***** BRYLCREAM *****

Posted on November 13th, 2011 · Music/Events/Other


***** BRYLCREAM *****

Last night, at a small intimate private party in Boca Raton (actually, there were 979 people in attendance, but who’s counting?) I saw an absolutely terrific acapella doo wop group named BRYLCREAM. For over 4 hours, 5 middle-aged guys from Fort Myers, Florida mesmerized the crowd with amazing rendtions of hits made famous by groups/artists such as The Five Satins, The Crests, The Skyliners, Jackie Wilson, The Shirelles, The Four Tops, The Temptations, The Beach Boys, The Beatles…just to name a few.

Trust me on this one, BRYLCREAM which can go-three ways…acapella, full band or music tracks–is an act that rock n’ roll “lovers” should not miss. The group works all-over South-Southwest Florida.

If this type of stuff is your game…check the group’s website at for schedule/sounds.

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  1. NR says...

    Jeff, caught this group at Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton. You are so right, they are incredible.
    When they performed, they had the crowd literally in awe of how great they sounded.
    As a special treat, Johnny Contardo former lead singer of Sha Na Na joined them on stage for a great version of I Saw Her Standing There.

    • AV says...

      NR, also saw these guys. All I can say is WOW!!!!
      Non stop great singing.

  2. Mike Lambert says...

    Let me join in here. Like NR and AV I also caught this group at the WCC. Talk about great singing and personality, this group has it all.
    Until Saturday night I had never heard of Brylcream other than being a haircream I used in 50s. This group brings to life the music of the 50s, 60s and 70s in a very special way.
    They have a great lead singer, but the otherfour guys also take the leads on certain songs.
    Loved their acapella version of WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW.
    Hopefully they catch more work in our area as I would love to see them again.

    • Clubman says...

      I just heard that Woodfield is going to have them back on 11/17/12.I saw them the last year at woodfield last year and they blew the club away. Their covers are amazing. Many were as good if not better than the originals.
      I also heard that their new girl member does incredible leads on the hits of the great girl groups of the 50s and 60s.

  3. Gene says...

    Like several others here I also saw Brylcream this past Saturday.
    Amazing vocals.
    These guys are as good as the legendary Persuasions and could compete with the best on that NBC show Sing Off.
    If they come to your area, see them.

  4. nat e. says...

    great group.
    saw them this past weekend.

  5. angelo says...

    This past Saturday night the Woodfield Country Club in Boca Raton had its opening weekend party. On Saturday night, four different bands performed, The Voltage Brothers, The Will Bridges Band, Sucker Punch, Brylcream. All were terrific with Brylcream drawing huge crowds. On Sunday The Fabulons appeared with a special guest appearance by Johnny Contardo, former lead singer of Sha Na Na. They were terrific and Johnny did a great show.

  6. ed posner says...

    The headline should read, BRYLCREAM TAKES WOODFIELD BY STORM.

    Simply put, they are a great good. Great singing. Great songlist. Great showmanship.

    Can’t believe that they really aren’t known on this coast of Florida.

  7. erica says...

    From: erica
    Subject: Tessers Deli

    Message Body:
    I’m surprised u haven’t written about this Coconut Creek Deli. It’s awesome

    • Jeff Eats says...


      Just had a chance to read your post.

      Thanks for the heads up.

      I now have Tessers Deli on my “to try” list.

      Thanks for reading…

  8. Mr. Mars says...

    I was at Woodfield Country Clubs’ Season Opening Weekend last Saturday and Sunday.
    This is a hige event with over 1,000 on Saturday Night and 1,300 on Sunday afternoon.
    The Club on Saturday night had 4 bands playing at the same time in the main clubhouse.
    On Sunday afternoon on the field the Club at one band The Fabulons and Johnny Contardo of Sha Na Na performing.
    I seriously doubt that any other country club or community in the area puts on such a huge production for their residents/members.
    On saturday the 4 bands were The Voltage Brothers, Sucker Punch, The Will Bridges Band and Brylcream. They were all terrific.
    The Club on Saturday also had a 45 minute magic show starring Michael Trixxx from America Got Talent fame. He does magic to rock music background.

  9. joe says...

    saw this group last week they are terrific

    • miss ellen says...

      like you i caught brylcream in action. i agree they were terrific. great covers of doo wop hits, motown, beach boys, beatles. these guys can sing anything and do a great job with it. they did an amazing acapella version of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. if they come into your area, definitely see them,

  10. JHS says...

    Jeff: Maybe a little late here but I also saw Brylcream when they were in Boca Raton a few weeks ago. One of the best doo wop groups that I have ever seen. They also do Beach Boys, Beatles, and many other non do woop groups. They were great on every number.

