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The Dandee Donut Factory (Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Hollywood)


***** The Dandee Donut Factory, 1422 South Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441, (954) 429-0869…1900 East Atlantic Avenue, Pompano Beach, Florida 33060, (954) 785-1461…102 North 28th Avenue, Hollywood, Florida 33020, (954) 929-1118.

Let me make this one short and sweet (pun intended)…I never met- a donut that didn’t like me and vice versa. One of my favorite “in house” delights, is to pig-out on 6 honey glazed donuts with a hot cup of coffee while reading the newspaper. Suffice it to say, when I’m in such a mood, I really don’t care if the donuts are Dunkin’ Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Publix brand… just call it, a quest for a sugar high or a carefree moment. Not being a limited kinda guy–I also love powdered, jelly, cake donuts (just to name a few)–but honey glazed is at the top of the list. Anyway…the point of this discussion, is to get across the fact, that donuts are one of my favorite food-groups.

For the record, over the years I must have eaten/taken out donuts from the Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach–Dandee locations a combined 30 times. I have never tried the Hollywood joint. From what I understand, the 3-stores are owned by different people…but the donuts and food menus are basically the same. You can check menu/prices at

The best way for me to describe The Dandee Donut Factory, “think”– Dunkin’ Donuts meets Waffle House or Ruffle House (By the way, when the guy who owned Waffle House wouldn’t sell a franchise to a guy who wanted one, the second guy started his own chain named Ruffle House. I thought you’d like that little gem, in case you ever go on Jeopardy). All 3 locations, in addition to donuts have a breakfast/lunch menu. Counter/table seating. For the record, the “non” donut stuff, is as good as any “mom & pop” diner’s offerings and runs circles around the IHOP’s, Denny’s and Perkin’s of the world. That said, the real game at The Dandee Donut Factory is DONUTS.

Let me close this out by saying…the donuts served by Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme are no match whatsoever for the donuts made by Dandee.

If you realy want to eat 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11…delicious- out of this world donuts, you gotta try The Dandee Donut Factory. The Pompano location is open 24/7. The other two joints are open Monday-Sunday 6am-4pm.

These “guys” really know how to make donuts.

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  1. lloiu says...

    I go to the Hollywood store and the donuts are delicious.

  2. Kr says...

    Best donuts.

  3. RE says...

    Live 2 blocks away. They have terrific donuts.

  4. ARTIE C. says...

    Jeff, I have been going to Dandee Donuts in Pompano for the past 3 years. Fabulous donuts and great coffee.

  5. RRZ says...

    First visit today.
    In the pouring rain every seat inside taken with 10 people under awning.
    Some of the best donuts I have ever eaten.
    Took home a dozen.

  6. Cliff A. says...

    Once you eat DD you won’t be able to even look at a Dunkin Donut.

  7. RD says...
      Amazingly delicious donuts.
      You guys also got to try Jupiter Donuts in Jupiter.
  8. Klo says...

    Mojo and Dandee featured in Sun Sentinel today.

