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Damn Good Burger (Miami)

Posted on September 27th, 2011 · American Fast Food Miami

***** Damn Good Burger, 20 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida 33132, (305) 718-6565.

You know–when in rains it pours!!

Video stores, self serve yogurt stores, cupcake stores…the newest “get in the business”– upscale fast food hamburger joints. Say hello to Damn Good Burger, an upscale fast food burger joint which opened in June 2011. As Bush Sr. would say, “Not gonna do it.”—or maybe it was Dana Carvey doing Bush Sr.—not gonna give you guys a lecture on musical chairs and how one-of-these-days many of these fast food burger joints are gonna find that there isn’t enough business to go-round.

So, while the game is still on, let me tell you about Damn Good Burger.

Damn Good Burger does burgers, hot dogs, french fries, onion rings, handful of salads/sandwiches. In the decor departtment, retro 50’s-60’s look with a cool red drapery thing going on. You can check menu/prices at Really didn’t spend time figuring out the numbers, but off the top of my head- DGB’s prices seem a drop higher than 5 Guy’s and the others in the class. That said, you won’t end up in the poorhouse eating there, so no big worry. I tried a double patty cheeseburger, waffle french fries, onion rings and a grilled mahi sandwich and everything was right on the money. I will tell you, the mahi sandwich was really-really good…so “we” now know a joint where us men can eat burgers & fries smothered in ketchup in peace, while the females have “something” to eat, that they think won’t adversely affect their figures.

Damn Good Burger definitely gets the job done.

You now know about “another” player in the upscale burger fast food business.

Damn Good Burger is open 7 days a week from 11am-11pm.

4 Comments to “Damn Good Burger (Miami)”

  1. Sonny R. says...

    Jeff: Did you see that Shula is developing an upscale fast food burger concept? You are so right that this field is really getting crowded.

    • HerbK says...

      Even Chuck Curcio, from Tire Kingdom, has a burger joint, Chuck Burger, in Palm Beach Gardens. I still haven’t seen one that would stop me from driving about 15 miles to get to Charm City Burgers.

  2. PS says...

    hey jeff,
    why dont you eat at some food trucks once in a while. like the “upscale burger joint” they are everywhere these days. See you at ps561!

  3. Merrill L says...

    From: Merrill L & John D’Errico
    Subject: about Jeff

    Message Body:
    I was born in the Bx (’51), then Canarsie in ’66 where I met hubby (totally born (’54) & bred Bklyn), after Hoboken, Silver Spring, MD, Dallas, TX, Wellington, FL and Miami since 2001 we have eaten in lots of bad but some more than decent places here. We will definitely try “Damn Good Burger” on your recommendation. I was born into a restaurant family so I might be a little more critical than some, but if you want feedback after our meal there, I will certainly let you know.
    Merrill L

    This mail is sent via contact form on Jeff Eats

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