Greek restaurant failed in the spot and then Capri rebuilt the restaurant and also failed. Julio’s new restaurant has all of the furniture etc that Capri installed. It’s a great looking restaurant.
      As you probably know, Julio worked for Matteo’s for years. He definitely knows how to open Matteo’s restaurants. After he left Matteo’s he opened Julio Caesar and Saratoga’s. Juliuo Caesar’s failed and he left Saratoga’s. He then opened 2 Aqulonion’s. He left both of these and now he is at Marcello’s. I suspect that Julio gets monied partners. He opens Matteo’s clones and then for some reason the money partners get rid of him.
      There is no doubt in my mind that Marcello’s food will be just like Matteo’s. As I mentioned, Julio’s definitely knows how to copy Matteo’s. For some reason, I think that he doesn’t know how to run the restaurants like Matteo’s does.
      I am a huge Matteo’s fan.
      No matter what Julio does, he can’t duplicate Matteo’s enormous success.


      • Steven K. says...

        Let me jump in here.
        I have eaten at Matteo’s in Boca and Hallandale when Julio ran them.
        I also ate at Saratago and Julio Caesar.
        I also have eaten at Aquolino both in Hallandale and Weston.
        All in all I’m going to guess that maybe combined I have eaten 50 meals when Julio has been the GM.
        Now for the kicker, not once, not once, not once, in all of of those times did Julio ever buy my table a drink, dessert, anything. The guy is a bs artist and doesn’t know how to take care of his customers.
        I have absolutely no interest in trying his new venture because he could careless about me.
        By the way, the closest to being Italian Julio has come, is eating pasta.

        • Paul says...

          Just for your information (and satisfaction), Trattoria da Marcello is OUT OF BUSINESS. As you said, he deserved it.

  2. Ken G. says...

    nice coupon site.

    on this JULIO thing, I’ll stick with the real deal which is Matteo’s. and not a knockoff.

    • NAT says...

      Some guys know how to treat customers and some don’t.
      Peter who is the GM at Matteo’s in Boca knows how to treat people the right way. Everyone feels right at home and he is always on the floor making sure verything works right.
      Guys like Julio haven’t a clue as to how to treat people the right way. That’s why he goes from place to place. He can’t be in one spot too long before his operations fall apart.
      As for his new venture, Julio will as always fail because he hasn’t a clue on how to do the right thing.
      Stick with the real Matteo’s in Boca.
      By the way, Mickey who use to be a part owner of Matteo’s Hallandale just opened Luca Bella in Aventura. Great food and service. Like Peter, Mickey knows how to treat people and make them feel special and welcomed when they are in his restaurant.
      Jeff, you mentioned Luca Bella but as yet not done a review.
      Try it you will really enjoy it!.

      • ERIN says...

        That guy Julio wouldn’t give you a glass of ice water in the winter.
        He has no idea how to build customer loyalty.

  3. Sheryl says...

    Sounds to me like many people in the restaurant business are feeling very threatened by this new restaurant, and, therefore, rather than giving an honest review of the food and service, will simply say nasty things that have no relevance to my dining experience.

    I have not been to the new restaurant yet, but was a very happy regular customer at Aquoalina in Weston. The food was always fabulous, the portions plentiful, and the service stellar. We celebrated my mother’s birthday there, and they went out of their way to make the celebration more than we ever could have hoped for.

    I am sure that with Marcello in the kitchen, Trattoria da Marcello will be a phenomenal success, if people would just be honest and leave authentic reviews.

    • BOB L. says...

      I am a huge fan of Matteo’s both in Boca Raton and Hallandale Beach. To say that I’ve eaten there tons of times would be an understatement.
      Julio use to be the manager of Boca and then in Hallandale. I’m not going to pass judgement, but he left Matteo’s to open his own place in Lighthouse Point, Julio Caesar which failed. He then opened Saratoga left there and then opened Aquoalina first in Weston and then in Hallandale. He left there and is now in Marcello.

      In addition to both Matteo’s I also ate in Julio’s, Saratoga and both Aquoalinas. None of them was as good as Matteo’s. Not even close.

      For the record, Julio in all the times that I was in one of his restaurants never even once bought me or my wife a drink, a dessert, a dish, NOTHING!

      The guy doesn’t know how to treat customers. I also suspect that he doesn’t know how to treat his money-men partners because they seem to toss him out after the restaurants are up and running.