  9. From: Mickey Grunberger
    Subject: Cronut-like Dossonts Hiding Out in Pembroke Pines

    Message Body:
    -For Immediate Release-

    Mickey Grunberger
    9924 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

    A famous “big city” pastry arrives in, of all places, Pembroke Pines, Florida

    Metropolises such as New York, California, Chicago, Las Vegas and even as far
    away as Melbourne, Australia and Manila, Philippines, all have something in
    common with a little bakery in Pembroke Pines, Florida… their own special take
    on the sweet, decadent “cronut.” The cronut, a name trademarked by its inventor
    Chef Dominique Ansel in SoHo, New York, is a croissant meets donut hybrid that
    has created mass mania for its luscious flavor and unique texture.
    In his humble Master Cake Bakery, located in a plaza on the southeastern corner
    of Pines Blvd. and Palm Ave. in Pembroke Pines, long time, European-trained
    pastry chef Mickey Grunberger is quietly producing what he is calling
    “dossants,” his version of the fluffy croissant-donut combinations for the lucky
    few who get to his bakery early. At the original bakery in New York where this
    craze began, people line up around the block, hours before the bakery even opens
    to insure they get their treats before they sell out. These pastries have a
    short shelf life.
    “I only produce 50 a day because they have to be eaten fresh for the most
    enjoyment,” Grunberger said. “I studied baking in France and for many years have
    been making croissants the way the French do. I roll my dough from scratch,
    taking special care to make sure the layers are extra light and flaky. Then I
    shape them into donuts and fry them. It’s great to watch them puff up and turn a
    light golden brown.” He continued, “While still warm, I cut them open to add a
    rich filling in the middle, then I close them up, top them with different
    flavors of frosting, and finally coat the entire dossant in extra sugar. I have
    to admit, they are very, very delicious.”
    “I read about the sensation that was going on in New York and was thrilled when
    I heard through word of mouth that we had some right here in Broward County,”
    Leonard Cohen, an optical wholesaler from nearby Davie, FL said. “Sometimes I
    get up extra early to swing by the bakery as I head into the office, even though
    it’s a bit out of my way. But when I show up with a few dossants for my staff,
    they go crazy over them. I have to admit I love to get mine while it’s still
    warm, fresh out of his kitchen, and the smell is absolutely incredible. I eat it
    before I even get into my car- it just melts in my mouth!” Cohen laughed.
    Cohen said his favorite flavor is the cream-filled vanilla iced, but some of his
    employees ask for the cinnamon version, which is apparently just as tasty, while
    others like their dossants chocolate frosted, or with fruit fillings.
    As a certified kosher bakery, Master Cake Bakery is preparing to rev up
    production of all of its pastries for Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year), which
    begins sundown, September 4th. “It’s traditional to eat something sweet to
    symbolize a wish for a sweet upcoming year,” Grunberger explained. But
    Grunberger wants to be clear about this: Dossants are not strictly a Jewish
    food. They are simply a delectable pastry that happens to be made by a kosher
    baker. “One has nothing to do with the other. Good food is just that, good
    food,” he said.
    To try West Broward’s first dossants for yourself, visit Grunberger at his
    Master Cake Bakery, 9924 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024 at 7 am, when he
    opens. If you want to make sure you get your own before they sell out, you can
    call him the day before to place your order (954-842-4819). But if you don’t get
    there by 9 am to pick them up, he will sell them off to someone else who is
    anxious and ready to enjoy them.

    # # #

  10. 098UH says...

    Love the Pompano store. Great donuts 24 hrs a day.

  11. TY says...

    Amazing donuts. Love the cherry crunch.

  12. Audrey DeCillis says...

    Please fix the phone number for Pompano Beach can’t be 954-9292-1118

    Thank you

    P.S. I am only interested in jelly doughnuts will be checking out Dandee this week.

  13. DandyJoe says...

    The store in Deerfield is a totally different owner than the other two and his donuts are lousy.
    Just heard the owner of Pompano/Hollywood sold and there is a new owner.

  14. Alan Resnick says...

    First time at Dandee and loved the retro look. Took home a dozen and so far the glazed honey dip and the sour cream cake donuts have been amazing.

  15. Ted K says...

    jeff, one of your best finds EVER!
    love love love this joint.
    makes DD look like crap.

  16. jrjhs62 says...

    fabulous donuts and coffee. a must try.

  17. RAQ 1943 says...

    Love this place.
    Great donuts.

  18. Broward Cop says...

    The Dandees in Pompano and Deerfield use to be Tom Horton’s.

  19. Pete says...

    Agreed–while just about any donut is a good donut and there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a donut from your local Dunkin’ (I quite enjoy it from time to time), Dandee Donuts go above and beyond your ordinary national chain donut.

    It’s a good thing there are only two locations because if I lived right by one of them, my health from constant donut munching would be none the better. But it’ makes an awesome treat when passing through Pompano.

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