  11. Johnnie G. says...

    Saw the group in Bonita Springs the other night.
    Don’t miss them.

  12. Donald Lester says...

    This is one of my wife and mine’s favorite singing groups. We have seen them several times and try and catch them whenever they appear at The Stage with is 10 minutes from our home.
    We highly recommend that people check them out because they sing great and put on one hell of a show.

  13. jay b. says...

    saw them and loved them. very entertaining and boy o boy can they sing

  14. popper says...

    where are they next appearing.

  15. liz says...

    terrific group. sing everything well.

  16. KLJ says...

    Let me tell you, this group is amazingly good.
    I have seen them twice and each time they had the crowd in the palm of their hands.
    They sing oldies, beach boys, beatles, disco, motown, you name it and every song is terrific.
    They are extremely personable.
    If they come into your area, don’t misss them.

  17. eddie f. says...

    they are going to be at the stage in bonita springs in coming weeks, they are really great.

  18. mr. kramer says...

    I saw these guys at The Stage.
    They are terrific.
    Great vocals and the harmonies are sensational.

    • Ed Leiberman says...

      I also saw them at The Stage.
      I live in Delray and sure would love to see them play gigs in this area.
      They were fabulous.

  19. DD2012 says...

    Last November the Woodfield Country Club had Brylcream at its Season Opening Weekend.
    I and my wife have lived here for 20 years and the Club’s events are always terrific. We have had numerous bands and I can’t really recall one not being good.
    What makes this club different from others in the area is that the bands and acts they get are usually not from the local area.
    Way back in 2009 they had a group called The Bronx Wanderers who became huge from their appearance and now are booked all over the USA.
    The list is huge as to non local bands. Like The New Invaders from Chicago, The Voltage Brothers from Atlanta, Sonny Geraci from Cleveland, Johnny Contardo from Los Angeles, The Right On Band from Norfolk Virgina.
    All of the other clubs and condos in the area book acts that seemingly have multiple bookings in the area. For example they play Thursday in Delray, Friday in Boca and Saturday in West Palm. WCC on the other hand just gets the act or band and eats all of the costs to bring them in so that Club members see something that no other club has scheduled. The most recent example of that is that WCC had comic Sebastian Maniscalco from Los Angeles who came in solely to play this date in Florida.
    As far as I know, WCC is the only club or condo to use Brylcream who come from the Naples area.
    To say that Brylcream stole the Season Opener would be an understatement. The event featured 5 bands and Brylcream by far and away was the most popular on the bill. By the way the other four and headliner Johnny Contardo were also terrific but for some reason Brylcream hit it out of the park with the crowd.
    WCC is now planning 2012’s event and tons of people are requesting that Brylcream be brought back for another appearance.
    If you live in South Florida I strongly suggest that if your club or condo has an entertainment director that you immediately turn he or she onto this group.

    • LT says...

      Brylcream is a fabulous act. I recently saw them at The Stage in Bonita Springs and they did a great job. Their lead singer Billy has a melodic sound that really makes things work.

    • EFR says...

      I heard that WCC is briniging the group back for an encore appearance on 11/17/12.

    • RICKY D says...

      I live at WCC.
      Just heard that WCC is bringing Brylcream back for its Season Opening Party on 11/17/12.
      Like you, I thought they absolutely killed it last year.
      One of the best doo wop acapella groups that I have ever seen.

  20. IKnowAlot says...

    Brylcream is scheduled to appear 6-8-12 at The Stage in Bonita Springs.
    I’ve seen them twice and they are really good.
    Check them out.

  21. Rhoda K says...

    Terrific group. Saw them last year and they were so much fun to watch.

  22. Linda Gold says...

    They recently added a female to the group. The lineup is fabulous.
    Catch their act, you won’t be disappointed.

  23. Tony Martin says...

    If you like doo wop you will love this group. They are great.

  24. GINO says...

    Recently saw this group in Bonita Springs. They are terrfic. By the way, in recent months they have added a female lead singer to the lineup. She is incredible doing Donna Summers, Etta James and leads on many of the famous girl groups like The Shirelees and The Supremes.

    • HEPPER says...

      Ive seen Brylcream 3 times. Fabulous group.
      I have not seen them with the new female lead.
      Her name is Christine Bradford.
      Ive seen her in local clubs sometimes as a solo and often as a duo. She is a really terrific singer.
      Friends of mine saw her with Brylcream and told me that she makes the group stronger than before. That’s really hard to believe because they are great. My friends said that her Etta James and Donna Summer are sensational.
      Looking forward to seeing Brylcream with this new addition.

