Cafe Frankie’s (Boynton Beach)

Posted on September 4th, 2011 · Boynton Beach Italian Pizza


***** Cafe Frankie’s, 640 East Ocean Avenue, Boynton Beach, Florida 33435, (561) 732-3834.

Cafe Frankie’s…”mom & pop” Italian joint located in a Boynton Beach craphole shopping center—which has more closed stores than opened ones. Didn’t count tables, but maybe a handful inside and maybe a handful outside…absolutely nothing fancy going on here. Your shorts/tee shirt ensembles will work well there.

The observant will have noticed by now, that I didn’t call Cafe Frankie’s a “red sauce” joint. For sure, its got pizzas, pastas, veal parmigiana, meatballs, penne ala vodka—that said, someone in the back-of-the-house really knows how to cook…outrageously delcious veal marsala, shrimp scampi, fried lobster, clams oreganata…throw in terrific thin crusted-sweet sauce pizza and I gotta rate the food right up there with the best mom & poppers in South Florida.

Only got two-complaints, the joint’s bread which is served with roasted garlic and pesto—was boring. I guess “boring” is a subjective thing…what I do know, is I usually devour a ton of bread in these kinds of joints…last night, one piece was more than enough for old Jeff Eats. Some real good garlic bread or garlic rolls would have been more on point. The second complaint, soda in cans…I also love loads of Coke when I do mom & poppers—cans take the fun out of eating like a pig.

On the price front…Cafe Frankie’s has the requisite- entree, soup or salad, pasta side “deals” going. A cursory menu review—just an estimate, but some of the entrees are here-and-there- a few bucks more expensive than the local competition. No biggy here, as I thought that the food was just plain out-better than the stuff I usually “sample.”


Cafe Frankie’s is open 7 days a week for dinner and does lunch Monday-Friday.

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  1. AG says...

    jeff, i have been eating at frankie’s for about 5 years. the food is delicious. as you pointed out, it is much better than the food you find in most small pizzerias. the service is ok, your typical pizza joint service, friendly and gets the job done. you are right on the bread and soda. same for prices, a few bucks more but nothing terrible. just of interest, the original owner was one of the brothers who owns brothers mkt. he sold a few years ago to the chef anthony.

  2. PS says...

    we love cafe frankies, have eaten there a few times, it is not a red sauce greasy spoon. it is casual, but it reminds me of a little cafe in NYC or something, and the food is very very good. last time we were there the host/owner/not sure? brought us to a table where they had all of the nights specials laid out and explained everyone to us personally, it was like eating in someones home-

  3. MR. ROSS says...

    delicious food.

  4. SidRidesABike says...


    Food not very good and the service is horrendous.
    Big miss here.

  5. HEATHER says...

    Very different from the red sauce places. Food is good but nothing special. The service is lousy.

    • JOY says...

      food is okay.
      the service is awful.
      the waitresses really dont know what they are doing.
      when you come in they have someone actually bring over the specials on a handheld tray and explain each one.
      what a waste of time.
      dont bother with frankie’s.

  6. GG says...

    Jeff, you missed the boat here.
    tried this evening.
    service was a confused mess.
    2 main dishes came out and were right, two were different from what we ordered and we had to wait for them to be replaced.
    as for the food, fair, nothing great. definitely won’t be back

  7. DORIS says...

    I have eaten there 2x.
    It’s ok but nothing great.

  8. Chuck says...

    This restauarnt’s service is very disorganized. The confusion makes the meal very unenjoyable.

  9. willow says...

    food is okay. the service is a ball of confusion,
    wont be back

  10. mr. kramer says...

    food is fair. service is the worst. wont be back.

  11. billyc says...

    place isnt run right, not enjoyable to eat there

    • YYTTD says...


  12. Poppy says...

    Jeff, you missed here. Pizza stunk as did eggplant parm.

  13. Candyman says...

    Food is ok the service sucks.
    Won’t be back.

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