***** Roll The Stones *****

Posted on September 9th, 2011 · Music/Events/Other West Palm Beach



***** Roll The Stones *****

If you are a fan of THE ROLLING STONES–and who isn’t?…I got something that you absolutely-positively will want to take advantage of…

On September 24, 2011 from 7pm-11pm—Roll The Stones one of America’s top-rated Stones’ tribute bands will perform a FREE CONCERT at City Place, 550 South Rosemary Avenue, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401. I have seen this 9-piece band in action—and I am telling you, that that are absurdly good. Don’t believe me?…Check and catch the photos/audios/videos.

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  1. videos are incredible. thks for the heads up. love the stones. really cool how the band isn’t the standard 5 man copycat deal.

  2. john castore says...

    i saw this group in delray. they are terrific.

  3. Stu says...

    I went on Saturday, it was great! Thanks for the idea. The crowd was small and you could stand right in front.

  4. Don K. says...

    great band. they really do the stones justice.
    heard they will be at woodfield country club in boca on 1/28/12.

    • lk says...

      just got invited to see them at woodfield. cant wait. they were awesome at city place

      The Beatles Meet the Rolling Stones
      Saturday, January 28 at 6:30 p.m.
      Grande Ballroom
      $59 Members Pre-Registration before January 21; $68 Members Thereafter; $81 Guests

      Amazingly, as two of rock’s most iconic bands, The Beatles and the Rolling Stones never shared a bill during the height of their careers. Well, that all changes as national tribute acts Anthology and Roll The Stones take the Woodfield stage for an unforgettable night as these bands create the sounds, mood and vibe that started a cultural revolution! Members and guests begin the evening with a cocktail hour followed by dinner in the ballroom prior to Anthology taking the stage to play all your Fab Four favorites. Then, Roll The Stones will capture the power and excitement straight from the Rolling Stones legendary stadium tours during their set. A signature bar will be available.
      *This event will feature assigned seating for everyone. Members may request seating arrangements and all requests will be considered and granted when possible, however, requests are not guaranteed. In the event that this event reaches sell-out capacity, all tables will consist of 12 people to maximize seating. Any group that is smaller than 12 will be seated at a “club table” in which Woodfield will put groups together to form a table of 12. There is a 72-hour cancellation policy for this event.
      **Kids Korner will offer complimentary babysitting on this evening for those members attending this event

  5. joe anthony says...

    Amazing tribute act.
    Real cool band.
    Don’t miss them.

  6. ERIN says...

    I checked their site, for right now there are no public appearance listed. Based on their videos I’d love to check them out in person. Any idea when and where they will be playing?

    • Robin T. says...

      erin, woodfield country club in boca on 1/28/12.

  7. benny says...

    these folks can really play.

  8. jake says...

    incredible group. will be a city place on feb 4 2012

  9. Ghgjh says...

    Saw them at nectar bar in Seminole casino tonight, they re very good.

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