Ruby’s Pizza, Pasta & Subs (Deerfield Beach)

Posted on November 2nd, 2011 · Deals Deerfield Beach Italian Pizza


***** Ruby’s Pizza, Pasta & Subs, 614 Southeast 10th Street, Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441, (954) 480-9919.

Got a real good “mom & pop” red sauce Italian joint for you…Ruby’s-located in Deerfield Beach. You can check menu/prices/photos at For those looking for a “deal”–and who isn’t?—the site has a handful of coupons. There is also an $8.75 gets you $25 “offer” at

Now, starting with the premises that Ruby’s isn’t trying to cure cancer-or bring peace to the middle-east…I must-say, that Ruby’s absolutely killed it…I loved the thin crust/sweet sauce pizza, veal parmigiana, caesar salad/grilled chicken, snapper francaise, fettucine alfredo. On the decor front, handful of tables…and a guy making pizzas at the “standard” pizza joint counter/oven. If you wear anything fancier than a tee shirt/shorts/flip flops-sneakers-crocs-sandals, you will be over dressed.

To be perfectly honest with you, over the past few years, I’ve eaten in so many “mom & pop” Italian joints, that it’s often hard to remember the specifics about particular restaurants…lucky for me, I can read Jeff Eats, check my handwritten notes and “recall” what-was-what. To get to the point, this Ruby’s joint is one that I “think” I will remember down the road. Now, trust me here, the food is heads and shoulders better than most of its brethern. Anyway, if I do forget, I’ll just re-read this writeup and be set.

If “mom & pop” red sauce Italian joints are your game, they are mine…you will love Ruby’s.

Ruby’s is open Monday-Thursday 11:30am-10pm, Friday 11:30am-11pm, Saturday 11:30am-10pm, Sunday noon-9pm.

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  1. Jummy Murata says...

    From: Jimmy Murata
    Subject: HongKong City Barbecue

    Message Body:
    Lauderdale Lakes 441 No of Commercial on the west side …..Dumpy dying strip mall with the uninviting diner like facility…Surprise! I eat there weekly and the service is great, the food flavor top notch…The inside is clean although not fancy…Dim Sum great…not wallet breaking….consult the menu for seasonal veggies with oyster sauce…..sorry I do not eat fried rice or egg drop soup….sesame or soy chicken is just great…..give me a report on the other items you like….
    Just think after a meal you can shop at the Chinese market in the same mall…and…shop at a bunch of nearby pawn shops…..bang bang and I don’t mean chicken..

  2. Jimmy Murata says...

    From: Jimmy Murata
    Subject: Worst food ever…..genocide?

    Message Body:
    Walmart deli and the Subway there also…..No wonder so many people who eat that food are fat and need power carts….a real shame…They need Michelle Obama to make a house call

  3. Scott says...

    Ruby’s is right near Zion High School just east of US1 on the South side of 10th street in Deerfield Beach. These are great guys and they have an inexpensive pizza shop with good food. I like to support the local hard working restaurant owners and not the mass chain restaurants. We go to Ruby’s at least once per week and have never been disappointed.

  4. Berto says...

    Ate at ruby’s last night. Chicken parmigiana and lasgana. Pasta and sauce are excellent, if a little bland (I grew up in a Siclian neighborhood) Needs more garlic and spices for my taste.
    Chicken was a little over-cooked. Ruby’s version of lasagna is 3 layers of pasta, 2 of meat and a cheese topping. If you like meat, you’ll love it. Personally, a layer of ricotta would have been a big improvement. Very decent wine @ $3/glass.
    Good solid value and first class service. I’ll go back soon and try the pizza.

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