  4. Ira R says...

    My sentiments exactly-Jeff has a great website Dont ruin it with rivalry There are plenty of people in Boca to fill both restaurants on
    a regular basis ! I love BOTH restaurants The food is exceptional in both restaurants Trattoria Da Marcello has a warm cozy decor with great ambiance Matteos is a big ugly room that resembles dining at a Catskill hotel back in the day The menus are similar -same family-style deal BUT the prices are much cheaper at Marcello All guests receive complimentary bruschetta & lemoncello & the most delicious cookies I’ve ever had .

  5. Claudia Asher says...

    Jeff..defenitely go try out Trattoria Da Marcello…It’s GREAT!!! And I don’t know what these other people who are so intimadated & Angry are talking about, but we got Free Bruschetta at the beginning, our Dinner was outstanding, the atmosphere and servers were awsome and after we were done we got free lemoncello drinks and best Biscotti we ever tried. I saw them give it to all the other tables as well. I’ve also eaten at Matteo’s and Acquafina they were good also, except for the decorations…I’ve never heard of the Lucha Bella place, but I thought your web site was to try Good food, not to have old lady bickering about the owners and stuff. Our family loved the Trattoria da Marcello’s experience & the Prices were alot Cheaper than the other family restaurants and the Chef’s Specials were incredible!! Forget the BS & the go eat there it’s really GREAT!!…Peace & Love & Happy Holidays to all those wonderful People…Don’t we all have better things to worry about instead of the negativity out there…come on guys..good food..good service..great prices…and the Chef’s Cute :)

    • CBV says...

      julio’s new restaurant is just a copy of matteo’s which is two blocks away. julio doesn’t know how to run a restaurant, that’s why he has failed so many times. i tried this new one and the food is not as good as matteo’s. so i won’t be back.

  6. Jacqui W says...

    For the record, Capri did not fail…it was sold and the new owners changed the name to Trattoria Da Marcello. As to the food, I agree with Claudia that it is outstanding. Love the atmosphere, and the service was excellent. The complimentary limoncello and biscotti were a lovely touch and made us feel very appreciated.

    • bobby greene says...

      jac, i’m going to figure that capri spent about a $600,000 to build the restaurant. i’m also going to figure that julio’s backers paid $200,000 for capr. so if you don’t think that capri didn’t fail, you’re fooling yourself,

  7. LARRY FINE says...

    when are you going to get over to Marcello’s and tell us what you think?

  8. joe falso says...

    For the record, Capri did not cost 600k to build, not even close! Nor did Capri fail, if it did, the landlord would have sold the restaurant, not the restaurateur.

  9. ilovepizza says...

    a matteo’s copy. julio will screw it up like the others he had before.

  10. Eats says...

    7Ate at Julio’s new place four times and it’s better than Matteo,s.

  11. LARRY says...

    There is nothing like Matteos they have the best food and service.

  12. Joe knauss says...

    Que just finished our meal at Marcello’s
    Julieo was here and very pleasant
    We had a great meal and will be back!
    I would have to agree, put the politics aside and rate the food.

  13. Andrea says...

    Well Trattoria da Marcello, Boca Raton -Closed!. We went today to get paid and they had a sign that due to family issues ( lie) they skipped town. I wish that before we did any jobs there we would of looked online, and see that everything they open,doesn’t work out.

    • mom says...

      julio screwed up faster that i thought he would, this is even a record for closing even for that guy.

  14. TT says...

    Was over in east Boca this afternoon. Yep, Julio is out of business. He has a sign in the window that he is closed because of a family emergency in his home country.
    Yeah right!
    Julio never took care of his customers and for that matter his partners.
    Looks to me, that this time the customers and partners wised up faster than normal.
    Betcha he is back in a year or two with another Matteo’s knockoff and like all the others before it will get thrown out of that one as well.

  15. TS says...

    Holy moly. Julia sure didn’t last long.

  16. Judith Asch says...

    It was impossible to get reservations. The restaurant was always jammed-packed because the food was delicious. I was thrilled that I finally found a great Italian restaurant. Why would he leave after 3 months? Rumor is the Mafia scared him off because he was doing better than all the Italian restaurants in Boca.

    • RONALD says...

      Hey Judith Asch, who do you think came by FREDO from the Godfather?
      Give me a break.
      Julio failed at Julio Caesar.
      Julio failed at Saratoga.
      Julio failed at Aqualina.
      The last outing was just a quicker failure than his previous ventures.
      Mafia, my ass.

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