***** Rick St. James *****

Posted on September 30th, 2011 · Music/Events/Other


***** Rick St. James *****

If you like Rod Stewart’s music- I got something that you might want to checkout…

About 3-4 months ago, one of America’s top rated-Rod Stewart tribute artists moved to South Florida. The guy’s name is Rick St. James and based on recent performances at B.B. Kings and Meyer Amphitheatre both in West Palm Beach, you’d swear that Rod Stewart in-the-flesh was on the stage.

Do a bit of GOOGLING and you’ll find a ton of ‘You Tube’ on this guy- as well as various talent agency-sites that book his dates.

From what I understand, Rick St. James works all over the United States…that said, he does have a number of up-coming South Florida gigs pay/free scheduled.

Like I said, if Rod Stewart is your bag, you’ll really enjoy Rick St. James’ tribute show.

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  1. John K. says...

    Jeff, definitely going to check him out. I found the remainder of his 2011 shedule:

    October 2011
    October 22 Boca Raton, FL

    October 27 West Palm Beach, FL
    BB Kings at City Place
    Halloween Party with ROD

    November 2011

    November 12 Palm Harbor, Fl
    Innisbrook Country Club
    Fund Raiser
    Full Band

    December 2011
    December 10 Pittsburgh, PA

    December 22 West Palm Beach, FL
    BB Kings at City Place
    Holiday Bash

    December 31 Boca Raton, FL
    Private Country Club
    Rod Stewart Rock Show

  2. Judy Weiss says...


    Two weeks ago I saw Rick St. James at BB Kings at City Place. He really does put on an amazing show. He sounds and looks like the real thing. He has tremendous energy on stage and really goes all out.
    I highly recommend that your readers check him out.
    They won’t be disappointed.

  3. Bob R. says...

    I really enjoy great rock n’ roll bands and especially great tribute artists. S. Florida has some really good tribute acts like Neil Zirconia (Neil Diamond), Odyessey (Journey), Alter Eagles (Eagles), Anthology (The Beatles), George Orr (Rod Stewart), Roll The Stones (The Rolling Stones). I have seen all of these acts and they are all really good.
    The other night, at the Woodfield Country Club Rick St. James made a guest appearance at a club party. I was there and saw him sing one song with the band that was there Stayin Alive and he looked and sounded just like Rod Stewart. Since he was a guest, he only did one song, but it was obvious that the guy can get the job done.
    I am definitely going to check him out at one of the local clubs that he plays at.
    I also heard that he will be performing New Years Eve at Woodfield Country Club with his band Hot Legs.

    • Any Man says...

      Bob R.:

      I live at the Woodfield Country Club. We kind of think that we have something very special going on here, as we have a very diversified age group ranging from 30-90. Our average age is around 48.
      Unlike other clubs and communities, WCC isn’t on an entertainment schedule. All of our performers are selected by our GM and Director of Evenets. Seemingly, they go all over the country to find acts that no other club has/had.
      WCC discovered The Bronx Wanderers. This group now plays all over S. Florida. WCC had them 3 times before anyone else grabbed them.
      How many clubs do you know, can hold a party for 1200 and have Joey Dee & The Starliters, Maxine Nightingale and two other bands playing all on the same evening? Trust me, not many, if any at all.
      For this coming 11/2-11/13 WCC has 4 bands booked for 11/12 and the Fabulons and Johnny Contardo former lead singer of Sha Na Na set for 11/13.
      By the way, I caught Rick St. James at WCC the other night. Rick is real good and I understand that he set to play WCC on 12/31. I also understand that WCC is going to have a DJ, full light & sound show, so the crowd will have an amazing variety of entertainment.

      • Mickey G. says...

        any man,
        definitely will get to see rick st james.
        i live in large country club which is right down the street from wcc. we have some nice entertainment but nothing on the level of wcc.
        i see that you mention that johnny contardo is going to appear at wcc on nov 13th. for those who dont know, johnny probably has one of the greatest voices in rock n roll history. check him out on you tube.

  4. Howard says...

    Stick to food Jeff. You know about as much about music as you know patiently how to wait for a chicken salad sandwich.

  5. Bobby G. says...

    Rick is excellent. Saw him at BB Kings. Very close to seeing the real thing.

  6. MK says...

    Saw Rick this evening. The guy and his band put on a great show. He sounds just like the real Rod. He also has a female vocalist who did a great Adele hit. Don’t miss this group.

  7. mr. kramer says...

    this guy is real good.

  8. friend’s of mine, and my return to the business, did V. F. with carmine in my town, did fairly well, your act is interesting. be in florida to visit gary puckett a good friend , and les dudek, and will see what is happening with you, john and all his act’s. managed “rare earth”, moon’s ago, and in biz 40++ year’s! helping a company re-open,, and other project’s.

    be well,
    jimmy jones

  9. oh, 70, and look 55. ben around like all of us especialy; John:)

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