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The Coral Springs Center For The Arts, 2855 Coral Springs Drive, Coral Springs, Florida 33065— recently “announced” its 2011-2012 show-schedule. For those who don’t know-about Coral Springs, it’s a great alternative to the more “prestigous” and more “expensive” venues like Kravis and Broward Center. Coral Springs is a much smaller venue–that said, every so often it presents some heavy duty talent/productions.

With the above in mind…Just wanted to mention, that two absolutely-terrific “comics”- Bobby Collins (Saturday 3/3/12) and Mike Marino (Friday 2/17/12) will be making appearances. Trust me on this, if you want to laugh youself silly–then, you got to catch these guys in action. By the way, if you aren’t familar with these guys, the Coral Springs site has video on both…there are also plenty of YouTube videos on them.

You can select/purchase seats online.


  1. Steve Kramer says...

    I have seen Bobby Collins 3 times. Last Spring at St Andrews Country Club in Boca, and twice at NY Comedy Club in Boca, with the last outing being about 2 weeks ago. Bobby is one of the funniest comics going. Wherever he performs he sells out. I highly recommend that your readers go to see him they won’t be disappointed.
    I have never seen Mike Marino, but based on the videos, I just bought tickets to see him in Coral Springs. From what I see, he reminds me a bit of Dice Clay but much cleaner.
    By the way, Dice Clay is going to be at IMPROV in both Hollywood and WPB in November 2011. He now is much cleaner and is also very funny. I also know that John Pinete is going to be at Hollywood IMPROV over Thanksgiving, he is great.

    • CB says...

      Great place, those who run the place ought to find another job, I’ve said that for years and years. They’ve wasted this fabulous facility forever with the acts they bring in, catering to 90 year-olds rather than the local community. Is there ever any good music? Never, well perhaps once every 2 or 3 years, but it could be used so much better!

    • EGJ says...

      Saw Bobby Collins last Saturday night. Heard about him here. He did close to two hours and I laughed the whole way. Thanks

  2. SSS says...

    Don’t miss going to see Collins. He is one of a kind. Saw him at Mardi Gras Casino a two weeks ago.

  3. Ron Ron says...

    Hey Jeff, caught Bobby Collins earlier this year at the Woodfield Country Club. Very very funny.
    Your readers should also checkout DANTE who worked at WCC and is going tob at New York Comedy Club I think in November and you can get free tkts for him. He is very clever.

  4. Larry Katz says...

    In the past year I saw Brenner and Collins. Brenner is a hasbind. Collins is awesome.

  5. Gennero says...

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  6. Jeff Eats says...


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  7. Mr. Mars says...

    they also have some really terrific “oldies” shows set for 2012.

  8. Mr. Mars says...

    I’ve seen Mike Marino.
    He is hilarious.
    He reminds me of Andrew Dice Clay, but much cleanier.
    I just looked at his schedule and in addition to Coral Springs he has other Florida dates.
    Check him out.
    You won’t be disappointed.

  9. joe says...

    i’ve seen him, he is very funny.

  10. MKJ says...

    Jeff: Just bought tkts for both Collins and Marino.
    Got great seats online.

  11. Joanie says...

    hey jeff, marino in addition to doing coral springs has several condo dates in fl. i live in baywinds in wpb and we got him coming.

  12. Ronnie Green says...

    Great oldies show set for 3/2/12.
    The Skyliners are a great act.

  13. mr. kramer says...

    The seating in this place sucks.

  14. Julie R says...

    Saw Marino a few months ago ion AC and he is one of the funniest comics I’ve ever seen.

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