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Smashburger (Coral Springs, Kendall, Miami)

Posted on September 14th, 2011 · American Coral Gables Fast Food Kendall Miami


***** Smashburger *****

Smashburger is a “national” fast-food hamburger chain.

For right now, you CAN’T eat in a Smashburger in South Florida, because-they haven’t yet opened a single store in this region. That said, if you check the company’s website- you will find that 3-South Florida stores are set to open real soon…1 in Coral Springs, 1 in Kendall and 1 in Miami.

During the past 2 months, I ate in Smashburgers in Phoenix and Dallas…absolutely delicious burgers, fries, hot dogs. As a point of reference, don’t think plebian joints like McDonald’s, Burger King or Wendy’s… but rather, the upscale players like 5 Guy’s, CG Burgers, Shake Shack, BurgerFi and you’ll “know” what market Smashburger is playing in.

I really enjoyed Smashburger. The joint’s prices are in the same-ballpark as 5 Guys (and the others mentioned)…Smashburger’s menu has the requisite burgers and fries—you’ll also find a handful of salads and shakes.

If really good fast food burgers and fries float your boat- keep an eye out for Smashburger.

14 Comments to “Smashburger (Coral Springs, Kendall, Miami)”

  1. Jeff Feinstein says...

    From: Jeffrey Feinstein
    Subject: Elevation Burger

    Message Body:
    Hi Jeff from Brooklyn, I am jeff from Brooklyn. I see you like burgers come in a taste my Organic grass-fed burgers at Coral Springs and Pembroke Pines


  2. Evan says...

    From: Evan
    Subject: Farradday’s at Isle Casino – Pompano

    Message Body:
    Check out Farradday’s Steakhouse. One of the better one’s in Broward. Miami may have a few better but they’re overpriced. This place is quiet, on the lower end of steakhouse prices, very nice decor, and great food. My wife says the duck was the best she’s ever had. My sirloin was great. They have the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had.
    Check this place out. It’s not what you think of when you talk about a casino eatery.

  3. JeffEats says...


    Just had a chance to read your post.

    Been there, done that! Check 4/27/08 for Jeff Eats’ review.

    Thanks for reading…

  4. john castore says...

    great burgers and fries.
    love the rock n roll music they play.
    better than 5 guys.

  5. Mickey K says...

    Jeff, you ever try Elevation Burgers in Coral Springs?
    I’ve been there twice and didn’t like them
    Would love your opinion.
    Mickey B

  6. MB says...

    Crowded upscale burger field.
    Smashburger is right up there with the best.
    If you are a Five Guys fan, you will definitely like Smashburger.

  7. sid says...

    they opened in coral springs yesterday

  8. Cossette D says...

    Smashburger Coral Springs is da bomb. Best burgers, chicken sammies & salads. And the staff rocks too!

    • simon says...

      i agree.
      food is terific.

  9. LLO says...

    I rate Smashburger right up there with the best. Loved the cheeseburger and ff I had in the Coral Springs store.

  10. sharon t says...

    Best upscale fast food burger and fries ive had.

  11. mike says...


    • Lloo28 says...

      Guys who own this one picked a real crappy location. Big mistake.

  12. betsi says...

    I am not surprised that Smashburguer closed in Coral Springs, I love the food there, but the staff started to be careless, soda machine was filthy and had mildew (i saw this for three months in a row) I spoke with the manager about it and three weeks after they closed down. I am dissapointed but five guys and burger fi are still around.

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