Grimaldi’s Coal-Brick Oven Pizzeria (Palm Beach Gardens)

Posted on September 19th, 2011 · Italian Palm Beach Gardens Pizza


***** Grimaldi’s Coal-Brick Oven Pizzeria, 11701 Lake Victoria Gardens Avenue, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410, (561) 625-4669.

Grimaldi’s Coal-Brick Oven Pizzeria is a “coal oven” pizza chain…there are currently locations in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, New York and Texas. For our purposes, there is currently 1-location in South Florida (Palm Beach Gardens) with announced plans to open a second spot at 1 North Clematis Street, West Palm Beach.

You can check menu/prices/locations at

Over the years, I’m gonna guess- that I have eaten in the Brooklyn location 10 times and the Tucson joint 8…Last night, I had dinner at Palm Beach Garden’s restaurant…same menu, same delicious pizza. The only problem I have with Grimaldi’s is that its menu is extremely limited…like try- pizza, a handful of salads, handful of calzones, handful of desserts…end of story. So–if pizza and salad ain’t your bag, you’re in for a serious problem while the rest of your party stuff their faces.

The Palm Beach Gardens’ joint is located in DOWNTOWN AT THE GARDENS…a gorgeous white elephant outdoor mall, which has more empty stores than there are Chins in a Chinese phonebook.

Grimaldi’s pizza is outstanding…it’s right up there with the best of breed. The joint’s caesar and caprese salad are also delicious. The Palm Beach Garden’s joint has a full bar, indoor and outdoor patio seating.

So what we got here…one of the best coal fired pizza/salad joints in South Florida albeit with a very limited menu…great looking indoor wood decor/outdoor patio seating…full bar—in a huge ghost town complex.

Grimaldi’s is open Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm and Friday-Saturday 11am-midnight.

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  1. MB says...

    I recently graduated from the U of A in Tucson.
    Grimaldi’s is within walking distance of campus and was definitely the place to go for great pizza.
    Like you my one bitch with this restaurant was its very limited menu.
    Now that I’m back in Florida working in Fort Lauderdale I’m looking forward to eating at the Grimaldi’s in Palm Beach Gardens.
    For your readers who like coal oven pizza, you will love Grimaldi’s.

  2. NPB says...

    I have to completely disagree with you Jeff. Grimaldi’s is a PIZZA RESTAURANT. Since you claim to have eaten at a Grimaldi’s before, you should know before you walk through the door that you are getting pizza, not linguine with clams. It is not an Italian restaurant. The comment that you made about Downtown at the Gardens having more empty stores than some racist comment is completely false. Downtown at the Gardens was a ghost town several years ago. Maybe you haven’t been in the past year or 6 months, but Downtown is THE place to be in northern Palm Beach County. It was taken over by a company almost 2 years ago that has turned Downtown around for the better. Maybe you should actually check your facts before making these completely false statements.

    • Donald R. says...

      Jeff is right and you are wrong.
      DOWNTOWN has been a disaster since DAY ONE.
      Johnny Rocket’s failed.
      Rosa Mexicana failed.
      Strip House failed.
      Just to name a few.
      I know from what I speak, I’m a commercial real estate broker.
      As for the CHINS comment, get a sense of humor. Soupy Sales used that line for years on his tv show.

    • KLL says...

      if you think that Downtown has been turned around, i got a bridge in brooklyn that i’d like to sell you. Downtown is a mess. As correctly pointed out, a Jewish Chabad has space there. That’s unheard of it in a top notch major mall. They must have gotten close to nothing rent. There is also a dog grooming washing store there. Same thing on the rent.

    • Larry Berger says...

      If you look up the term WHITE ELEPHANT in Webster’s Dictionary, you will find a picture of DOWNTOWN.
      For you to call this “THE the place to be in northern Palm Beach County” is an absurd statement.
      I would suggest that you check your “facts” as this mall is a D I A S T E R.
      Having tenants like a Chabad and a Dog Groomer should tell you that the landlord is in big trouble.
      Jeff’s the man and your’e a jerk.

  3. Jeff Eats says...


    Just had a chance to read your post.

    Don’t know what MALL you are looking at, but as of a day or so ago, DOWNTOWN was like a ghost town with tons of empty stores.

    Look…when a CHABAD has space there and a dog washing store has space there…it’s obvious the mall is not doing well.