  25. Johnny C. says...

    I saw Brylcream at the Woodfield Country Club last November. The group was sensational. As a matter of fact, a group of us from Woodfield made a special trip to Bonita Springs a few months ago to see Brylcream at The Stage. We had a great time there and made a weekend of it by staying over.
    I just spoke with a few folks at Woodfield and was told that Brylcream with the new female lead will be appearing there on Nov. 17, 2012 as part of the Season Opening Weekend. I am really looking forward to seeing this new lead as she wasn’t part of the group that we saw at The Stage.
    I’m not sure how many booking agents read Jeff Eats. If there are any out there, they should check this group out and get them booked into clubs in our south Florida area.
    All I can tell your readers is that this group puts on one hell of a show. When they were at Woodfield they played 3 straight hours and covered hits from the 50s-80s. Some were done with backing tracks and others were done acapella. The group was as entertaining as can be.

  26. WSA says...

    Saw Brylcream last night at The Stage.
    They put on one hell of a show.

  27. RFE says...

    A little hard to find video on this group.
    Did find them singing Remember When, and Blue Moon. They are very good. Im a huge doo wop fan. Will be turning 66 next month. I think I know my stuff and I can tell you that the group’s lead singer on Remember When has a melodic voice. The man can really sing.

  28. Yappyman says...

    Saw them at The Stage last week. They have a female lead in the group and they are terrific.

    • FGH says...

      The female is a natural harmony singer. Take it from this former member of the Demensions she can really sing.

  29. musicman says...

    what a great find. terrific vocals. loved the harmony.

  30. AnnKd says...

    Recently caught them at The Stage. Really enjoyed their performance. Great leads and harmonies.

  31. AWS says...

    Brylcream is scheduled to appear at the Woodfield Country Club on Saturday Night 11/17/12.
    I saw this group last year and they were excellent. Very rare in this day and age to find a group that can really do acapella well.

  32. HIDDENMAN says...

    I saw this group at the Sandy Parrot in Ft Myers and really enjoyed them. They do great covers both with tracks and acapella. If you get a chance go see them, you wont be disappointed.

  33. RR says...

    Saw them last night. Really enjoyed their show.

  34. MB says...

    Caught the group at the Woodfeidl Country Club last Saturday night. If you like doo wop and great acapella singing you must see them. They are fabulous. The group had the crowd in the palm of their hand.

  35. RF says...

    Great group
    Don’t miss them.

  36. kj says...

    if you like doo wop and acapella youll love this group.

  37. UpHere says...

    Saw them at The Stage.
    Really great group.
    Put on a great show.

  38. Nat K. says...

    This group is really good. Their lead singer Bill has a tremendous voice.

  39. BOB F says...

    I just wanted to tell you that Brylcream’s lead singer BILLY has an great voice. I’ve been in a number of doo wop groups and his voice is right up there with the best that Ive heard in the past 55 years.Sounds crazy, I know, but this guy has one of those magical voices. By the way, the rest of his group is very good but they aren’t even close vocally to him.

  40. EDELMAN says...

    Definitely one of the best doo wop groups in Florida. They put on a great show.

  41. ASINGER says...

    I recently saw Brylcream.
    In my younger days, I was in several professional singing groups.
    One of the groups had massive hits.
    Our name was Paul Revere & The Raiders.
    No, I wasn’t the lead singer, nor for that matter was Paul Revere.
    I’ve been around singers, musicians, and production people my whole life.
    I can tell you who can sing and who can’t sing.
    Just for the record, Bill who is the lead singer can really sing. He is one of the most melodic voices I’ve heard.
    Now keep in mind, Bill is probably 72-73 and even at that age his voice is a beautiful instrument.
    I can only imagine what he sounded like when he was 21.
    In any event, I urge your readers to follow this group and if they can get out to see them live.
    They are extremely entertaining and Bill is worth the price of admission alone.

  42. TATAFORNOW says...

    Very good doo wop group.
    Saw them at The Stage.

  43. KV says...

    Caught them at Vandy’s.
    They are terrific.

  44. lkm says...

    don’t miss this group. beautiful harmonies.

  45. ZED says...

    Definitely one of the best oldies group in Florida. Tremendous harmonies.

  46. LMKJUJ says...

    Our CC in Boca Raton had them last year at our Season Opening Party at they were fabulous. Highly recommend this group.

  47. KSR says...

    Saw them. Loved them.

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