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Between The Bun (Boynton Beach)

Posted on August 24th, 2011 · American Boynton Beach Fast Food

***** Between The Bun, 1035 Gateway Boulevard, Boynton Beach, Florida 33426, (561) 735-8820.

I gotta tell you, I must be getting old…absolutely can’t believe- that it took me until today, August 24, 2011 to discover, Between The Bun- a sensational “fast-food” burger joint which has been around since Januray 2011. Too much sun!!!

Order at the counter/food delivered to table…You can check menu/prices at

Let me go on record…Between The Bun serves one of the best “flame grilled” burgers down here in Sunny South Florida. Throw in fries “just like” Nathan’s Famous makes…and they hooked Jeff Eats as a huge fan.

Just so you know, Between The Bun also has other stuff like grilled chicken, tuna salad, tenderloin steak, hot dogs, black & white cookies, …so if burgers and fries ain’t your bag, your still covered.

Between The Bun is open 7-days a week 11am-9pm.

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  1. KE says...

    hey jeff, love the site.
    the owner of rack’s in boc also has one in miami.
    he also owns burger/coal over Table 42 in Boca. he has some tremednous food there. he also has all kinds of 5 buck specials.
    give Table 42 a try.

  2. Larry Finderman says...

    Growing up in Brooklyn there was a flame broiled burger place called Burger Towne that we use to go to. Tremednous burgers and fries.
    Between The Bun makes a sensational flame broiled burger. The fries are as close to Nathan’s as you will ever find.
    Ate there last night and thought that the food was terrific.
    Sort of reminds me of those days long ago at Burger Towne.
    I highly recommend this one.
    Good pick Jeff.

  3. gerald says...

    Delicious steak sub.
    FF are really good.

  4. BOB K. says...

    This is a terrific burger joint.
    From what I can tell, 5 Guys and all the rest just grill their burgers. Between The Bun has a gas grill that makes burgers and other meats and chicken have that bbq flavor that you get when you have a real bbq in your backyard.
    The prices are reasonable.
    The french fries are dead on Nathan’s/ They are delicious.
    In addition to the burger and ff I tried the marinated steak sandwich. Another delicious item.
    Between The Bun is in a Publix Center a drop west of I95’s Gateway exit. It wasn’t hard to find but the center is kind of on the empty sign. By th way Tasti D’lite is right across Gateway from Between The Bun.
    I enjoyed the food. The decor is cute fast food and the staff couldn’t have been nicer.
    I know that if your readers try it they will become huge fans.

  5. Anthony D. says...

    Jeff: This find has to be right up there with your best picks. I’ve eaten in 5 Guys, CG’s, Shake Shack, you name it. Now don’t get me wrong, they are all good but Between The Buns literally runs circles around its competition. The burgers are gas grilled and aren’t cooked on a plain old flat top grill. The have a great bbq taste. Between The Buns also has french fries that are almost identical to those that Nathan’s has. As a native New Yorker I was literally raised on those fries and I can tell you, those crinckle creations are the best ever. When I was at Between The Buns I also had a hot dog made on the frill with sauerkraut and real deli mustard. Another delicious item.

  6. Joey D. says...

    Burgers By The Beach had a nice review on 8/22/11.

  7. Joey D. says...

    Venue Review: Between the Bun Information
    Boynton restaurant isn’t easy to find, but worth the hunt
    Between the Bun

    1035 Gateway Blvd., No. 213, Boynton Beach, (561) 735-8820

    Hours: Sun.-Th 11 a.m.-9 p.m., F-Sat. 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

    Note: Post writers will anonymously visit a restaurant in your neighborhood each week in search of the best menu item. They’ll tell you about that item and why they liked it in this spot each week.


    Hot dogs, burgers, fries, chicken, turkey and tuna sandwiches abound. There are three salads on the menu too.


    It’s a small place in the elbow of a side strip of the Publix shopping center on Gateway Boulevard just west of Interstate 95. It’s not easy to spot, but worth the look. It had only been open a couple of weeks when we visited recently. Their challenge will be getting the word out about their location.


    My wife ordered the club sandwich deluxe, which came with homemade fries, soda, cole slaw and a great deli pickle for $8.95. I went with the Romanian steak sandwich deluxe for $12.95, which included the same accompaniments. We were both extremely pleased with our meals. The fries appeared dark when they came out, but we knew from a sample the owner gave us before ordering that it was the seasoning and not cooking that made them dark. They were wonderful. They are a great addition to any order. A separate order of fries is $2.75.


    The crinkle-cut fries were amazing, and grilled Romanian steak had great flavor.


    We ordered at the counter and the owner brought our food to our table. Service was fast.


    Other than one person who came in for takeout, we were the only ones in this new restaurant. Other than the TV and open kitchen, it was quiet.


    Hot dogs, burgers and fries. The kids will like it here.

    Write a Review Reviews & Comments
    Boynton restaurant isn’t easy to find, but worth the hunt
    . – pbpulse – TOM PEELING
    Be sure to order the crinkle-cut fries as a side with any dish at Between the Bun.
    (Full review)

  8. JJ says...

    Great cheeseburger on a kaiser roll. French fries were awesome.
    What makes these burgers terrific is that they are flame broiled not smashed down on some grill.
    Location is piss poor.
    Sure hope that people find out about this place as the food is heads and shoulders above the competition.

  9. flopper says...

    great steak sandwich.
    grilled hot dog was also delicious.

  10. Bobbie K. says...

    small cheeseburger was huge.
    the fries are handcut Nathan’s style. they were also very good.
    the store is in the elbow of an empty center so you got to look for it.
    the food is worth the trip.
    lovely owners and counter help.

  11. ELBER says...

    There over the weekend.
    Large cheeseburger and fries were delicious.
    You got to look for this joint. It’s in th elbow of the center but the look is worth the trouble. Cute fast food decor and really good food.

  12. Jim Benon says...

    enjoyed the food.
    my burger and ff were delicious.
    also had a grilled hot dog which was really good.
    try this restaurant the food is better than 5 guys and others like it.

  13. arnold greene says...

    ff are the best. just like nathan’s,

  14. Jeff U says...

    Great Burgers and Fries, they make 5 Guys and Boardwalk look like the stuff you get at Burger King.

  15. JD says...

    Been to a ton of fast burger places. This is definitely one of the best. Delicious cheeseburger and the ff are as good as Nathan’s.

  16. Ronnie S says...

    Excellent burger and the ff are exceptionally good.

  17. Ostrow says...

    Good burger and ff.
    Something a bit different as burger is made on a gas grill.
    As for ff, the taste like Nathan’s that I grew up on in Oceanside LI.
    Not the easiest to find but Between is a very good place for burgers ff.

  18. Alan Berman says...

    Location stinks. Food is excellent.

  19. Sam R says...

    Jeff, classy owner who makes great food.

  20. Jimmy F says...

    Love its burgers and ff.
    Beats 5 guys by a mile.

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