    Thanks for reading…

  4. Mike Cooperman says...

    Grimaldi’s pizza is terrific. I was there Sunday afternoon because my wife was at a sale in a local boutique. Never go to this center, because it’s like a ghostown.
    As for the location debate, Downtown is not a strong center.

  5. South Ocean says...

    Jeff —

    Maybe there is some method to Grimaldi’s mall choice madness.

    As you may know, Coal Burger is a new burger concept started by Grimaldi’s Pizzeria; each Coal Burger location is built near a Grimaldi’s. They cook burgers over a hot coal fire.

    If I were the franchisee, and maybe looking for a couple shops, close by one another, a distressed mall might be a very economical setting.

    Keep watching for Coal Burger to open near Grimaldi’s.

    • arf says...

      that coal burger concept looks very interesting.
      maybe we’ll see one come to florida.

  6. Jeff Eats says...

    South Ocean:

    Just had a chance to read your post.

    Thanks for the info on Coal Burger

    On the Grimaldi’s in DOWNTOWN, the bet here is that the landlord probably gave them the location basically rent-free. DOWNTOWN started out as disaster and currently still is.

    Thanks for reading…

  7. ches says...

    grimaldi’s is delicious. not sure what jeff means by more empty stores than chins but maybe i’m just not that smart. go there any night of the week and all of the restaurants will be busy. i heard the jewish kids who took over the place are really smart.

  8. Steve says...

    Ate there last night with a party of 4. Not quite as good as the original in Brooklyn, but we all enjoyed our 4 topping pizza, and calzone. My small house salad was terrific, and I wound up sharing it with 2 other friends. I must say, it seems like DT Gardens is a lot more busy than it used to be. We couldn’t find a parking spot last night, and there was a lot of buzz all around. It could be for the DT Gardens staples such as Yardhouse, Cobb Theatre, Whole Foods, and the new see / be seen Dirty Martini bar. There was a band playing in the center of the Mall area, and the old folks sat and watched their free concert and sipped wine, while about 100 tween kids ran around the place just hanging out. I do hope they can find a solution for DT Gardens, because it’s right in my neighborhood and we enjoy going there.

  9. Kerry says...

    pizza is good.
    location is crap.
    center has a lot of empty space.

  10. Rick Massaria says...

    Yesterday I tired Gramaldi’s new burger concept in Phoenix. Excellent food.
    Hope they open a few in Florida.

    • Wally C. says...

      ate at grimaldi’s burgers in phoenix yesterday. not very good.

    • BOB VEE says...

      i ate there yesterday and burger is fair at best.

  11. vinny chase says...

    also saw this burger concept in az.
    food was very good.
    ate in pizza one in wpb, very good, but i think that nick’s and tucci in boca are better.
    grimaldi’s is definitely better than anthony’s.

  12. ANDREW says...

    Just read in the NY Post about how the guy who bought the Grimadli’s store/name in Brooklyn is losing his lease and is moving the store one storefront away. Then the story says that the originally founder of Gramaldi’s who sold this place to the guy is going to reopen a pizza place in the now vacant old store. Two pizzerias next door to each other. Very interesting story.

  13. Alfie says...

    Delicious pizza.

    • Nico says...

      I think its the best coal oven pizza around. Unlike Anthony’s heavy pizza it is light and crispy and fresh tasting

  14. KSR says...

    Had its pizza and house salad this afternoon. Both were delicious.

  15. Johnnie G. says...

    I really enjoy coal oven pizza.
    Grimaldi’s in Palm Beach Gardens has amazingly delicious pizza. They also have terrific salads, calzones and desserts. No wings or anything else so the menu maybe be a bit limited for some folks.

  16. Lou A1972 says...

    Nice meeting you at Grimaldi’s last Sunday. Nice resemblance to your logo.
    I absolutely love Grimaldi’s pizza and various salads.
    For 30 bucks or so which includes the tip, 2 people can have a great lunch or dinner.

  17. Gene A. says...

    I eat in the Clematis location.
    The pizza is amazing as are its salads.
    The view of the intracoastal is incredible from the restaurant.

  18. john perrone says...

    From: john perrone
    Subject: grimaldis

    Message Body:
    I have been to the Palm Beach Gardens Grimaldis on several occasions,and totally
    agree with your critique. The salads and the pizza are the best in the area, and
    the restaurant decor is very “New York’ which is great.

    This mail is sent via contact form on Jeff Eats

  19. Jane R says...

    My husband and I ate lunch there yesterday and the pizza is fabulous. The center is kind of weak and it’s really a shame that more people don’t go there.

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