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Posted on September 7th, 2011 · Music/Events/Other

***** South Florida Daily Blog *****

Now it’s just an opinion, but the “MOTHER” of all South Florida Blogs is…SOUTH FLORIDA DAILY BLOG.

Just so you know, I check SOUTH FLORIDA DAILY BLOG every morning and every evening. The guys who “run the site”—have created a great blog-niche for themselves—in that they review and comment on other blogs. The site is really cool as it covers food, politics, news—you name it. Trust me on this, you’ll read about stuff-you haven’t even thought of.

If you want to stay “current” on literally everything going-on in South Florida—do youself a huge favor and read South Florida Daily Blog

South Florida Daily Blog…the mother of South Florida blogs.

6 Comments to “***** South Florida Daily Blog *****”

  1. ELBER says...

    Great site.
    I noticed that SFDB has over the years referenced your site 115 times.
    Great source of info.
    Thanks for sharing,

    • George Koc says...

      Nice site! Jeffeats! Thanks.

  2. Rick says...

    Thanks, Jeff!!


  3. Lenny C. says...

    jeff, do you have any idea as to how bug jeff eats is in fl?
    i can’t tell you the number of friends that I have who read your blog on a steady basis.
    i’ve seen your reviews in store windows.
    i’ve even gotten your reviews in the mail when they were used as part of an ad campaign by various restaurants.
    nice going!

  4. Vince D. says...

    Any truth to the rumor that I recently heard that you are planning on opening a restaurant in Boca Raton? The story I heard was that you were working with a group to develop


  5. JeffEats says...

    Vince D.:

    Just had a chance to read your post.

    Vince, the TWO things that I know about restaurants.

    1. You want to eat in them.
    2. You don’t want to own them.

    Thanks for reading…

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