***** Karaoke with Jammin’ Jimmy *****

Posted on September 5th, 2011 · Music/Events/Other

***** Karaoke with Jammin’ Jimmy *****

Been hearing about this “Karaoke with Jammin’ Jimmy” thing for years. In a nutshell, this DJ-guy Jimmy setups up a super-professional karaoke system in a local restaurant/club…his members/followers/or whatever you want to call them, show-up and eat/drink/perform. Jimmy gets a few bucks from the owner for running the thing and the restaurant gets a crowd who spends money. Real Easy To Understand. By the way, there is no charge to get in and no minimums…regular patrons are welcome.

Anyway…Last night- me, the missus and two other couples along with something like 100 others—spend the evening at Ellie’s 50’s Diner in Delray Beach (see review 7/15/2008) the latest “spot” for Karaoke with Jammin’ Jimmy. My group was there from 6:30pm-10pm and we had an absolutely fantastic time…spending $53 a couple on drinks, appetizers, burgers, entrees and desserts. That’s right 53-whole dollars. On the Ellie’s-front nothing has really changed since my 7/15/08 writeup…good appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, bbq chicken, pies all at super reasonable prices. You can check Ellie’s details at Cool thing about Ellie’s, in addition to “diner food” it has a constant entertainment-schedule with bands, tribute artists, shows…so, if you want something more than just food–you now know about a restaurant that’s got “stuff” for you.

Now, let me get back to the Jammin’ Jimmy part of the story… Think Joe Pesci and you got Jimmy. He sings and dances and does his best to get everyone involved…to that end, last night he managed to get Ellie’s owner (Ellie) and her wait staff singing for the crowd. From what I could tell, of that 100 I mentioned, most of them were Jimmy followers, with maybe 20 of them being plain old customers who just happened to “luck out” with this impromtu party. During the evening, something like 20-25 different people sang…some had their own CDs which they gave to Jimmy, while others went “cold” and selected from the over 250,000 tunes (that’s what Jimmy told me) that Jimmy’s computer carries. As for the singing, some of these folks can really sing and then again, some are shower singers. All in all, it was really a terrific evening. By the way, last night Jeff Eats was strictly a listener as I let the amateurs have-at-it.

If Karaoke with Jammin’ Jimmy sounds like something you’d like to “do” check Like I said before, the guy appears all over South Florida in various restaurants and clubs—so you should be able to find a good spot for you and your friends.

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  1. AMR says...

    jeff, i just happened to be at DaVito’s in Boca a week ago when Jimmy was there with his group. incredible good time. the place was mobbed and it was like a gigantic party. i see that DaVito’s is going to have Jimmy back on 9/10/11 and I and a load of my friends are going.

  2. JKG says...

    went to last one at davito’s. really a lot of fun.

  3. zebra says...

    I have eaten in loads of mom & pop joints in S. Fl.
    I have eaten in Davitos’s 3x.
    Each time, I was disappointed with the food.
    It isn’t bad food, but restaurants in the area like Nino’s, Dominick’s 2, Augy’s, Thick & Thin, Pizza Time, just to name a few, serve much better food.
    There is absolutely nothing special about the food.
    It’s just run of the mill.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Davito’s failed.

  4. Jammin' Jimmy says...

    Thanks for the great review Jeff. This week I’m hosting a karaoke luau at Atlantiique Cafe on Friday, Win a Dinner karaoke at DaVito’s on Saturday, and an American Bandstand tribute at Ellie’s 50’s Diner on Sunday. And a new venue, I’ve added, Wave 2700 in east Boca, is Saturday June 2nd, and everyone loves it!

  5. Jammin' Jimmy says...

    P.S. only about 50,000 karaoke songs, the rest are just regular ol’ rockin’ songs 🙂

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